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Time Management

We’re the first to admit that here at Something Navy, we can get pretty stressed out. Between juggling deadlines and constantly being pulled in a million different directions, combined with the fact that we’re all glued to our phones day and night, it’s stressful! We’ve found it all boils down to one thing – being better at managing our time. Time management is the glue that holds everything together when things run smoothly and is also usually the reason things go awry. Here are some of our best tips and tricks to keeping track of time:

  1. To-Do Lists
    To-do lists are our lifelines here in the office. Without them, we’d get nothing done! Making a to-do list each morning (or night – so it’s already done for the next day) keeps us focused once the endless stream of emails start rolling in bright and early.
  2. Write It Down
    We are big believers in writing your to-do list down the old fashioned way. Why? Because the brain tends to remember things better when you physically use a glitter pen/pencil/Sharpie to spell it out rather than when you mindlessly type it.
  3. Checking Things Off
    The best part about writing down tasks by hand? Crossing them off the list by hand! This is a great habit to get into because checking things off the list is so rewarding and will keep you on track throughout the day, knowing you’ll get to check something else off if you just see it through.
  4. Doing Similar Tasks Together
    This technique is called “batching” and it cuts down on a ton of time. The idea is that you “batch” all of your similar tasks and do them together. For example, if you have to respond to 25 emails, call 5 clients, and approve 15 photos, instead of doing some emails, then taking a few calls, then back to emails, then approving photos, “batch” all your emails together, make all your calls at the same time, and then do all of your photo approvals. It cuts down on time switching back and forth and is way more efficient.
  5. Knowing Your Strengths
    Knowing what you’re really good at is a great way to organize your time throughout the day. Getting all of your easy work out of the way quickly so you can leave more time for the more challenging tasks will make you feel less rushed when you need to devote more time and energy to the harder stuff.
  6. Staying Focused
    Focusing on your goals and remembering the big picture seems like they go without saying, but when you’re in the middle of a bunch of projects and deadlines, it’s easy to forget what your real focus should be. Try to check in with yourself and make sure you are in fact staying focused.
  7. Taking Breaks!
    For Nikki, it’s a cookie break that helps her recharge and reset. For the rest of us, we all find our own ways to take a break every now and then, like going on a quick walk around the block or scrolling through old pics of Ruby to clear our minds. (Yes, looking at pictures of Ruby is actually a time management technique!).
  8. Use The Screen Time Feature On Your Phone
    This one is a little tricky because we are on our phones 24/7 for work (and play!) but we all were very shocked to see just how much time we were spending on the ‘gram. Now our phones make it easy for us to set reminders when we’ve been on social media or Candy Crush (we don’t judge!) more than we should.
  9. Me time!
    When you’re feeling out of control (and out of time!), it’s important to take a step back, turn off the emails, flip your phone screen-side-down and do something totally unrelated to what’s stressing you out. For some people it’s cardio, for others, it’s binge-watching Friends. Whatever works for you, be sure to carve out time for yourself so you can keep your sanity.

    Any other tips and tricks? Let us know what works for you!


    Illustration by: Sydney Mastrandrea

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