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Why My Valentine Is My Work Wife

Thank you to our friends at Ba&sh for sponsoring this post.

Quick—name the three things you love most about your job. If you said “work wife,” you’re definitely not alone. There’s something so wonderful about a 9-to-5 ride-or-die. She’s the one you can gossip with about other coworkers, complain to about your boss, and always count on for a happy hour drink. Plus, if you need something, you know she’d move mountains to help.

The very highest level of work wifedom is when you actually go and start a company with your BFF. That’s the backstory of Barbara Boccara and Sharon Krief, the two incredibly chic French women behind one of our favorite labels, Ba&sh. Long-time friends who realized their first careers just weren’t cutting it, they joined forces (and names—Ba&sh is a combo of Barbara and Sharon) and the rest is history.

Since Team SN is planning on giving all the love to our work wives this Valentine’s Day, we decided to ask this stylish pair about their work marriage and more.

I truly believe our friendship has made our professional partnership even stronger.

-Barbara Boccara

Something Navy: How did your journey begin?

Sharon Krief: Barbara and I met in school and became close friends. We actually had completely separate careers before starting Ba&sh. I was a lawyer and Barbara was in PR. After we both gave birth to our second children, we realized we wanted a change of pace. Our dream was to work together and do something nice, and since we both loved fashion we decided to take on the adventure of bringing our dream wardrobe to life. Voila! Ba&sh was born.

SN: How did being friends first affect the way the company developed?

Barbara Boccara: I truly believe our friendship has made our professional partnership even stronger. We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and complement each other well. Even if we don’t agree on everything, we always support each other and come together in the end. We trust each other’s decisions entirely.

Because we’re so close we try to instill this feeling of friendship and family with our larger team as well. For example, we take our design team to our home in Ibiza every summer to gain inspiration for the next collection. In many ways, our friendship is the foundation.

SN: What’s the best and worst part about working together?

SK: There is no worst part! We have our dream jobs, spending every day together, surrounded by the best team, laughing and designing clothes for women to feel beautiful in.

SN: How do you resolve any disagreements?

BB: We know our strengths and trust the other if one person feels more strongly about something.

SK: We also talk through everything. We’re 100 percent transparent and always communicating, no matter how big or small the issue.

SN: How have your individual styles contributed to the Ba&sh aesthetic?

BB: We started out with distinct personal styles; I was more free-spirited and romantic, while Sharon was more edgy and modern. We sought to infuse elements of both into Ba&sh because we truly wanted to create an ideal wardrobe that women of all types, tastes, and shapes could wear and love.

SN: At Something Navy, we’ll find ourselves subconsciously mirroring the style of our work wives. Does that happen to you?

BB: It’s funny because as time has passed we’ve noticed that our styles are becoming more similar. Obviously we both wear a lot of Ba&sh, but sometimes we’ll show up in the same outfit, head-to-toe, without planning.

SK: We just showed up to our board meeting the other day wearing the exact same outfit. I love it though!

SN: We’ve also noticed how personal style can change after having children. Are you consciously thinking about modern mothers while designing?

BB: We launched Ba&sh when we were both young moms, so designing for mothers is definitely top of mind for us. We want to ensure our collections work for the demands of the modern, real woman. She’s on the go, working, traveling, and taking care of kids, so we design each piece to make women feel comfortable, yet beautiful and feminine—so no restrictive shapes or impractical fabrics.

We’ve had so many clients tell us that they love Ba&sh dresses for when they’re pregnant. Our silhouettes are easy and flattering for the expectant mom, and she can wear them after too. We believe everything should be effortless and easy; we create ideal clothes for women to move and live in.

SN: Team SN is focusing on celebrating our work wives this Valentine’s Day. What are some of your favorite things about the other?

SK: There are too many to count! Above all, Barbara is unbelievably caring and thoughtful. She’s always taking care of everyone around her.

BB: Sharon is the most loyal person. She’s been there with me through everything, and I know she always will be.

SN: Now onto gifts! What’s the perfect Valentine’s Day present for each other?

SK: Realistically we’d probably treat each other to a massage and facial at our favorite spa.

BB: Dream gift? Trip to Tokyo. We’ve been dying to go!

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