The Real Real

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I am so excited to be working with The Real Real to sell some of my pieces from my closet. I never really understood consignment until I started to work with some of my own items. It’s so smart, after a year of owning something that you constantly wear, you’re ready to change things up. The Real Real is the perfect outlet for that and with the best prices. I can’t wait to start selling more of my things and finding something new on The Real Real to add to my collection. I was hesitant at first because of the conditions of the products or if it was safe/trustworthy, but after working closely with the Real Real, I find it to be the most brilliant concept for us fashion lovers and am now a huge fan.

Here are some of the things I decided to part ways with at the start of my Real Real journey.

This navy Phillip Lim bag was one of my first designer bags I ever owned. The color seemed ideal and I got such great use out of it. As I clean out my closet, it’s important to make room and part ways with pieces I had a fair share of time with. It’s not the best feeling say bye, but it’s even more exciting knowing that I can find something new and different in return.

Another piece I’m selling are these navy lace Jimmy Choo sunglasses. I only wear cat eye sunglasses and these were one of my favorites in my collection. I wore them during the Fall and during Fashion week, I get stopped everywhere for these.

Last but not least are my army cork Manolo Blahnik pumps. They are so stunning, so comfortable and are in perfect condition. It was probably the hardest thing for me to part with, I literally keep every single pair of shoes but I know it’s time. Shoes to me are the most important accessory in a girls wardrobe and as my readers you know how near and dear shoes are to my heart. I would never try to sell a pair that wasn’t in the best condition or super comfortable, I know how important it is. So all of you 37 1/2’ers – head on over to the Real Real ASAP for these bad boys or for anything else you might be looking for. Also, take some time to go through your closet and find things that you don’t necessarily use that often anymore, you’ll find it somewhat liberating!

Here are some of my favorite finds: Chanel Tufted Medium Boy bag, Vintage Chanel Necklace, Hot Pink Christian Louboutin Slides, Classic Tiffany & Co round engagement ring, Jenni Kayne D’Orsay Flats, Gold Rolex, Hermes Belt, Isabel Marant Booties, Birkin, Hermes Handbag

Life Is Good

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In love with this life style brand that could be dressed up or dressed down, as long as you #MakeItYou! In the spirit of #MakeItYou, I’ve partnered with Life is Good to style their apparel and really make this look my
own. Want to give it a shot yourself? You can enter to win a $250 Life is Good gift card to create your own original look. Just visit my Instagram on Monday.

If you’re inspired by my look, you can also head over to and use this LIGNAVY special 30%
off discount code, good for the next 48 hours. Life is Good is known for its authentic, comfortable and quality apparel. And you can feel good wearing these
products – Life is Good donates 10 percent of its annual net profits to help kids in need.


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Photography by Alexandra Wolf

After a few months of dressing for the freezing cold, layer after layer, same boots, same coats you’re ready for a big time change up! Now that Spring is officially here, I am so excited to introduce you all to VDP. I am madly in love with this brand, it’s eccentric pieces that combine glam with an edgy touch. This short sleeve top was a personal favorite of mine, I love the color, the glitter and the bejeweled detailing. I decided to style the outfit the same way I see the brand, that mix of edge and glam. I paired the top with white distressed boyfriend jeans and a pair of nude pumps. It’s the perfect transitional look as we change our closets over from winter to spring.

I would wear this look to meetings or a fun lunch with friends. I am a heels girl and I think that even with a lower heel, it can take the look from a long day at the office into a fun dinner and drinks.

To see more of the collection, head over to their site here!

Jouer x SomethingNavy

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Photography by Alexandra Wolf

I am so excited to announce the launch of Jouer’s Le Matchbox program.

There are a ton of subscription boxes out there, but usually they’re filled with products you don’t really want or won’t actually use. I hate that! It all changed once I found Jouer Cosmetics Le Matchbox program. It completely focuses on you as an individual and the best products for your skin and skin tone.
The goal is to take the mystery out of choosing makeup colors and have products specially tailored to you delivered right to your door. Most women fall into two categories, either warm or cool undertones. Some are lucky enough to fall into both. Coming from a middle eastern background I believe I’m the mixture. But most look better in either warm shades (golden tones) or cool shades (blue undertones). Based on a quick, fun and easy quiz, Jouer helps determine the customer’s undertone then delivers the perfect products for her, four times a year. As a result of the quiz, you will receive an assortment of products each month including lip, face, cheek, eye and tools.

Plus, Le Matchbox gives customers early access to new products and samples from Jouer! (subscribe ASAP)!

M.GEMI x SomethingNavy

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Photos by Alexandra Wolf

Meet M.GEMI, one of my new favorite shoe brands which just launched today. They’re made in the same Italian factories as some of your most favorite high end designers. The quality is seriously incredible but aside from all of that, the shoes are STUNNING. These are my new Mille studded black and gold flats. I figured in the warmer weather, I’d probably wear them with a pair of cropped jeans like these and a cute tee. Since it’s still cold, an oversized black sweater seemed like the perfect fit. They’re great for an adventurous day through out the city, running errands, tagging Dylan along and grabbing a bite to eat with a friend. I wore them for the first time today and pretty much got stopped on every corner. They only make a limited number of each style, so if you like these, check out the collection, here!