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Unique Birthday Gifts

Coming up with a great birthday gift is a daunting task and it seems like the closer we are to the person we’re gifting, the more pressure there is to find the most perfect present, which makes it all even harder!

Plus, we’d rather be more creative than simply ordering a present online and praying it gets here in time for the big day. We’re all about spoiling our friends with non-traditional gifts like experiences and personalized keepsakes these days. Here are some of our faves:

Cake Baking Class

Bake your cake and eat it too with your friend for her birthday (and bonus points if you can book a class on the actual day). Milk Bar offers their signature Birthday Cake classes where you can learn how they get everything to taste so good and try to recreate the magic yourself. Be sure to sign up in advance – their classes fill up fast!

Karaoke Night

We love a good karaoke sesh, so any opportunity to go all out is always welcome. For your friend who loves to sing, booking a night at one of the iconic karaoke spots in Koreatown is the only way to go. Take care of all the details in advance for a perfect night of celebrations.

Paint Your Pet

If your friend loves animals, nothing will mean more to her than painting a portrait of her furry best friend. Paint Your Pet classes at the Paint Place in NYC will teach you everything you need to know about portrait painting, even if you’ve never done it before. It’s so fun and you get to bring your masterpiece home!

A Royal Portrait

On the flip side, if you think a portrait is the way to go but don’t want to DIY, commission a royal painting from Nobilified. Think: your friend’s face on an old-fashioned noble’s body. You need a few weeks of lead time for this one, but pick a regal stance, send in your photos and wait for your hand-painted portrait to arrive.

Tea Time

And speaking of royalty… there is nothing (and we mean nothing!) like high tea to make your friend feel like the ultimate Birthday Queen! Spoil your bestie with a traditional tea service at the stunning Baccarat Hotel, which doubles as the perfect atmosphere to dish on all things regal, like the seemingly never-ending Royal Family gossip we can’t get enough of.

Pamper Sesh

You can never go wrong with the gift of Glamsquad! Pamper the Birthday Girl without ever leaving the house with manicures, makeup and more. This makes for the perfect Saturday morning treat that will help you both recover from the night before and get you ready for the festivities ahead.

Friendship Bracelets

Nothing screams “best friends” like friendship bracelets, right?! Book a session to make your own friendship bracelets together at Roxanne Assoulin’s studio in NYC. Mix-and-match colors and letters for that old-school feel in a style that’s been featured time and time again in Vogue!

Custom Wrapping Paper

If you do end up going for a traditional present, be sure to wrap it in custom wrapping paper. And by custom, we mean adorned with both of your faces printed all over! Zazzle does an awesome job of making personalized rolls of wrapping paper that can feature whatever and whoever you want, aka the ultimate way to make your gift really stand out in the crowd.

What are your go-to gift ideas? Arielle’s birthday is coming up and we want to make it extra special! Let us know your ideas in the comments.

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