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“Arielle Charnas”, a popular fashion influencer and name behind an even popular social media brand “ Something Navy”, which has a roller coaster experience when it comes to becoming an overnight success and immediately experiencing a major downfall. Charnas is an example of “How casual approach, unaccountability and change in priorities towards business can even make a renowned brand a big failure.  

Details About The Something Navy Products:-

Arielle Charnas already had a popular blog named “Something Navy” which was selling “elevating basic” clothing and was also a huge success in collaboration with Nordstrom.  In order to hook the audience, and maintain relatability,  she chose the same name for her new clothing brand which definitely worked wonders for her. Building a loyal audience of about more than a million on Instagram, over the years has become a major source of success as well as support for Arielle Charnas as she got a huge number of orders and was successful in selling her clothing items as soon as it got launched. 

The influencer was on cloud nine as she even grabbed the role of Something Navy’s Creative Director making Matt Scanlan The CEO, who was also an early investor in Something Navy and invested over $10 million. Not only this, Scanlan was also co-founder and is still a CEO of cashmere brand “Naadam”.

Arielle’s hard work was paying off, her idea was getting appreciated, the quality of her designs and clothing were getting recognized and because of which Something Navy generated a humongous sales of about $12million in its first six months and achieved about $32 million in revenue in its very first year. The brand’s image in the market and on social media skyrocketed. People started admiring Charnas for building such a huge brand and making it a success. 

Something Navy

What happened To Something Nav ?

Every business has a learning curve, after experiencing a grand success, came a flood of major downfall, that sank the boat of charnas success and “Something Navy” vanished. 

  • The quality of the clothes started getting worse. They were not at all similar to what was projected on social media. 
  • The customers were left unsatisfied and in grief. 
  • Buyers started questioning the credibility of the brand and Charanas as well. 
  • Allegedly, Charnas had started copying the designs. 
  • Suppliers were receiving late payments which in turn was hampering charanas goodwill. 
  • While holding payments of her suppliers, Charan was seen partying and sharing it on her social platforms. 

Why Did It Get Closed? 

The massive fall in sales has majorly impacted the social media image of Charnas. Her changed approach and priorities made the staff of Something Navy leave the company. Even Scanlan left the brand.  After a major fall experienced by Charnas, “Something Navy’s stores, production, orders got shut and it was a massive change the founder had never expected. 

In july, Brandon Charnas, Adrielle’s husband, who was a real estate broker, was called to the law court to answer the questions, followed by which a group of investors stepped in “Something Navy” with a motive to restart “Something Navy” with Charnas, scanned its records and found out that the brand is in a debt and has liability of about  $7.5 million . 

The brand is now taken over by the new investors holding 68.5% of the control over the company and has also changed the entire approach of the brand by starting selling  beauty products,  activewear and  ready to wear items. 

It is said that it is not difficult to achieve success but what is not easy is to maintain one for a long period of time. People usually forget what it took to achieve the success that they’ve got. When Social Media Influencers choose to become a founder and start  their own company, they not only inspire their audience but are also expected to have a sense of self accountability and responsibility because they have an edge which comes from their loyal audience that they had built over the time. 

Building a business brand has a lot to do with the satisfaction of the buyers. A casual approach is a direct indication of a major fall in any point in life. Success and hard work goes hand in hand, Something Navy would have been one of the biggest clothing brand the founder would have paid attention to even after it became a success. Business is like a growing plant that needs to be watered by actions, goals, responsibilities, outcomes, satisfying customers and a serious approach. 

“Something navy” has set an example that a big, creative, and intelligent brain stops working when a right mindset, a right approach and a right ability to cater the audience vanishes. It is very important to maintain the goodwill of the brand in the eyes of the audience, to make sure that the expectations from the brands are met on time and to make work on new perspectives for the healthy life of the company.  No company only generates profits, every single company has a graph of growth and failure, what matters is the plan of actions that the company takes to convert their good phase into better, and low phase into, good, to learn from their mistakes and improve it for future endeavors. 

It is very difficult to rebuild or clean the image of a company or for that matter of a human, once they get spoiled. Being an influencer, one should always do what the audience wants, the audience’s wishes should be the influencer’s command. A big business idea also demands dedication, hard work and consistency. If a person takes actions consistently then even a small business with right objective can do wonders.