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Thanks to TYLENOL® for sponsoring this post!

This time last year, Ruby had just turned one and I was traveling a ton, including my first time going to the Coachella festival. I was a wreck every time I left her and the guilt weighed on me. Now here we are, one year later, in my last trimester with my second baby. No Coachella this time around, however, I feel confident as ever being a mom and ready to welcome baby #2 into our family!

It took a bit, but with the advice of fellow mommy friends and my own mother, I learned what was best for my baby. Some things may take trial and error, and some things just may not work at all for you. I think it’s important to be open to suggestions from others but know that it may not be the right answer. Trust your maternal instinct! I’m sure all moms would agree that one of the biggest challenges of being a mom is seeing your child sick and feeling under the weather – how could your heart not break knowing you can’t instantly make them feel better? Also, on top of that, you have a bunch of different opinions in your ear from the pediatrician, other moms, etc.

I actually always knew I would rely on TYLENOL®* for my own family since it’s what I remember constantly having in our home since I was little. In fact, this past winter, TYLENOL® was always on hand. I’ve definitely posted them on instastories several times because it’s really the only pain reliever and fever reducer I feel super comfortable giving to Ruby. After countless colds, they reached out to partner up. This was a no brainer partnership for me as I remember my mom giving me Children’s TYLENOL® as a kid when I wasn’t feeling well and my pediatrician now recommends it for Ruby. As a result, I felt safe giving Ruby the infant dosage when she was under 2 followed by the children’s version now that she’s a bit older. She also loves all the flavors which makes it easy to give her medicine when she needs it. I’m so happy to promote their product as I truly have been using TYLENOL® my whole life.  Nothing makes a mother happier than knowing your child is in good hands and will feel better soon. Thanks to TYLENOL®for helping us feel good!

*use only as directed.

By Arielle Charnas

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