Missguided x SN

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Jumpsuit: Missguided / Flats: Missguided

I love a good jumpsuit for Summer. I live in them because they’re the easiest thing to pack and take literally no effort to style! MissGuided has such an amazing collection of jumpsuits and rompers. It’s the perfect place to go to find a quick wardrobe for a weekend get away but also to shop outfits that are perfect for almost any occasion. Here are some more favorite jumpers from MissGuided: 1, 2, 3

I also fell in love with their shoes. I’ve seen this style in sandals all over but never for this price. The color is a great summer neutral and easy to slip on and run errands or head to the beach.


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I know a lot of people are loving the whole overall trend and I’m totally on board but I so much rather the short version than long. Long overalls are really hard to pull off, it’s hard to find a pair that fits in all of the right places. I feel like a short version is so much easier to work with. I loved this SIWY denim pair because they aren’t super fitted, the wash is really great and they’re beyond soft.

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I paired them with my new favorite shoes ever, these Stella McCartney skater shoes. I saw them at the store in SoHo when I went with my mom and they completely sold out of them. I was on a mission, I called my friend Tessa who works in PR there and she had to hunt them down for me. She finally found them for me in Spain size 7, it was so intense, I had to do a bank transfer, have them shipped then messenger them from Tessa to me. They are finally here and so beyond worth it ha.

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 photo IMG_4326_zpsuknq0pjl.jpg

This bag is one of my favorite purchases of the year. The leather is so incredibly soft and my wallet fits perfectly. That’s always my test before I buy a bag, obviously. I just love it. I use it during the day and it’s also great for a night time outfit because of the size.

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I hope everyone has an amazing Memorial Day Weekend! I came out here yesterday with my mom. We wanted to have some girl time before it got crazy out here. It’s been absolutely amazing. So serene and so chill. Exactly what I needed!

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Photography by Alexandra Wolf

Overalls: SIWY Denim

Button Down: Elizabeth and James, similar

Shoes: Stella McCartney (diff print, similar)

Choker: Stephanie Gottlieb

Bag: Fendi

Sunnies: Bottega Venetta

Neutral Tones

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Photography by Alexandra Wolf

Heading out East today for the week/weekend. It’s a much needed break. Any time I go out there it’s pure relaxation. I love going out there before it gets crazy, when it’s a little busy but you can still find parking and get a reservation at your favorite restaurants. I hope everyone has an amazing and safe memorial day weekend! LOVE YOU GUYS!

Jacket: Sandro (In Store Only)

Shorts: Lovers & Friends

Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Bag: Celine

Sunnies: Illesteva

Memorial Day Weekend Inspo

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I am so excited to pack this entire look for Memorial Day weekend. I’m heading out to my house in the Hamptons on Wednesday and I’m packing a considerably insane amount of clothing. I’m a girl and I photograph my outfits so it only makes sense that I over pack. I need options! I have always loved the Isabel Marant Etoile mini skirts. I bought a few over the years and they’re always an easy pack and an easy to style piece.

 photo IMG_4091_zps0uv26y6x.jpg

I hate to upset anyone but these Christy Aquazzura flats were probably one of my worst purchases I’ve ever made. After only a few wears they looked like a cheap poorly made shoe even though they are 650 dollars. What a disappointment! It could possibly be the fact that I got them in white so you see the distress more. I linked here the black because I think they are a lot better. Don’t buy the white!!

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 photo IMG_4042_zpsv4f0pvmk.jpg
 photo IMG_4101_zpsdntvnwd4.jpg

Rails button downs are a must have in a girls wardrobe. Whether it’s plaid or a solid, they are the softest button down and are essential, especially for packing for a getaway weekend.

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 photo IMG_4148_zpsz2lxj2oz.jpg
 photo IMG_4123_zpsavhlzr6b.jpg
 photo IMG_4134_zpsqtgvneax.jpg

Photography by Alexandra Wolf

Skirt: Isabel Marant

Shoes: Christy Aquazzura Flats

Shirt: RAILS

Bag: Stella McCartney

Sunnies: Ray Ban

Daily Look

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Photography by Alexandra Wolf

Jumpsuit: Daily Look / Shoes: Gianvito Rossi (N/A) similar / Bag: Celine / Sunnies: TOMS / Necklace: ivi Jewelry

Today was our first day shooting outfits again, it was so much fun, it’s seriously what I love doing the most. We had so much fun, especially with the weather being perfection and having so many new pieces to shoot.

I got this jumpsuit almost a year ago! I never ever shot it which is crazy to me because it’s so incredible. I need to find somewhere to wear it this summer. I’m thinking a big birthday party or a cool night event. I love how sexy the neckline is but still classy since everything else is pretty conservative.

I decided to try out a new hair style, I’m always wearing my hair down so this was a fun change up. This whole look is totally Friday inspired, hopefully it inspires you for your weekend. Go out! Have fun. X