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What Did The SN Team Save On Instagram

It’s so interesting to look back at what we saved on Instagram!

 It’s clear that our IG saving patterns reveal a ton about not just what we like (or “like” on ‘gram) but what we really, really love in real life. Also, we’ve noticed that our IG saves are a fun record of what was going on in our lives at the time, like having a ton of furniture saves leading up to your move or endless engagement rings before he popped the question! Check out the team’s most recent saved posts on Instagram here:


I only save fashion on Instagram. Sometimes I save old videos of Ruby or Esme so that I can quickly access them when I want to show someone something funny.

At the moment I’m following @majawyh and @rosiehw – it changes monthly though! 


I never realized there was such a pattern in my Instagram saving habits, but everything that is saved is fashion inspo, cute dogs, cheesy pasta, half-baked cookies and jewelry that I hope Corey gets me :).

Like most, the accounts I love to follow vary but right now I am loving:

@anoukyve: I love her effortless look and am so, so jealous of her hair!
@img_nyc: I’ve been decorating my new apartment since February and love looking at accounts at different interior design accounts for inspiration. Interior Marketing Group features homes that are really minimalistic and chic.


Food! I find a lot of recipes on Instagram and usually save them so I can easily go back when I need inspiration for what to cook. I also save a lot of travel inspo and hotels I want to visit. There’s also a lot of wedding stuff in there. 

I love to follow @tanyazuckerbrot because her life is #goals, she makes all of my favorite recipes, and I really respect the business she’s built.

And of course, @overthemoon because it was my go-to for wedding inspiration.


I usually save fashion posts, typically new brand discovery, travel destinations, and inspirational quotes. I always have too much on my mind and don’t want to forget these things!!

Accounts I follow are ever-changing for me but right now:

@maurieandeve because I just discovered this Australian brand and need to figure out what to buy!

@bof because I love what and how they write and how they syndicate from IG.


I save everything! Mostly: Photo inspiration for photoshoots and Instagram content, cute dog or baby videos, restaurants I want to try, and since I recently moved, I also have a lot of interior inspo saved.

@choehorseman: I love her minimalistic photography. It is very aesthetically pleasing to look at.
@dogs_of_world_: They post the cutest dog videos ever!!!


I always use this feature for inspo and things/places I want to try! I save a lot of recipes (love the Bonberi account for this), outfits I like, funny memes, beauty routines… and of course Kylie Jenner content lol. A lot of times I see a video I want to watch but I’ll save it so that I remember to go back and watch it later if I don’t have headphones.

I’m following:
@kyliejenner: Love Kylie, love Travis, love Stormi, love her life. Ha!
@emilisindlev: Obsessed with her style!


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