Rose Petals in Bloom

In partnership with Dolce&Gabbana Dolce Rosa Excelsa

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Photography by Alexandra Wolf

Being a first time mother has been the most challenging and rewarding experience. My mother would always say that you will never truly understand motherhood until you become a mother yourself. I’ve come to truly appreciate and respect everything my mom has done to raise three children, the sacrifices she’s made to be a full time mother and the values she’s instilled in my sisters and I. It all makes sense now. Having Ruby in my life has completely changed me but in the best ways possible. When I was in high school I loved the Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue fragrance and it stuck with me through so many years but now as a new mother it was time to choose a new scent for my new role. My favorite is Dolce&Gabbana’s latest fragrance Dolce Rosa Excelsa, the most enchanting floral scent. It perfectly captures rose petals in bloom. I’ve always gravitated towards a rose scent, so this perfume was the perfect twist by adding papaya flower, neroli leaves, white amaryllis, white daffodil and many more.

This Mother’s Day I decided to put together a brunch to celebrate our loving mom! Although all her daughters grew up to be very different from one another, we all still remain incredibly close and all continue to make family our top priority. I wanted to give the three most special women in my life three different Dolce&Gabbana scents. I gave my mom the Dolce Rosa Excelsa (because we usually love the same things). I gave Danielle the Dolce because she prefers scents that are more delicate and I knew she would love the elegant packaging that’s reminiscent of a vintage fragrance flacon. I gave Michaela the Dolce Floral Drops because it’s a lighter version of the Dolce which suits her perfectly as she doesn’t wear perfume that often.

If you’re looking for something special to buy for those special mothers in your life, head over to your nearest retailer to find the Dolce family of fragrances. I would love to hear in the comments below which scent was your favorite!

My Fashion Icon, My Mother

 photo IMG_0867-RETOUCHED_zpsazeqbbq9.jpg
 photo IMG_0836-RETOUCHED_zpsbazi1kct.jpg
 photo IMG_1046-RETOUCHED_zpsbbn0f48n.jpg
 photo IMG_1075-RETOUCHED_zpsnrdjeixp.jpg
 photo IMG_0823-RETOUCHED_zpsqu59irno.jpg
 photo IMG_0792-RETOUCHED_zpsvofsq1g2.jpg
 photo IMG_0787-RETOUCHED_zpsckssp5hw.jpg

Photography by Alexandra Wolf

Earrings: Swarovski Edify Pierced Earrings / Bangle: Swarovski Edify Bangle / Necklace: Swarovski Edify Necklace / Rings: Swarovski Alpha Rings

With Mother’s Day coming up next weekend, I wanted to take the time to shed a very much deserved spotlight on my biggest fashion icon, my mom! In fact, she’s my inspiration in every possible way—there is a picture of her from 1993 on the beach that I love so much and aspire to be everyday.

It exudes confidence, pure happiness.. and her body after three kids!! I’ve always loved how she’s wearing big statement pieces to the beach and it’s so effortlessly done. Ever since I was little, I was captivated at the process of watching my mom get ready; picking out her clothes, applying makeup, and finally, my favorite part: going to her jewelry box and picking out her finishing touches for the evening. Of course, I loved it for the sparkly aspect, but more so how she grazed her fingers so delicately over each piece and how she would step back into the mirror to see her complete look. Every time, I was completely mesmerized and enthralled with jewelry and how luxurious they were.

Specifically, I recall my mom always wearing these pearl earrings and thinking when I grow up and be a mom, I’m going to do just the same. It was always just so mommy-like and in my mind, pearl earrings would mark my status as an official mom! I loved this modern take on the classic pearl earrings from Swarovski, The Edify Pierced Earrings – that are fun and edgey, yet still sophisticated.

As an homage to my mother, I also always loved the idea of stacking my rings which she always did and continues to do this day which I’ve also replicated to my daily wardrobe with my Swarovski Alpha Rings. What’s something you’ve made your own that’s inspired from you mother?

Petal Pink.

 photo IMG_8151_zpstjbqpyau.jpg
 photo IMG_7994_zpsco5cxx6k.jpg
 photo IMG_8018_zps6qnqx9t0.jpg
 photo IMG_8148_zpsc6pkjw4m.jpg
 photo IMG_7999_zpslntkfdam.jpg
 photo IMG_7989_zpsmbmjakqe.jpg
 photo IMG_8005_zps8yg6gdxn.jpg
 photo IMG_7948_zpsqteoinlh.jpg

Photography by Alexandra Wolf

Skirt: LoveShackFancy / Top: LoveShackFancy / Shoes: Schutz / Sunnies: Sunday Somewhere via Ultimate Spectacle

I normally am not a big fan of sets but when I saw the fit and color of this Love Shack Fancy two piece my entire view on sets changed. I went on a bunch of shopping websites and searched for more sets like this for the summer. Easy to pack and style for a weekend out East! I paired it with my new Schutz lace up sandals, I had these last summer in every color! I lived in them so I was really excited when I saw they created a new updated version.

The sunglasses by Sunday Somewhere you’ve probably seen me wear a million times by now on Instagram. I got two pairs, two different colors from Ultimate Spectacle on 63rd and lex. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t buy an oversized round shape but I loved how these looked. I made my sisters and my mom try them on and they actually worked on everyones face!

Busy day today, follow along on snapchat! (ArielleCharnas). Thanks for stopping by guys! xx

Pop of Fuchsia.

 photo Ari-FreePeople 1 of 5_zpshvbqx5q7.jpg
 photo Ari-FreePeople 5 of 5_zpsq2icvztf.jpg
 photo Ari-FreePeople 4 of 5_zpspwvmuftl.jpg
 photo Ari-FreePeople 3 of 5_zpscdwvoasz.jpg
 photo Ari-FreePeople 2 of 5_zpslsrjs2tk.jpg

Photography by Alexandra Wolf

Jeans: Frame / Shoes: Manolo Blahnik / Jacket: Free People / Tee: Acne / Bag: Stella McCartney / Sunnies: Ray Ban

I love jackets like these. I always see them sold at Iro and Isabel Marant but I decided to opt for the more affordable version as a trial before splurging. The colors and print are what sold me but when I tried it on, the sleeves are what were the most special. They are super oversized and cropped which make the jacket a little more casual.

I paired it with a white tee and high waist skinny jeans. It only made sense to add my pink suede sandals I bought for my baby shower! The colors matched up perfectly! My Stella bag is a personal favorite of mine, the faux leather chained tote is sold at a some what affordable price for a designer bag and the flimsiness of it gives an outfit that relaxed look while adding edge.

Thanks for stopping by! x

Spring Trends with NM Last Call Part 1

 photo IMG_5915_zpsijtwoqqf.jpg
 photo IMG_6122_zpsxbbiizgb.jpg
 photo IMG_6094_zpsdrbqk5wm.jpg
 photo IMG_6067_zpsufcgfbfp.jpg
 photo IMG_6079_zpskyst6bnm.jpg
 photo IMG_6051_zpsuikm3gwt.jpg
 photo IMG_6127_zpsj4vnc6gf.jpg
 photo IMG_6021_zpsmxd5gxxh.jpg
 photo IMG_6103_zps4pdted75.jpg

Photography by Alexandra Wolf

Overalls: Current/Elliott / Top: (Similar Option) Philosophy / Shoes: Schutz (sold out) similar / Sunnies: Balenciaga / Bag: Stella McCartney (sold out) similar

I’m so excited to partner up with Neiman Marcus Last Call to style my favorite spring trends for the season! Each month until June, I’ll post a trend along with some styling tips. All the looks will be shoppable so you can shop the entire look or selected pieces to make it your own directly from Last Call. This first look actually combines two of my personal favorite trends that are popping up everywhere: Off The Shoulder and Overalls. Paired together, it’s the perfect outfit that’s so simple and effortlessly chic. Overalls may seem sort of risky but I love it because it’s a nice alternative from your everyday jeans that can easily be worn with fun heels when cuffed. While I also love a great striped tee or white tee paired with overalls, the off the shoulder top gives the look a more ultra-girly feel that’s more bold and fresh. Top it off with a cross-body bag and you’re all set!

Sponsored by Neiman Marcus Last Call and ShopStyle