Golden Hour

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Photography by Alexandra Wolf

Coat: Nastygal | Sweater: Tommy Hilfiger | Pants: Anine Bing | Boots: Christian Louboutin, leopard | Clutch: Edie Parker | Sunnies: Stella McCartney | Lipstick: Bobbi Brown Tiger Lily | Necklace: Kendra Scott | Ring: Alexa Leigh

I’ve recently gone crazy with leopard. Leopard shoes, leopard sweater and now, a leopard coat. I love how the print can completely transform your outfit, especially when paired with a bright orangey/red. I also love how leopard looks with an all black outfit. It’s risky though, leopard can borderline trash but if you wear it properly, you’re in the clear.

During the Winter I really don’t wear anything else besides jeans or leather pants, what are my other options? I wish tights were but on a day like last week I would have actually gotten frostbite. I’m definitely going to wear a dress or a skirt for the holidays, I’m starting to think about what I’m even going to be wearing on New Years Eve! I will be in Mexico, SO excited.

I’m also so excited for Thanksgiving. I’m heading out to the Hamptons tomorrow for the rest of the week! It’s so nice to get out of the city sometimes especially when you’re with your family. What are everyones Thanksgiving plans? x


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Dress: AYR | Jacket: VEDA | Sunnies: Wildfox | Clutch: Edie Parker

I’m so confused with this weather. It’s actually warm out today, my apartment is 500 degrees and my wardrobe is all over the place. Thank god for AYR (my favorite favorite brand ever) I found this deep navy slip dress. It’s long, the perfect weight material and sexy. I love it with an edgy leather jacket to spice it up a little bit. I recently got this Edie Parker navy stripe clutch, I am so in love with it with a dress like this but also with a pair of jeans. Hard to find a bag that can transition from dressy to casual. Working on the coffee table book today so we can have it ready for the holidays! I’m so excited about it. Stay tuned.

Blushed Cheeks

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Photos by Alexandra Wolf

Jeans: Black Orchid Denim | Shoes: Christian Louboutin | Sweater: Autumn Cashmere | Jacket: NastyGal | Bag: Stella McCartney | Sunnies: Jimmy Choo

Wasn’t the smartest decision wearing a pair of pumps in todays 30 degree weather but the way they tied in with the pink in the jacket and the bag was hard to pass up. I pretty much froze to pieces while shooting this but it was so worth it! I was excited to finally be able to take this bag out, I love the color pink but I always wind up having the hardest time finding pieces to style it with. Thankfully, I was introduced to Autumn Cashmere and this cozy light pink knit. Thanks for all of your tips on future videos, I’m going to start working on one soon but I promise to eventually cover all the topics! Loved hearing what you guys had to say. x

Caravelle New York

I had so much fun shooting my favorite Caravelle New York watches and incorporating them into my everyday wardrobe. I wanted to post some of my favorites and tell you a little bit about why I love this look and why I chose to pair it with the specific watch.


 photo 45L144_2_zpsd36e6b9e.jpg


With this outfit for example, I loved the idea of keeping the entire look black and white. It was perfectly paired with my white Ceramic Caravelle New York watch. The reason why I love this watch is because it can easily be paired with a dressed up outfit like this one but also looks great with a flannel and skinny jeans for a casual day out with friends.


 photo 44N102_3_zpsb6cbb4f8.jpg

My favorite! My favorite outfit and my favorite Caravelle New York watch. I’m such a big fan of tortoise. I consider it my new neutral in my wardrobe. I knew right when I threw this hot pink sweater on that I would pair my tortoise watch with it. I love mixing bright colors in my wardrobe with neutral and chic accessories. The tortoise Caravelle New York watch completely balances out this cozy fall look.


 photo 44N103_1_zps82b296b5.jpg

This outfit was liked by so many people on Instagram! I think it’s a really approachable fall office look – a gray sweater dress, a chunky gold and leopard Caravelle New York watch and of course, Valentinos. Ever since Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen made the chunky boyfriend watch trendy, I’ve made it a point to start collecting them. Caravelle New York makes the best boyfriend watch for a girl, and guess what – it’s affordable! I loved it with this feminine dress. If I wanted to throw on boyfriend jeans and a white button down, the watch would work with that too. It’s important to have a watch that’s versatile.



 photo 44M103_1_zpsb17f7d14.jpg

With this edgy look, I paired my favorite black leather jacket over a cute white mini. As for my watch, I decided to go with something on the smaller side and simple. I prefer this Caravelle New York watch for my nights out in NYC!

Below is the video of our photo shoot with Caravelle New York. Look out for my puppy Dylan’s cameo! It was SO much fun – I am honored to be one of the ambassadors of Caravelle New York and show everyone out there how amazing the product is and how well it fits into every NYC girl’s wardrobe!


Caravelle New York Featuring I Am Galla and Something Navy from Gluttony on Vimeo.

Winter Layers

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Photography by Alexandra Wolf

Vest: American Eagle | Sweater: Zara, similar | Leggings: Splits59 | Boots: Isabel Marant | Sunnies: Marc by Marc Jacobs | Bag: Celine

The major issue with Fall/Winter in New York is finding a way to look cute while trying to keep warm. The last few days have certainly reminded us of what a brutal Winter is ahead. It’s been really hard to take photos outside because of how unbearable the cold is and it’s not even that it’s cold, its WINDY on top of it. So you can’t feel your face or fingers. In these scenarios, I rarely say screw it to fashion but the last two days were tough. I’ve really been relying on vests like the one I’m wearing here. Throw it over a sweater and then a jacket on top and you really don’t feel anything (well at least in the areas that matter like your chest). I paired it with leggings because it was too cold to put jeans on haha. These boots are from last year, they seriously saved me and I don’t know how I would have made it through the polar vortex without them. They keep your feet so warm, they’re so massive and chunky that they also flatter your legs! I designed these Marc Jacobs sunglasses the other day at the Solstice event in SOHO. I paired pink lens with the rosegold frame. Matched my girly style and I pretty much love anything cat eye.

I wish I could give more advice on how to look cute when it’s freezing but even I, someone who always puts herself together, can’t keep it together on days like today. I guess my number one tip is invest in a puffer coat (even if you think it’s cheesy) if you find one that suits you, it will make any outfit look cute AND keep you warm at the same time.