Something Camel

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Jeans: JBrand, different colors | Sweater: Everlane | Button Up: Elizabeth and James | Coat: Armani Exchange | Shoes: Christian Louboutin | Bag: Celine | Sunnies: Miu Miu

Well, it’s official. I’m married. It was so weird coming back this week and jumping right back into my daily routine, it has been a strange transition. I’m still on this high and I’m not sure how to come back to reality. I attempted to shoot a look with Alexandra today but didn’t feel like it was my best. I was torn between warm weather and adjusting into NYC’s cold and windy weather. Coats ALREADY?! I recently got this cocoon coat from Armani Exchange and I have not been able to take it off over the past few days. I decided to go with my gut and keep it simple and clean while styling a sweater over a button up. It’s become one of my favorite things to do.

Have a wedding this weekend and I’m excited about what I’m wearing so stay tuned on Instagram! (@somethingnavy) x

EXP |Core

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Sweater: EXPRESS | Leggings: EXPRESS

I’m excited to introduce to you the EXPRESS Core line! They created the most fun prints for leggings and the coziest sweaters for this winter when I’m running over to my class! How amazing is the thumb hole in the sweater?

As an avid work out girl, my biggest tip is to make sure your core is at it’s strongest. As a girl with scoliosis, working on my core constantly is important for my health and daily work outs. If you have a strong core you can tackle any exercise. Also, it’s important to get dressed up in the morning in a cute work out outfit and dress as if I’m going about my day (but obviously in work out clothes). When I feel good in what I’m wearing, whether it be for meetings, a dinner or my work out class, I get the best results. EXPRESS made this really easy for me. I was able to find outfits in minutes that looked so cute together that I could wear AFTER my class to run errands and even get breakfast with a friend. Check out the entire collection, here!


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Jeans: JBrand, similar | Shoes: Christian Louboutin | Sweater: H&M | Button Down: H&M (In stores) | Bag: Celine | Sunnies: Ray Ban

Just a quick outfit post while I’m away! Loved the combo of these ODD colored sweater and the striped button down. I normally would never wear a color like this but I thought it looked really good for a brunette! I paired it with my favorite ankle length JBrands and my classic nude Louboutins!


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I collaborated with to talk about the wedding process and some tips I can offer after going through it for the last year!

Wedding Registry: This is one of the first things you will do. Pick your TWO favorite stores (some people do three) and I would do this within the first month of engagement. Choose the things for a home that you wish to create as a married couple. I know for me, it’s important to make cooking a daily habit. As a blogger, I work from home and I do have the time before my fiance comes home to whip up a meal. My registry was filled with cooking equipment, pots, pans and tons of things I didn’t even know I would need. Thanks to my mom!

To keep reading more of my process, from how to choose wedding flowersΒ toΒ what to wear to a wedding,Β head over to MyHabit’s blog,Β theFIX.

Shopping on 5th in SOREL

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Ever since moving uptown, I’ve become a seriously dangerous shopper. I’m in the area where there are the most unbelievable stores and even if you’re not looking to buy it’s so worth just window shopping. Fifth Avenue is a never ending avenue of shops, fun lunches and just beautiful sightseeing in NYC, if you’re in comfortable shoes. At this point in the year, the weather is so beautiful, there is nothing better than walking past every store and doing some seasonal shopping. For a day like this, it’s imperative to be wearing super comfortable shoes because there is nothing worse than having to stop because of you’re feet! Forever I was doing that with my older sister and she wanted to kill me, she wouldn’t shop with me anymore. It’s been a month now since I’ve had these SOREL boots and she hasn’t heard a peep out of me!

I’ve seen these boots on so many people in NYC, I truly believe they were made for the everyday New Yorker. We walk everywhere and need a shoe that can help us through the worst winters and keep us comfortable. I love that the colors on this boot include all the neutrals so it’s easy to pair them with almost anything. I loved the idea of pairing them with these plaid trousers because I honestly would never think to combine the two. I’m glad I did, I think it really showcases how these boots can be styled with prints and a pant that isn’t necessarily full length. If you’re that girl on the go and you endure these brutal winters in NYC or anywhere else, I highly suggest investing in a pair of SOREL boots. They’re practical, beyond cute and you style them from basic to trendy while being comfortable. Head over to TheCut to read more!