Happy Halloween!

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Boots: Christian Louboutin | Skirt: 3.1 Phillip Lim | Sweater: Inhabit | Clutch: Yliana Yepez, similar | Hat: Topshop | Sunnies: Anine Bing | Necklaces: Jennifer Zeuner, Alexa Leigh

Happy Halloween all! Today is my favorite day of the year, not only because what Halloween represents but now because it’s the day I got engaged. I got engaged a year ago from today (CRAZY!)

First of all, OH MY GOD. Your comments seriously made my heart squeeze! I can’t believe all the nice things every one wrote along with their names and e-mails. I couldn’t believe it. It made it SO difficult to choose, I honestly would have picked every single one of you. You all seem like such amazing girls and I feel like I know you all, especially from some of the names I remember seeing on my Instagram comments! With that being said, the winner is Anne Herschel! Thank you guys so much for participating and I promise to do many more!!!

I decided to post an all black look that will hopefully give you some ideas on what to wear to work today. Such an annoying day to be at the office, all we are thinking about is costumes and having a fun night. I am still working on my costume – I had such a hard time figuring out what to be. With so much going on, I really felt like I had zero time to come up with something creative. I hope you guys all like what I decided to be!

Have fun tonight!! x

SN Shoe Giveaway

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It officially has to start happening. I’m cleaning out my shoes! I am so sad to part with these beauties but I figured they’d be a fun giveaway to do with you guys! They’re in beautiful condition (so delicate) and a beautiful mint color. The pictures still don’t do it’s justice!

They are a size 6 1/2! I will ship them to the winner once I choose!

Just leave your name and e-mail in the comment section below and I will choose at random tomorrow. Good luck guys! x


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Kimawashi: One pant, styled five different ways. I found these JBrand jeans via Rakuten. Rakuten is an amazing shopping website where you can find a ton of cute pieces by your favorite brands and designers. Rakuten is introducing the Japanese term Kimawashi to the US. Kimawashi means wearing the same item in a few different ways. I wanted to show you guys how a fun colored jean can be styled more than once and why certain pairs are worth the investment. Show me how you kimawashi with the hashtag #iamkimawashi – can’t wait to see!


 photo IMG_1661copy_zps6d497519.jpg
 photo IMG_1671copy_zps1576a11a.jpg
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 photo IMG_1717copy_zps5dbba7a5.jpg
 photo IMG_1720copy_zpscd65e3c6.jpg
 photo IMG_1732copy_zpseff1e118.jpg
 photo IMG_1745copy_zps0cea20a0.jpg

Shirt: Rails (similar, dress version) | Sweater: Zara | Pants: H&M (super old, but similar) | Shoes: Isabel Marant | Bag: Chanel | Sunnies: Raen | Watch: Caravelle New York

I decided to do a post on layering today. We’re in the midst of switching over from semi warm weather to semi cold weather. It’s confusing when some days are said to be in the 50′s and then some days in the 70′s. The worst is when it starts out in the 50′s and turns into the 70′s by lunch time. In this scenario, I almost always throw a light button down on under a sweater. I know that when it gets warmer out I can take it off and still look/feel appropriate. It also creates the opportunity to nix a jacket. Rails has the best button downs to do this with – I suggest going with a light one so that you aren’t dying in both pieces on your way to work. I also like to pair this with a cropped pant rather than a long one. I love ankle length jeans and this is certainly the time to wear them. If you do happen to pair an ankle length pant with a boot, make sure the boot isn’t tight to your leg so that it doesn’t create an unflattering cut off. Everyone always asks me about these faux leather pants. Believe it or not, I bought them at an H&M store for 21 dollars 4 years ago. They are completely destroyed but refuse to let them go. I just ordered the Anine Bing ones, very excited to update my leather situation.

Rehearsal Dinner Video

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I’m so excited to share with you guys our Rehearsal dinner video we made with the amazing Unsome Productions. They had the idea of creating a scary love story since Brandon and I got engaged on Halloween and love horror films. I was hesitant about sharing this because it’s super personal and all about me, my husband and family but at this point, it has truly been a pleasure sharing every part of this special time with you guys because majority of you have been with me since the day I started. I love you all and your support especially through this amazing time in my life. Hope you enjoy it!


Password is “somethingscary”

You can also click the image above and it’ll take you straight to it!