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Treat Yourself! Summer Self-Care Edition

Between travel plans, weddings, staying out later than usual at our favorite rooftop bars and of course, getting up each morning and going to work, it’s easy to get worn out in the hectic summer months.

Being busier than usual has its perks, but exhaustion is a major side effect. We’re committed to taking care of ourselves this summer so we can enjoy everything on our bucket list and make the most of our favorite season without the dreaded burnout come August. Here are our self-care tips to keep you in peak condition all summer long!

A Healthy Lifestyle

One of the best parts of summer? Eating fresh fruits and veggies! Not only do they taste good, but eating locally-sourced organic food is simply better for you, something we all know but sometimes neglect, especially in the winter when comfort food reigns supreme. Going to the farmer’s market is another perk of the summer season and always gets us excited to try new recipes with our haul. Check out our favorite buys to make eating healthier even easier:

Photo via: spicesinmydna

Get Active

Staying active is one of the best ways to take care of yourself and the warm weather makes it all the easier to actually accomplish this goal. There are so many workout options available in NYC (and even in the Hamptons!), so this summer, there are really no excuses when it comes to staying active. Plus, committing to a new workout regimen is always the best excuse to buy new workout clothes! 

Summer Skincare

Taking care of our skin when we’re out in the sun all day is something we strongly believe in, which is why it’s not the first or second time you’re hearing about it from us! Here are some of our favorite products we use to keep our skin glowy, while staying hydrated and protected from the elements at the same time:


And last but not least, we truly believe spending time with friends is a tried-and-true form of self-care. We love taking our down time in the summer to catch up with people we haven’t seen in a while, go on walks around the city with old friends and meet whoever is up for it at a favorite happy hour spot

Photo via: Flickr

Cover photo via: Pinterest

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