Gemvara Part Deux

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Β I am anxiously waiting for my Gemvara Signet ring to arrive in the mail this week (can you believe I just designed it LAST week?!) – customized jewelry that fast is unheard of! In the mean time, a few other Gemvara related things…

I wanted to introduce you guys to Gemvara’s brand new Linear Collection. It’s a take on a popular trend going on in boutique fine jewelry – delicate feminine pieces, almost always done in diamonds but Gemvara has its own spin on it because you can (of course) customize the pieces in your favorite color or gemstone! This collection is right up my alley because it’s pretty much the only kind of jewelry I wear – feminine but very modern, edgy for traditional fine jewelry. My favorite pieces are the bracelet and necklace pave bars that are attached to a delicate chain. These are the kind of pieces you put on and NEVER take off. I suggest heading over to ASAP and creating your perfect every day piece!

Also, make a Color Story on Pinterest and you can win a $1,000 gift card for your own classic piece, something you’ll wear forever (like my Signet ring).

My Dream Closet

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I feel so lucky for two reasons right now, one: for finding the AMAZING Aly Finkelstein of OrganizedbyAly and two: my wonderful photographer who was able to capture this work of art! Once I met Aly, I knew she meant business. She immediately walked in started measuring and knew exactly what was going to be done. She ran off to Container Store and my mom and I just looked at each other as if we found our soul mate. Not only did she completely take care of everything from organizing, decorating and finding the perfect handyman to install everything – but she was a great friend through the stressful time of moving. Her services changed my life!

 photo SM-closet-7_zps3a9687ec.jpg

The light that pours into my office is out of a dream and my lovely photographer Alexandra knew exactly how to capture it’s essence.

 photo SM-closet-4_zps8e99430d.jpg

I’ve honestly never seen all of my sunglasses, with the way Aly organized everything, I am now able to see every thing I have and I feel like my outfits are that much stronger because of it.

 photo SM-closet-5_zps40d6d073.jpg

My friend Ania color coordinated pretty much everything and then did some merchandising for the sweaters.

 photo SM-closet-6_zpsdbadcd09.jpg
 photo SM-closet-9_zpsc731795a.jpg

Do you see what Aly did? I honestly don’t think this is normal! Everything is so perfectly organized and my shoe wall is back again! YAY!

 photo SM-closet-11_zps708a1ea8.jpg
 photo SM-closet-13_zps93fc0d39.jpg
 photo SM-closet-12_zps7f4e24e1.jpg
 photo SM-closet-15_zps239e891f.jpg
 photo SM-closet-14_zps70c522ff.jpg

This AMAZING chandelier is from, I’ve never had an apartment of my own with chandeliers, I seriously feel like a grown up. Wayfair has been a lifesaver, they have everything you could ever imagine at amazing prices and I’m finding everything I need to decorate my apartment from there.

 photo SM-closet-16_zps44d1b499.jpg
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 photo SM-closet-18_zpsa269a2f7.jpg
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 photo SM-closet-20_zpsecaf39f1.jpg
 photo SM-closet_zps79932ea6.jpg

Photography: Alexandra Wolf

Closet/Organization/Unpacking: OrganizedbyAly

Chandelier: Wayfair

Fashion Week

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Skirt: IRO | Tank: Everlane | Vest: Kenneth Cole | Shoes: Kenneth Cole | Sunnies: Wildfox | Bag: Reece Hudson | Lips: MAC (Vivid Red)

Fashion week is quickly approaching and I’m still just getting settled into my new apartment. Fall pieces are starting to come out of hibernation in the closet and I figured it’s an appropriate time to show off some pieces for Fall that could also be worn now. This vest and shoes are both from Kenneth Cole and they are definitely pieces I plan to wear one day to Fashion Week. BTW, it’s my last fashion week as a non married woman, pretty crazy. I can never really tell how I feel about Fashion week, once all the e-mails start swarming in I get a little overwhelmed and dreading the fact that I need to somehow organize this but at the same time, outfit ideas fill up in my head and I get that rush again. So, that’s what happened and that’s what led to shooting this first look. I paired one of my favorite skirts of the summer with a pony haired vest and a new pair of shoes. I added a red lip for pop of color because for me, that’s considered a lot of makeup. I think a bold lip with a fresh face is a really pretty look, especially at the end of summer with a tan.

Off to work – SOREL

 photo SM-Sorel_zps7dfc0378.jpg
 photo SM-Sorel-2_zps0d5d19a9.jpg
So excited about my new collaboration with SOREL and The Cut! Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing how I style five pairs of SOREL boots for this upcoming Fall. Head over to to see the full story!

TRESemmΓ© x VMAs

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 photo IMG_8564_zpsf6626116.jpg
 photo IMG_8650_zps7d2bddca.jpg
 photo IMG_8658_zps56709663.jpg
 photo IMG_8666_zps02f0dc1e.jpg
 photo IMG_8687_zps8dee2828.jpg
 photo IMG_8697_zpse0e38083.jpg

I had the best time working withΒ TRESemmΓ© last night re creating all of the best beauty and hair looks from the VMAs red carpet. Check here to see all the looks we recreated My favorite was teased pony tail, I loved how glamorous it was but also cool at the same time. I went into it knowing that at the MTV VMA’s, celebrities usually use this opportunity to step out of the box and try out funky hair styles. It made our day of styling that much more fun. For the girl who constantly wears her hair down, theΒ TRESemmΓ© stylists walked me through step by steps of what they were doing so that it was something I’d be able to recreate at home on my own. I learned all about contouring which completely changed my life! Which of these looks were your favorite? The braid or the ponytail? #AmpUpYourStyle