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You Asked, Team SN Answers

The best part about the social media age is having a direct line of communication with all of you!

You’re always asking us questions, from what our favorite products are to more specifics on our personal lives, and we’re so excited to be able to give you answers. Read on for the team’s responses to all your burning questions! 


What do you usually do on the weekends?

My weekends revolve around my kids. We try to come up with a bunch of activities for the girls to keep them busy throughout the day. The park, the water park, playdates with friends, shows, grandparent or aunt/uncle time. At night time, Brandon and I usually go out for dinner and drinks with friends.

How do you cope with stressful not-my-day moments?

This is something I’m working on every day. I have a hard time dealing with my stress, but I try to cope by surrounding myself with my kids and husband, baths, red wine, laughing with my friends, a good show or movie to take my mind off of things…

What are the top wardrobe essentials for Fall19/Winter20?

A fun sweater, a cool pair of trousers, an oversized coat, flats, chelsea or lace up boots, a silk button down and high-waisted denim



What is your hair routine and favorite hair products?

My favorite everyday look for hair is casual, beachy flatiron waves (I have a tutorial up on our IGTV!). I swear by Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, and Davines Love Smoothing  Shampoo & Conditioner. And of course, my ghd flatiron

Where did you go to college and what did you major in?

Tufts University (go Jumbos!). I majored in International Relations, mainly because the curriculum was a mix of economics, history, and politics… all of which I loved! 

What is the biggest thing you’ve learned since joining the SN Team?

How to take a mirror selfie, of course. But in all seriousness, I’ve learned so much about the real meaning of teamwork. Right now there are six of us working 24/7 to create a brand and a company that you guys (our amazing followers!) can turn to for inspiration and advice. No job is too big or too small to tackle, and seeing your feedback every day motivates us. 



What is a must for you when hiring someone to join the SN team

There are many “musts!” From an interview standpoint, you can never be too prepared.  Do your homework on the brand, founder, anyone you are interviewing with, relevant news in the industry, etc. In terms of qualities in a person, you must have a collaborative, driven spirit. 

What does your role at SN cover?

Right now, I oversee the productivity of each business and content vertical and manage the team. I set expectations and guide strategy, which leans very “business development”-y.  A lot of my time is dedicated to our brand partnerships unit: evaluating and analyzing existing and potential campaigns, while also fostering the right external relationships.

What are your favorite boots for this season?

My favorite boot trend right now is the “knee high” style. The JIMMY CHOO Mavis croc-effect leather knee boots are absolutely stunning and I should start saving for them RIGHT NOW.

A pair that is also gorgeous and more budget friendly is the Matiko Liza to the Knee Boots. 



What is your favorite pair of jeans?

Who has ONE favorite pair of jeans?! If I had to choose, they would be the Liya High Rise from COH. I have had them for a few years and they still fit the exact same way I want them to. Plus, they are the perfect rise, a great length for us girls on the shorter side and I love the wash. I take these from day to night all the time.

How has your role changed since the first starting with SN?

My role has shifted quite a few times but has always been an incredible learning experience. I started off helping with all assistant needs and handling Arielle’s job and personal calendar. This transformed into working closely with our agency to ensure that all jobs were executed over a certain timeline. From there, I started working on the Something Navy collections and was the main point of contact for our team at Nordstrom. This role gave me the chance to work even closer with Arielle to pull inspiration, create content, and make sure all needs were met. I am now gearing up to focus on brand partnerships and hand off the role of personal assistant. Crazy how things come full circle!

Cute date night places and restaurants?

Love this question! My favorite restaurants for a great date night are L’Artusi, Uva, Sevilla and Minetta Tavern.



How did you get the job at SN? application/ interview process?

I started at SN in January 2019 as an intern. We laugh about this now, but I added Nikki on LinkedIn a very long time ago and in December (when they posted about hiring an intern) she finally accepted me, ha! That led me to clicking on her profile and seeing that they were actively hiring so I reached out to her and she invited me in for an interview. I came in for two rounds- the first round alone with Tara and second round with both Nikki and Anna. I transitioned into a full-time role this spring and now I am the Digital Media Assistant primarily focused on 

Best places in NYC for drinks and a good time?

You can check out a few of my favorite spots in NYC here! Some other favorites include Kind Regards, The Flower Shop, Paul’s, Peachy’s or Black Flamingo in Brooklyn!

Favorite places to shop?

I would say a solid 75% of my wardrobe is from ASOS. My other go to is definitely Zara. Otherwise a lot of vintage!



What camera do you use? And do you edit the photos?

I use the Canon EOS 80D and yes, I do edit all of the photos! Camera photos I use Lightroom and for iPhone photos I use VSCO (C7 is my favorite filter!). 

How did you come to work at SN? Where did your career begin?

Before working for SN I was doing a lot of freelance photography and social media consulting. (You can read more about my journey: here) I saw Arielle post about the job opening on her Instagram story and immediately sent in my resume and online portfolio! I heard back from Nikki and came in for an interview and the rest was history!! 

Do you not like being in front of the camera as much?

I definitely like to be more behind the camera but I don’t mind being in front as well. I get this question a lot asking why I am not in certain team content, but that is because as the digital media coordinator/photographer, I am the one who is always taking the content! 

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