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Photography by Alexandra Wolf

Jeans: Rebecca Minkoff / Shoes: Givenchy / Sweater: Cinq á Sept / Jacket: Banana Republic / Sunnies: Sunday Somewhere / Bag: Chanel / Necklace: Stephanie Gottlieb

I never followed the rule of no white after labor day. I actually completely go against that rule because one of my favorite Fall to Winter outfits is an all white ensemble. Besides, who even made that rule?

I really splurged on these Givenchy shoes so there is no chance I’m tucking them away for the season, I can still get great use out of them. I paired them with distressed white denim (that I actually cut myself) and an embellished grey sweater. It’s not quite coat weather yet but it makes an outfit so much cuter so I figured I’d just show you guys how I would style this look for the colder days. If you didn’t know, I have a huge obsession with coats and shoes. I collect them as if they were art. It’s nearly impossible to find an apartment that can store all of my coats and shoes and also have Brandon, Ruby, Dylan and I living in it as well.

Also, a new goal of mine is to start wearing more of my jewelry. Every time I throw on jewelry for a shoot, I wind up loving the look so much more. It really does complete it. Thanks to my BFF Stephanie Gottlieb for always loaning me some of her beautiful pieces!

Thanks for stopping by today guys. x

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  1. That sweater is borrowing from Catholic art depicting the sacred heart of Jesus, not sure if you knew that. The commercial adoption of this sacred image is offensive—I’m sure you didn’t know, but as a fashion-lover who is also Catholic, I wanted to make you aware.

  2. Perfect outfit! Since you mentioned cutting be jeans yourself, do you mean just the bottom or the holes at the knees also? And can you explain how you cut them?

  3. Arielle,

    I love this sacred heart sweater, and I totally agree with you on the white after labor day rule. I used to ask my mom (in my kid days when she still styled me) like why do we have to do this? Who made this rule and why do they think white is a seasonal color? Adults don’t have the answers haha. These shoes are amazing though I am totally in love! Slip on heels seems fun, might have to look into it.




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