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Wiser With Age

When we were younger, we thought we knew it all. Now that we’re older, we’re realizing how wrong we were!

Being able to look up to and appreciate the women in our lives who have been through whatever experiences we are going through at the moment is one of the best parts of life. Now more than ever, we are seeking guidance from some of the older women in our lives whether they are our own mothers, mentors, bosses or friends. We cherish our relationships with these women who have seen it all before and lived through the tough stuff, and know that if we’re lucky, they’ll share their findings with us. We spoke with some of our favorite life gurus, all women over 50, for their best life advice. 

What is one thing you would tell your younger self? 

I would tell my younger self to embrace what made me, ME. Accept & love my self & others without judgement.

What are the most important beauty/ self-care habits that someone in their 20s should start now?

My most valuable beauty tip to start when you’re young would be to moisturize (everywhere)!

– Carrie (Arielle’s Mom) 

What is your best marriage advice?

The timing of this question could not have been any better in that my daughter, Dana, married her high school sweetheart nearly three weeks ago. If they were to ask, my best marriage advice would be this: encourage each other to be the best version of yourself by respecting and nurturing one another’s individual, as well as your shared, aspirations and goals regardless of all the obstacles you will experience as you journey through life together. 

What age did you start to feel most like you and why?

Although I will always be a work in progress, I started to feel most like me in my sixth decade of life. That’s a very liberating feeling. I know who I am, I know my strengths, talents, likes, dislikes, the values I hold dear and what matters most to me. I’m very comfortable with the person I have become and so grateful for my sound mind & healthy body, with its perfect imperfections. 

– Susan (Dana’s Mom) 

What is one thing you would you have done differently when you were younger?

I don’t live with any regrets. Looking back, though, I probably should have spent more time on my studies rather than at the best parties!!😘

What would be your best money advice for someone in their 20s?

This is a particularly hard question because living in NYC is extremely expensive. It’s almost impossible to save. I would advise taking a portion of each paycheck and putting it into a savings account of some kind. There is a way to have “forced savings”, where a portion of your check is automatically taken out.  A financial adviser would be helpful with this. In order to save money you have to be disciplined with spending habits. It’s not easy, but it’s very important. 

– Susan (Tara’s Mom) 

What is the biggest difference between today’s generation and when you were growing up?

There was NO pressure at all! Not financial, how you dressed, what neighborhood you lived in. Life was simple, carefree and we never worried about our safety. Playing dodgeball in the street every night with the neighbors was our highlight.

What would you say you know now about living a happy and successful life that you didn’t know when you were twenty?

Surround yourself with people who are happy, smart and add love and laughter to your life. Take your time, make good choices… life goes by in a blink. Always be nice… life is a big full circle. 

– Jami (Nikki’s Mom) 

What is something you regret doing when you were younger and why?

Something that I regret when I was younger would be that I foolishly did not save 1 dime while working as a fine art director in my mid 20s. I was making so much money even at that time which was about 30 years ago!  Looking back if only I would have either saved or invested my money that I earned, I could have been set financially for a very long time. 

What advice would you give a single girl in their 20s when it comes to dating?

The advice that I would like to give to girls in their 20s on dating would be first and foremost; always be and stay confident on who you are and never let any guy make you feel insecure! Never waste your time with someone who does not respect you or value you and your time. I think boundaries (but communicating this in a nice way) are very important to set right from the beginning. There is no time for mind games and disrespect.

– Kim (Anna’s Mom) 

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