BEST of 2016

Here are some of my favorites from this year. It was a tough start since I was carrying 40 lbs of Ruby in me but I think over the months since she was born I slowly was able to get back to myself!


This was when I was only about 6 months pregnant, it was one of my last shoot days where I actually cared haha. After this I just kept getting bigger and bigger and finding cute outfits was a struggle! At least my Joie knee high boots still fit!

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This is RIGHT after birth! I’m so pale!!! This color was not good for me at this time of year. It was April and the weather was just starting to shift. I was trying my hardest to get my self out there and blogging again post baby.

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Here, I was finally starting to feel myself again. Alex and I went up to Central Park to snap some shots of this new Spring dress even though it was still incredibly cold out. I was also excited to wear a lot of my heels since they were hibernating for 9 months.

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Loved this one! I loved the location still so pale though ugh! I wanted to show off my AYR trench in light pink and it looked so good with the colorful background. I was a little insecure about my legs here because it was my first time really showing them since birth.

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We found this cool alley way near my apartment and this outfit fit the vibe perfectly. Loose jumpsuits and platform shoes were a great transition look as a new mom while also trying to look put together.

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Finally! A little bit of a tan goes a long way! I bought these shoes on sale two summers ago and they are my favorite find to date! They’re sold out everywhere – they look so good with everything and are super flattering on the leg. This dress was really cute too.

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Oh my god! Where is this shirt! Michaela??? I haven’t seen it since this post. I am obsessed with it, it’s a gorgeous satin navy blue button down with a tie in the front. It’s so special!

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To be completely honest: Alex (my photog) fully styled me for this look. She pushed me to throw on a crop top after baby and loved the idea of pairing it with ripped distressed jeans, I was hesitant about it. Of course she was right, she always is! It looked great.

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I loved this look. I know a lot of people weren’t huge fans of these shoes but they’re so gorgeous in real life. They are truly art work plus incredibly comfortable. I love how they look with a frayed jean.

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My first post with my Mother’s Day gift from Brandon (my very own birkin bag)! I never in a million years would I have dreamed I’d have one of my own and I never even mentioned it or showed Brandon what they were. This was a full on surprise that was SO unnecessary but incredibly thoughtful. I will have and wear this classic beauty until the day I die, then Ruby has first dibs.

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This one is from a couple of months ago! We found some gorgeous new locations to shoot our looks in and this all white look was perfect with the background. I was also really excited about this new bag.

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I think this just might be my favorite outfit from the entire year. I loved this look! The jeans, the blouse, the shoes, the belt! It all worked so perfectly. I always thought of Roger Vivier as an older brand for my mom but I was so surprised when I saw how chic and young their pieces were, it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite shoe designers!

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And last but not least! Here’s my December pick! Loved these jeans. I’ve had them for a bit but never knew exactly how to style them, I kept it simple with a black sweater and my favorite Louboutin boots.

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What an amazing 2016 but I am so ready for 2017, I have a good feeling about this year. Love you all!

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  1. Thanks so much for putting this together! You look stunning in every pic and I don’t think I’ve seen a more glorious pregnant lady.

  2. Arielle, this is such a great post, it truly sounds like you and far from a scripted sponsored post. I love how real and honest you were in regards to all things but especially in regards to your insecurities. I think sometimes we see bloggers posts and pictures and think their lives are perfect, forgetting that you’re real people. Hearing that you were nervous to show your legs or your stomach or you didnt love the way you looked in a post that was viewed and liked by thousands of eyeballs reminds us that you are REAL. Keep this up in 2017, this is what your long term followers are really looking for amid sponsored posts.
    Happy new year!

  3. Not sure how you even narrowed it down because nearly every day that you post, I’m like “Ugh she does it again!” haha I just love your styling and you have such an eye for amazing pieces.

    Loved when you called out Michaela for stealing your shirt – I literally lol’ed. Got to love sisters!

  4. Loving this beautiful round-up! I still remember some of your maternity outfits from the beginning of the year, and they were just as beautiful as all of your other outfits <3 🙂 Can't wait to see what exciting new content you'll be bringing to the blog in 2017!

    XO, Elizabeth


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