Foster Grant Recap

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My full look in front of the step and repeat for the Foster Grant event last night. I can’t believe the event came and gone already, it went by so fast! I was so excited to work with this brand and learn about their history and see how they’ve evolved up until now. It’s really fascinating and I feel honored to have been apart of this iconic event.
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One of my favorite styles. I pretty much wore these specific sunglasses in every photo through out the night.
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Above is the CEO of Foster Grant and the new face of the brand, Kat Graham. It’s one thing to work with a brand like Foster Grant but to attend an event and hear the speeches that were made to celebrate the 85th anniversary made me feel a real connection to the company. It doesn’t feel like your ordinary brand it felt like a family and a company you really want to be apart of. My favorite thing Kat Graham (the new official face of Foster Grant) said was that Foster Grant truly celebrates individuality and even though there are a variety of styles, every single person in that room could wear the exact same pair and still be there own person in them.

We were playing around with the Foster Grant Vintage Collection sunnies and the camera guy trying to come up with a fun concept for slow motion. This is just one of the takes, we did a million. I can’t wait to see which one they use for the final video.

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A party isn’t a party without props. They had the most fun props that just made all of our photos THAT much better. Sammi and I got a little out of hand with them ha.

I had the best time last night and completely fell in love with the Foster Grant brand and story.

West Village

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I want to say thank you to everyone that commented here and on my Instagram. It’s so nice to know how supportive every one is and how similar we all really are. It means the world to me and I feel so lucky to have heard some of your stories even if I didn’t respond. I always always always read the comments.

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Back to fashion now – I am kind of excited about this new Bohemian Bones brand, I just learned about them and I love their vibe. They make the perfect length mini dress and show just the right amount of skin. Since this dress was so mini and it was day time, I knew I had to find a way to make it casual. That’s what is so great about these Isabel Marant sandals, they have a little bit of a heel but are totally day time acceptable.

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I love details like this on the back of tops and dresses. An opened back is one of the sexiest things along with clavicles.

I have a super busy day today starting with Project Runway, creating my hair tutorial with my hair stylist Lauren Thompson, hosting the Foster Grant event tonight from 6-9 and then heading out East late night so I can wake up at the beach in the morning. Follow on Insta and happy almost weekend guys – LOVE YOU!

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Dress: Bohemian Bones | Shoes: Isabel Marant (in blue) | Jacket: Paige Denim | Sunnies: MiuMiu | Bag: Everlane | Watch: Caravelle New York

Stop Bullying

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I’m going to address this one time only. It’s getting to the point of bullying and my Instagram isn’t a place to spread negativity. My comments on the blog have always been so pleasant and so nice and I seriously appreciate reading them every single day, however, once Instagram came about my weight has always been a discussion and not in a nice way.

It’s a shame that I have to even defend myself or talk about it but it’s important and it’s important to me.

Since I was little I was always underweight, it’s just how I was naturally. I used to wear sweatpants and sweatshirts to middle school every single day because I was so embarrassed with how I looked and I got made fun of all the time. As I’ve grown up, I’ve learned to embrace my body and truly appreciate what I have. While I may not have ideal curves, it wasn’t my choice and this is the body I was given. Because I am naturally thin, I exercise constantly to build muscle (NOT to lose weight) and to be a healthy human being. My entire family is skinny, it’s genetic and I am beyond healthy. Haters may think that by writing me “EAT” “GROSS” “GET THIS GIRL A BURGER” is going to make me feel badly, it isn’t because my weight is not something I am insecure about. It’s just plain ANNOYING. Telling a petite girl to go eat a hamburger or a taco is just as hurtful as telling a bigger girl to go find a treadmill. Stop the negativity and follow me for the right reasons.

If you have followed me since I started my blog YEARS ago or anyone reading this that has known me my entire life would know that I do NOT have an eating disorder and that this is what I have always looked like. I do eat healthy, I do exercise and I will not stop posting my body in bikinis, work out clothing, revealing outfits because I am proud of it. If it upsets you and you have a hard time looking then that’s the beauty of a blog and Instagram, you have a choice to follow and unfollow.


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The mixture of plaid and denim that RAILS created is the ideal summer button down. I’ve worn this shirt in so many different scenarios over this summer, once over a bikini to the beach and then now with a pair of white sleek trousers by Alice and Olivia. I’ve been gravitating towards the mixture of grungy laid back and classic chic. I think they compliment each other really nicely.

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I’m still trying to remember where this silver clutch came from. It has come in handy with all of my white outfits – silver and white with a tan = perfection.

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The rockstuds just felt like the perfect addition/neutral color to tie the entire look together.

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Pants: Alice & Olivia | Top: Rails | Shoes: Valentino | Sunnies: Marilyn Monroe


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I attended the Bar III shoe launch event last night and brought my dad along. He’s in the fashion industry and loves this stuff as much as I do. It’s also a really nice opportunity for us to just hang out. I wore one of the BAR III mini dresses (here) and a pair of booties to make it a little more casual.

The collection was great, it targets your everyday working girl who goes from the office to a night out. The shoes were the perfect transitional pieces to wear to work but also meet your friends at happy hour right after. This pointy toe navy/black boot was my favorite. Adding to my collection ASAP. Make sure you shop the collection on Macy’s, here!