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Well-Traveled Wellness

Whether you are an avid jet-setter or just caught a case of wanderlust, staying healthy while traveling can be tricky.

Travel does not lend itself to healthy routines, and common pitfalls can lead to feeling tired, bloated and off-course by the time you’re set to return. To help beat the post-vacay burnout, we’ve tapped our go-to nutrition experts to explain four core elements of well-traveled wellness.

Tip 1: Hydration inside and out.

With altered altitudes, new climates and long days – hydration is key. To avoid finding yourself in a dehydrated pinch, pack a water bottle in your carry on. Most airports have water stations making it easy to refill. Otherwise, purchase a large SmartWater or Evian from the airport and hold on to the bottle for refill emergencies. When traveling, we recommend upping water intake beyond 9 cups (or more than 72 ounces) each day to counterbalance shifts in routine. Keep a note in your phone to track your ounces.

Don’t lose that vacay glow! Other ways we keep our skin hydrated while traveling:

● Lip balms to avoid sun or wind-burned pouts

● Hydrating masks for an easy, in-flight mini facial

● SPF (always!) to keep skin healthy and protected

Tip 2: Plan ahead.

While it may sound counterintuitive, make a grocery run before you go. Airports and concierges aren’t a sure bet when it comes to offering nutrition-forward products, so pack your own and be in control of snack time. Cue our favorite duo to the rescue: protein and fiber to stay satisfied. Here are the shelf-stable snacks you’ll find in our bags when traveling:

● RX or Thunderbird bars for their simple ingredients, balanced nutrition and taste ● Pistachios, almonds and nut butter packets (like RX or Justin’s) which can be eaten solo or paired with a fruit ( for a protein and fiber combo!)

● Beef or turkey jerky for a protein-rich snack

● Noka shelf stable smoothies, which have no added sugar and feature wholesome fruit and veggie combos with plant based protein ● GG crackers for mealtime. We will often purchase a sandwich or breakfast bagel and swap out the bread for fiber-rich GGs to ensure a fiber-rich meal

Tip 3: Master the menu.

All travel experiences include dining out, which is arguably one of the best parts! Our go-to strategy for mastering any menu includes a few key takeaways:

● First, spot the veggies. Always look for a vegetable to start your meal and take the edge off of hunger. This can mean starting with a salad, a vegetable-based soup or even asking to start with one of the vegetable side dishes

● Then look for lean protein. When choosing an entree, opt for lean protein dishes to keep you fuller for longer than a carb-heavy option. Local or seasonal fish and shellfish are great options, along with lean cuts of beef, and of course, chicken. Ask for any sauces on the side to control the amount you use

● Enjoy a drink (or two). We love starting a meal with something light like an aperitif or spritzer to slow down alcohol consumption. Then, when you’re enjoying the meal, switch to your preferred adult beverage that pairs well with food

Tip 4: Selective indulgence.

You’ve earned this trip, so who wants to miss out on local favorites or a dessert here and there? We completely recommend a few extra treats during vacation but there’s an art to indulging within reason — one treat per day! Choose one thing each day of your trip that you truly enjoy. This can be a dessert at dinner, indulging in a pasta at lunch, or enjoying one of the resort’s frozen drinks poolside. The point is, choose something each day that you’ll truly enjoy. Then, follow our above tips for snacks and dining out the rest of the time to find a healthy balance. After all, travel is your time to relax and recharge — selective indulgence included!

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Photo via: Pinterest

By Amanda Baker Lemein and Julie Pappas

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