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I collaborated with to talk about the wedding process and some tips I can offer after going through it for the last year!

Wedding Registry: This is one of the first things you will do. Pick your TWO favorite stores (some people do three) and I would do this within the first month of engagement. Choose the things for a home that you wish to create as a married couple. I know for me, it’s important to make cooking a daily habit. As a blogger, I work from home and I do have the time before my fiance comes home to whip up a meal. My registry was filled with cooking equipment, pots, pans and tons of things I didn’t even know I would need. Thanks to my mom!

To keep reading more of my process, from how to choose wedding flowersΒ toΒ what to wear to a wedding,Β head over to MyHabit’s blog,Β theFIX.

Shopping on 5th in SOREL

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Ever since moving uptown, I’ve become a seriously dangerous shopper. I’m in the area where there are the most unbelievable stores and even if you’re not looking to buy it’s so worth just window shopping. Fifth Avenue is a never ending avenue of shops, fun lunches and just beautiful sightseeing in NYC, if you’re in comfortable shoes. At this point in the year, the weather is so beautiful, there is nothing better than walking past every store and doing some seasonal shopping. For a day like this, it’s imperative to be wearing super comfortable shoes because there is nothing worse than having to stop because of you’re feet! Forever I was doing that with my older sister and she wanted to kill me, she wouldn’t shop with me anymore. It’s been a month now since I’ve had these SOREL boots and she hasn’t heard a peep out of me!

I’ve seen these boots on so many people in NYC, I truly believe they were made for the everyday New Yorker. We walk everywhere and need a shoe that can help us through the worst winters and keep us comfortable. I love that the colors on this boot include all the neutrals so it’s easy to pair them with almost anything. I loved the idea of pairing them with these plaid trousers because I honestly would never think to combine the two. I’m glad I did, I think it really showcases how these boots can be styled with prints and a pant that isn’t necessarily full length. If you’re that girl on the go and you endure these brutal winters in NYC or anywhere else, I highly suggest investing in a pair of SOREL boots. They’re practical, beyond cute and you style them from basic to trendy while being comfortable. Head over to TheCut to read more!

A Spot of Leopard

 photo 32Zapon5myZEq8WdALT4eRfSSW32bPkfHDWLqGYQF18H76KnPoJTFnjraKf-RSV8nyA6sNPyd2kt4uaapDttF4copy_zpsa9095241.jpg
 photo 4PYbCFMmXnc3wmveZJrt-PKoVjyBAJlY39D-89Evt7w7B67d18rmkch4x8FYkBjNq335PoaREkXIva6-dFxLMYcopy_zps918a4437.jpg
 photo XSXrv5TWyTNXR1On_30ElpWKu1S8MfMxZNtwJDKsG68J3aplFD4ng0-AWXzWHoN-rF_afj-2Xg06PkKI61cZnYcopy_zps9e937c72.jpg
 photo DMKXYsXQjmiFauY0aYqloY7VJKadrDnlhXFI4Yy1KYIi0Mbab_Yl2HTUfGhFfg5lgH02kWbSDzTfq7J6paOB5ccopy_zps672f4793.jpg
 photo bn9P3dHQ2vKbaEOtH3W5p8JknRMQWH7JqZP77qdqDDcknn11kDyrZ28homb2_83GjiCdUvUgs5-crWYwS4PQEUcopy_zps68add6b1.jpg
 photo ivbJpsLF0RzSQfTWlgzw-8Vd2pOKK9-KoeHTnUGOLR8_Xve2pthAzsM8N9G4M6ZTPBGKr9rC6FOU47jRDM_Y94copy_zps8e55ed4c.jpg
 photo iSp2jXrT7WzZr_H5TxNiQWw_LTPZ4J-Oh9tCtwHcIkkLYwlygbRkr3Mn0xoowfEdg-XucR5SVdrIYl0NuNjf00copy_zpsb2772390.jpg
 photo uWqXcrxZHm0KKoasCLLdjkMs4BFEHhRlCdWwzkCQwJoesL9ggW_WjcGomAz5SOFVX8uyPiq7YvHuLKvl6_4E8ccopy_zps864d3b29.jpg
 photo S8pAxz4mUDjk25ViIIYp1MKowCm2Ul-FUXiMA_RgZLkqtogMLL56LaKl5uNhoqtey4fDBlKxXOMsN8jbn11-Ewcopy_zpscc366d6d.jpg
 photo Kf_gAfFxF3I7_UwUtEJNdL99YodG824IOpof86IS7OIhKwUkbD6Rx6Ftfx9u69uCE8qtmjxUMyKjQNbM0dDD2kcopy_zpsb119b6e4.jpg

Jeans: JBrand | Jacket: H&M, similar | Shoes: Christian Louboutin | Sunnies: Illesteva | Clutch: Marie Turnor | Shirt: Elizabeth and James, similar

Ok guys, I’M OFF! Heading to Miami and I won’t be back until the end of the month, as a married woman!! I decided to do this quick last minute Fall outfit before I head to crystal blue oceans and sunny weather. This is the most exciting and special time in my life and I’m so glad that you guys are following along on my journey into married life! Stay updated on instagram @somethingnavy for wedding updates, festivities and my mini moon! We are going on our honeymoon next summer (surprise location) but after our wedding this upcoming weekend we’re going on a mini vacation just to relax and take it all in for a few days. X

Meet the Mr. | Brandon

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This picture is when Brandon took me to Paris and ST. TROPEZ for my 25th birthday!

 photo 1533848_10101421837792516_1068589824_n_zps2da5b6bb.jpg

We were in ST. BARTHS here and he refused to drive a car for the week only one of these. Ride or die!

 photo 22406_10100759957610706_1988241074_n_zps87d90d8d.jpg

This was Halloween two years ago. Halloween is the most special day for us since we are huge horror fans. He proposed to me on Halloween, too.

 photo 557673_10100624804867886_1953395611_n_zpsa06aae49.jpg

This was at Nikki Beach in ST. TROPEZ!

 photo 314058_10100624804074476_1439032020_n_zpsd03d352e.jpg

A night out in Paris. It was our first trip together!

 photo 409685_10100624830152216_1086074913_n_zps1d79e813.jpg

CLUB 55 in St. Tropez.

 photo 426891_10100624803151326_1115373523_n_zps48466948.jpg

At the Louvre in Paris.

 photo IMG_2360_zpsbfc481dc.jpg

Brandon came along to one of my blogger events. He usually never does, so when he did, it had to be photographed.

 photo IMG_7425_zpsdbf74283.jpg

This past summer in the Hamptons. We spend most of our weekends going back and forth between his families home out there and mine. This was at his.

 photo IMG_8664_zps1c5935d8.jpg

This one is from NOBU in the Bahamas. We were there for a wedding.

 photo IMG_0002_zps1ca4e3bd.jpg

At some random bar in NYC next door to our old apartment.

 photo IMG_1257_zps445b3a88.jpg

This shot is from Miami, New Years 2013.

 photo 427113_10100246898505217_1238101067_n_zps87ec4631.jpg

This was at the Electric Room for the Timo Weiland after party.

 photo 10313857_10101248431789487_8888319387421006364_n_zps65c19bd1.jpg

This was at our best friends wedding in Aspen.

 photo 428304_10100280695964837_491422035_n_zps634e5aa2.jpg

And this is when we got our baby, Dylan!!!

I figured since I’m getting married next Saturday, I’d tell you a little about the guy I’m marrying!

This is Brandon, he’s the funniest person in the world. He’s only two years older than me and we grew up one town over from each other but we only met when we were introduced in CABO, Mexico randomly. Funny how those things work out. We’ve been together for four years and he proposed to me at year three. I know all the things I’m about to say are so cliche but true. He’s my best friend, we do everything together and I’m really lucky that I found someone who accepts who I am and my craziness. As a girl, whose a Gemini, I’m all over the place, my moods are up and down and no matter what he’s there for me. He’s complete opposite. He never gets mad, he takes things so lightly (I wish I could be more like that), he never gets jealous and has more friends than anyone I know. When people say opposites attract, I have to agree. We are so opposite and we really balance each other. He pushes me to be more social and go out more often where as I help him relax and enjoy nights in. We decided to be engaged for a year (which is crazy that it’s already wedding time) and we also decided to have a destination wedding. We both leave next Tuesday for Miami, Florida. There is no specific reason for why we chose there, we just knew we wanted to have a destination wedding that wasn’t too difficult for the people we love to get there. I decided to do a mini interview on him below:

Where did you grow up?

B: New York

Favorite song?

B: “What’s Going On” by Marvin Gaye

Favorite movie?

B. American Psycho

Three words to describe you?

B. Passionate, Creative and Funny

Person you’d love to meet?

B.Β  Larry David

Favorite show?

B. Seinfeld

On your nightstand?

B. Figi Water, fresh peppers and my cellphone charger

Favorite food?

B. Chicken Piccata

Thoughts on blogging?

B.Β  Monetize Social Media

What do you do in your free time?

B. sports, movies, think

Favorite place to travel?

B.Β  Bali

Something you do now that your engaged and never thought you’d do before?

B.Β  Watch the Bachelor

Favorite thing about being in a relationship?

B.Β  Being able to share and do everything with my best friend

Least favorite thing?

B. Shopping

Advice to NYC single girls?

B. Go to soul cycle but be cool about it don’t need to sit in the front row and scream just have fun

Favorite movie snack?

B. Popcorn

Favorite NYC bar?

B.Β  Rose Bar

Favorite NYC restaurant?

B.Β  Ballatos

Where did you go to college?

B. University of Pennsylvania

What did you study?

B.Β  History

Your go to outfit?

B. Black tee shirt and jeans

Have I helped your style?

B. Not really

What is your favorite thing I wear?

B.Β  Tank top and tight jeans

3 wardrobe staples for a guy?

B.Β  Black tee shirt, cashmere sweater and jeans

Any siblings?

B. A brother, Cole

How much input did you have in the wedding process?

B. I know where everyone is sitting

Favorite work out?

B. SoulCycle

Are you ready?

B. Yes

Black Entity

 photo V-QomhhX95Mk0Kem27MLA51L0YNUgl6HnZg_EIOGafU5F3NH_79MhodrK5hQ259Rm6rWj2WCI-vN26QW_0jY94copy_zps9f32f4d2.jpg
 photo P-xasFKXwwzZmY13g7U45SxgolVXd3pRnR7fKSqz8qY3fMImLlbD5BPEWenQPQepjEV0dfGrwydXdQGxP_byd8_zps6ee9903c.jpg
 photo ojTMNxSW_FMfBailY6X8j2dUl9QZg0wxmQlbfFapJ9Ii_PSOpJ1IPp0XSO8azh7CUdsLwOjRqmfLdB0zWWBGFU_zps876511c3.jpg
 photo LUkVVq40N2iyAEKWbUlnSzEMeLkbAohS33PS_hSc3cQVC5yl5GCxZLYZBS_VYf8iz7-gFg_dCXGKbz6Rtugnigcopy_zpsb949789f.jpg
 photo GFaYUf0X0cCAaiIw0uyIZgx7aIRd1O0__nndu7RPQEkh2vdtS6K30wBQEV6IXWzfU0Dp2ThJnF_EDkwDoTafdkcopy_zpsd0b3ea2c.jpg
 photo aiH7ZCfpxTmyQXBu8Y2KWfvizLnbuNg4OY7LXTkCuOgtmVlvZz_nXyGEaFcy2VdhrscHSLvcJfW7ZWR0wIDp2scopy_zps93efc2d0.jpg
 photo 9uG-0WsLtGcKIC23SdIWeO8sgV7Y4b2hziInVAtHf8s2a975dYiccSgYsk7GY5L0xmfC56pebFNc4_GJzsAJGYcopy_zpsc0512ab0.jpg
 photo oWggRskC8m1fZ1-gMLZ3VTGdn4sb6leysHsNP2SW6Oo0IMTXdGVa14qTXEpGKKaSA_PSacV_VKDwXmWSZej9FYcopy_zps93d15732.jpg

Pants: RYU | Top: NastyGal | Shoes: Manolo Blahnik | Clutch: Marie Turnor | Hat: Janessa Leone | Bracelets: Alex & Ani

Yesterday, I started going through my sweaters and turtlenecks and organized based on what I was going to start wearing more often heading into this new season. Since I’ll be gone next Tuesday for two weeks I’m expecting to come home to Winter so I wanted to have everything prepared. This turtleneck is one of those pieces that I will probably wear way too often. Simple, black, long sleeve, not too heavy and can pretty much be paired with anything. I decided to throw on oversize trousers with it and my Manolo camo heels. I’m such a hat girl and I’m excited to introduce this new baby into my collection! Love the color.