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What it's Like to be a Dad With: Brandon Charnas

In honor of Father’s Day, we asked Brandon all about fatherhood and his experience being the dad of two of our most favorite girls.

His answers are amazing and so funny – make sure you read them all! He also gives great advice, so for any soon-to-be dads out there… take note! And feel free to ask your dad these questions, too. We promise the answers will always lead to some laughs and quality time.


SN: What was the first thing that came to mind when you found out Arielle was pregnant?

Brandon: How am I going to afford this?


SN: What has surprised you the most about being a dad?

Brandon: How much you can actually love another human being besides your wife.


SN: What’s the most rewarding part about being a dad?

Brandon: Seeing my kids smile. When they are happy, I feel like I’ve made it in life.


SN: What advice would you give to new dads?

Brandon: Settle down and focus on what is important in your life. Cut out the distractions because the rest doesn’t matter. Work hard and learn from your mistakes because you are going to make a lot of them.


SN: What is something your girls do that melts your heart?

Brandon: Imitate me. And when Ruby asks me the best questions.


SN: What’s your favorite activity to do with Ruby and Esme?

Brandon: Go to CVS. I love the way their eyes light up when we walk down the aisles together. It’s like a new experience walking down each aisle and they also get to learn new things. I think Ruby likes CVS more than the zoo or any other activities.


SN: How do you think you’ll handle it when the girls start dating?

Brandon: Yikes. I think I’ll be like Mike Lowrey in the movie Bad Boys II in the scene when the kid comes to pick up the girl from the house! Lol. I can’t even think about it now. They are mine, I’m the boyfriend! I tell Ruby all the time and then she corrects me and says “no daddy, Peter and (I forgot the other kids’ names) are my boyfriends!”


SN: How do you manage spending time with the girls, being a thoughtful husband, and building your business?

Brandon: It’s extremely difficult but I try to take it one day at a time and not focus on all three. I really try to devote myself to one at a time but always have all three at the forefront of my mind. But when I’m at work I really try to work and when I’m with my kids and wife I really try to be present. It’s not easy but I’m doing my best.


SN: What are your favorite “dad” brands or products?

Brandon: My favorite dad brands are Stanley Products, Dr. Sturm makes great men’s skin care products and I’m loving my Facebook Portal!


SN: What’s the funniest dad story you have?

Brandon: Oh it’s really inappropriate but I was getting out of the shower and Ruby walked into the bathroom and said “Mama first I clean my giny then I clean Dada peeny!!! Okay!?” We immediately said oh no it’s not like that. It was pretty funny.


SN: Are the girls more like you or Arielle?

Brandon: I think they have my personality but my wife’s looks!

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