Fall Feelings

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I know tons of people have these jeans but I needed to join the band wagon. I saw them when I was in Philly at Intermix and I envisioned millions of pieces in my wardrobe going so well with them that it was a no brainer. I also love pants that have the side zipper at the bottom. I find it to be very sexy with a pointy toe pump.
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I’m all about mixing prints and if it’s not your thing or you’re just a little hesitant, I’d suggest doing something small like pairing a different print shoe with your pants or top. It’s not in your face but it’s also making the outfit a little more unique rather than your ordinary matchy matchy go to.
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I’m so annoyed I didn’t photograph the back of this clutch. I had my new married initials engraved, ANC.
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I think it’s pretty clear how obsessed I am with this Cynthia Vincent jacket. I really have not taken it off and I’m so annoyed with this New York weather switching back to summer on me. I am all about my leather jackets and jeans right now and that’s that!!!
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Jeans: Rag & Bone (red) | Shoes: Christian Louboutin (N/A) | Jacket: Cynthia Vincent | Clutch: Yliana Yepez | Sunnies: Miu Miu

Mod Squad

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I added a skinny belt to this Stylestalker dress to create a little bit of shape. It’s so annoying when you go to put a belt on and you need just ONE MORE hole for it to fit perfectly, I decided to just tie a knot and call it a day. I loved the idea of a pop of color added to the look and for me, my go to is always pink.
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I recently got a bunch of hats off of RevolveClothing.com – it’s my new accessory obsession for this Fall. I’ll never give up on shoes but hats have been the runner up recently. I love this designer Eugenia Kim and fell in love with this greek fisherman hat she created – it’s different for me but I’m loving it!
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So it’s officially TWO WEEKS away from the wedding!!! Any last minute advice?! It’s so wild that it came so quickly and I feel like I have a million things to take care of before I leave for Miami! We’re also going on a “mini moon” right after the wedding (surprise location, you’ll see via Insta) because the actual HONEYMOON we want to take is better during the Summer, so we will wait till June for that trip! Lots of exciting things!
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Dress: Stylestalker | Jacket: JBrand | Shoes: Christian Louboutin | Sunnies: Beach Riot | Hat: Genie by Eugenia Kim


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 photo BKJ_wvl4DP5hZZ0hFQAZDS6w074yl6zuijA4c3N5iCEXGYfit6U_LO7csSJdgEh58SelWRPzgal0wUjrgbDGgU2n5z6024ZMd7yP7RIwD8XnVeXznGWRsI1l4Y2H_zps06f6c618.jpg
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I am excited to share a collaboration I’ve been working on with eBay. The project is celebrating Street Style with eBay and no one loves street style more than an NYC fashion blogger. They created a Shop Inspired Pinterest board where they are taking all of the best street style photos from New York and making them shoppable! It’s kind of amazing, there have been so many times where I see a street style shot and want to replicate the entire look. Check out the shoppable board here. I put together a bunch of my favorite street style photos from over the year from my amazing photographer Alexandra Wolf who captures every moment (check out her Instagram at Wolf_NYC) and one of my all time favorite photographers to work with, Scott Brasher!

Don’t forget to post a picture on Instagram of something that inspires you with the #ShopInspired hashtag to win a trip to New York City during Fashion week 2015 and $1,000 shopping spree on eBay! Good luck!! x


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I’m completely in love with this new brand Tularosa. I posted my new jacket from them yesterday but I couldn’t hold back from shooting my dress as well. It’s the perfect length and the perfect Fall piece. I know it’s white and a super light material but paired properly with booties and a leather jacket it can be your go to dress for this upcoming season.
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I added some of my boho vibe jewelry to add a little something to the look. I rarely change my jewelry but I want to start making an effort to, I am starting to see why it’s important to an outfit. Even if you’re lazy, push yourself to accessorize!
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I got these French Connection booties via The Covet app. They are so beyond comfortable even without a platform. I’m able to wear and walk in these for longer than I expected. It’s important for a New Yorker!
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Dress: Tularosa | Boots: French Connection | Bag: Reece Hudson | Sunnies: SmokexMirrors | Necklace: Chan Luu | Ring: Jennifer Zeuner (N/A, something else)

OLAY Regenerist Luminous Collection

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I had such a fun time spending my Saturday morning with Shannon from Olay and Tim Gunn! We hung out, learned all about the Olay Regenerist Luminous products! It was crazy to learn all about the myths that go along with skin care. The most fascinating one to me was that oil is bad for your skin, it’s amazing for your skin (as long as you’re using the right oils). Using just the right amount, natural oils absorb instantly, giving your skin a sheer glow rather than a shine. Olay Regenerist will be on sale for 23.99 during the week of 9/28-10/4. I couldn’t believe the amount I was spending on fancy skin care product when really at the end of the day you’re pretty much just spending on the name opposed to what really works. I’m so excited to start my skin regimen using my new Olay products. Actually, let’s do a giveaway! I will put together a box of all of my favorite OLAY products that I’m now starting to use (Olay Regenerist Luminous Dark Circle Correcting HydraSwirl – my favorite, Olay Regenerist Luminous Facial Oil, Olay Regenerist Luminous Tone Perfecting Cream and $50 Walgreens gift card!). To win, put your name and e-mail in the comments section below and I will announce the winner on the following morning! Good luck guys!