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Things You'll Only Understand If You Have a Sister

Today is National Sister’s Day and there is nothing like growing up with sisters!

Arielle has been vocal about being a middle child and what it’s like growing up in between two women she loves no matter what (shoutout to Danielle and Michaela!) and there are certain things that just make sense when you’re surrounded by all that female energy all the time! Here are some of the top things you’ll only understand if you grew up with sisters:

Endless Closets

It goes without saying that everyone gets to share and wear everyone else’s clothes in the house when you’re growing up with a bunch of girls. But… this also always leads to some of the biggest fights ever when you’re looking for something your sister is clearly wearing (or hiding to wear for later). It’s an unspoken rule that you should wait to borrow something until the real owner of the garment has worn it at least once, but even that rule gets broken… and who are we kidding, it’s going to cause a problem either way! The good news is, sister fights are the easiest to navigate once you get the hang of it. Speaking of…

The Fights

Fights can get ugly! But usually they only last two seconds. What would take days to get over between friends or cousins takes seconds, tops hours, to recover from with sisters. That’s just how it is. One minute everything is going haywire, the next everything is calm, back to normal and you’re all eating together in the kitchen pretending nothing even happened.

A Sixth Sense

Sisters can always tell when another sister has been in her room or has gone through her stuff. It’s just a feeling sisters have and even if there is absolutely no evidence to prove that someone was rummaging through your t-shirt drawer, YOU KNOW!

Getting In Trouble

With sisters who all have similar personalities, it’s a toss up for who gets blamed for something in the family. We’ve all been there when our sister takes the fall for something we did – and vice versa! It comes with the territory.

Matching Outfits

Having a sister means you always have someone to match your outfits with. But usually, one sister loves this idea and the other one hates it.

Getting Ganged Up On

This isn’t exactly a perk, but it does happen. Sometimes, it’s your turn to take the fall and the whole family gangs up on you, including your sisters. It is what it is. Everyone goes through this!

Sisters make everything more fun, from the things you don’t want to do, like chores growing up, to having extra hands around when you are grown up and have kids of your own! They’re also built-in best friends. You never have to go far to find someone else to hang out with, go to the mall with, sit on the couch and do nothing with or really… do anything with! They truly make life so much easier. It’s undeniable that sisters have a special bond, so be sure to celebrate your sisters today on National Sister’s Day!

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