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What To Get Him For Valentine's Day

We’re making it easy for you to get Valentine’s Day right this year with our specially curated gift guide.

Instead of going the traditional route, we’ve broken it down based on where you two are in your relationship to make your shopping way less daunting and way more fun. Plus, if you really nail it in the gift department (and trust us, you will), you’ll be raising the bar for future gifts that come your way. Think of it as a very critical long-term play!

When You Have A Drawer At-His Apartment

If this is the first holiday together since you’ve gotten yourself a dedicated drawer at his apartment, it’s probably one of the first times you’ve exchanged gifts seriously. Knowing this, what you choose actually “means” something, so the pressure is on!

When You’ve Met The Parents

Things are getting serious. You met his parents and they love you (obviously!), even if you two aren’t necessarily saying the L-word yet. If you feel you’re on that path, get him something a little nicer as a token of your appreciation!

When You’re Each Other’s Permanent Wedding Date

You’re both super committed to each other, whether or not there’s a ring on your finger. You’re either engaged or almost engaged and everybody knows you’re a package deal. What does this mean for V-Day gifts? Less pressure because you know you’ll have more opportunities down the line, but also an opportunity to make it special, too.

When He’s Become The Roommate That Won’t Go Away

You live together, you’re married, maybe you even have kids together. He’s not going anywhere anytime soon, so whatever you get him, you’re bound to be seeing a lot of it!  So, make sure the gift you pick out is something you both love!

PS: *These are editorially selected, but if you purchase, Something Navy may get something in return. Thanks.

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