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Photography by Alexandra Wolf

Jeans: Rag & Bone | Boots: Givenchy (in black, so gorgeous!) (tall version)| Sweater: AYR, similar | Button Down: H&M, similar | Sunnies: Ray Ban | Bag: Celine | Ring: Stephanie Gottlieb | Watch: Hermes

It so does not feel like a Friday. This week was so weird because of the snowstorm. I’m not complaining though, SO happy it’s the weekend but even more excited that I leave for Miami in a few days.

For this look, I decided to put something together that I wear at least twice a week. A sweater over a button down paired with ripped jeans. It’s so easy and always looks so put together. The only hard part is finding the right pair of shoes that go with the outfit but also won’t get destroyed by the slushy snow and salts on the ground. I pretty much just call an UBER to leave the apt and then call an UBER to go back home, during this time a year I rarely spend any time walking outside.

Black & Blue

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 photo IMG_7152copy_zps1c4ce88e.jpg
 photo IMG_7126copy_zpsa67904e4.jpg
 photo IMG_7115copy_zps60691c26.jpg
 photo IMG_7034copy_zps38418aca.jpg
 photo IMG_6963copy_zpsda890afb.jpg
 photo IMG_7094copy_zps082a0033.jpg
 photo IMG_7150copy_zps36ffb0f2.jpg
 photo IMG_7040copy_zps1c0912f5.jpg
 photo IMG_7137copy_zps2f4a7e82.jpg
 photo IMG_6993copy_zpsd2503b7c.jpg
 photo IMG_7116copy_zpsd0b9f1d4.jpg

Photography by Alexandra Wolf

Pants: H&M (super old!!) similar | Shirt: Banana Republic | Sweater: Nasty Gal | Coat: GUESS (N/A) | Bag: Saint Laurent, RED | Shoes: Gianvitto Rossi | Sunnies: Wildfox

Quick outfit post. I bought these faux leather pants 5 years ago at H&M, they’ve since gotten destroyed, ripped, washed out, way too tight, but I refuse to get rid of them. I still always get stopped for them and they were only 24.99, shocking right?

I love layering and this is the perfect temperature to do it in, all in all I was pretty warm in this outfit minus the shoe situation. They are new and I had to shoot them I love them so much, cold feet are worth it.


 photo IMG_7234copy_zps702f5504.jpg
 photo IMG_7298copy_zpsdf677cc9.jpg
 photo IMG_7291copy_zpse10a8dcb.jpg
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 photo IMG_7283copy_zps02d5b226.jpg
 photo IMG_7241copy_zps815ff11a.jpg
 photo IMG_7238copy_zps5d4e76dc.jpg
 photo IMG_7215copy_zpsfa18d8ac.jpg

Photography by Alexandra Wolf

Leggings: American Apparel, similar | Boots: Hunter | Sweater: Zara (old, similar) | Scarf: Donni Charm | Bag: Celine | Sunnies: Ray Ban | Lip: MAC Stunner

Sorry I’ve been MIA for a little on the blog. It’s literally been nearly impossible to shoot outdoors, the temperatures have dropped to the teens and it’s hard to even step outside unless every inch of your body is covered. That’s really not that fun to shoot or style.

Today was finally a bit calmer but still frigidly cold which made it so difficult. This is pretty much an outfit I’d throw on when I’m really not in the mood to deal with the weather, obviously a puffer would be thrown over it. Underneath the Hunter boots I put on massive knee high socks so I would have three layers to keep me warm. I was also so over my hair, the weather makes it so flat and a top knot was the only way to deal with it ha.

I can’t wait to go to Miami next week and have a little taste of what warm weather feels like again. It’s at this point in New York when you’re really fed up with how cold it is, the only thing that keeps me going is that Spring is just around the corner…right?

Mini + Boots

 photo IMG_3525copy_zps8363c052.jpg
 photo IMG_3596copy_zps6ce23777.jpg
 photo IMG_3555copy_zpse443a9a4.jpg
 photo IMG_3583copy_zps8a4363fd.jpg
 photo IMG_3540copy_zps34d20f6f.jpg
 photo IMG_3505copy_zps314bbca5.jpg
 photo IMG_3578copy_zps54e6ab0e.jpg
 photo IMG_3529copy_zps0d045f52.jpg

Photography by Alexandra Wolf

Dress: Nasty Gal | Scarf: Nasty Gal | Boots: Gianvito Rossi | Bag: Celine | Sunnies: RAEN

This is my version of Winter sexy. I bought this dress a month before I got married, I was having a last girls night out and I needed something sexy but something that also says, I’m engaged. Not even sure if this really does that but I always love a long sleeve mini and I love the asymmetrical hemline of the dress. I paired it with my over the knee grey boots and my first ever Celine bag that my husband bought me when we were dating. It’s so special to me! Valentine’s Day is coming up, it’s during Fashion Week so I won’t be doing anything crazy but I would love to hear every ones plans?!

Happy Friday! x

White Star

 photo IMG_3404copy_zps5a7197df.jpg
 photo IMG_3483copy_zps6c313104.jpg
 photo IMG_3447copy_zpsbdff8be7.jpg
 photo IMG_3373copy_zpsec0b72fa.jpg
 photo IMG_3473copy_zps524d5f16.jpg
 photo IMG_3445copy_zpsd69ea67d.jpg
 photo IMG_3401copy_zps3f038aa4.jpg
 photo IMG_3468copy_zpsd6f7851a.jpg
 photo IMG_3426copy_zps02449c6a.jpg
 photo IMG_3423copy_zpse9f9445b.jpg
 photo IMG_3362copy_zpse819e17c.jpg
 photo IMG_3334copy_zps224c6067.jpg

Photography by Alexandra Wolf

Jeans: AYR | Top: 25Park (Available in store) | Coat: Tanya Taylor (Old! N/A) | Christian Louboutin, similar | Sunnies: Marc by Marc Jacobs | Clutch: Edie Parker

Beiges and whites are my favorite combination, especially in the Winter. I was also super excited to shoot my brand new Louboutins. They are a mesh t-strap, I find them to be the most flattering of my shoes.

I’m a shoe collector and can’t stop, it’s a problem but it’s seriously the only thing I care about when it comes to fashion. Last night, my husband and I woke up in the middle of the night because we thought we smelled fire. It turns out it was nothing but as I was going back to sleep I was thinking, do I have a bag big enough in my apartment that I can get to quickly in case of a fire and fill it up with all of my shoes? Is that even normal?