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The Winter Guide to Nighttime Skincare

Thanks to our friends at Josie Maran for partnering with us on this post

2020, coming in cold! While everyone was on tropical vacations this December, I stayed put in NYC and braved the cold temperatures. My face has been going through some serious stress with the dry winter air, and a few days out of the office over the holidays gave me the time I needed to perfect a new winter skincare routine. I’ve been using this routine consistently now and I feel like it gives my dry skin the perfect amount of TLC to stay dewy and glowy, despite my freezing commute and 23 hours a day in heated buildings.

Step One

After cleansing, use a serum that will add moisture while correcting winter dullness and fine lines (aka any signs of aging).  I became VERY passionate about Josie Maran’s Argan Beta-Retinoid Pink Algae Serum after getting my hands on a sample at their preview in November. I’ve never been able to find a product that had retinol AND was clean. It’s very moisturizing (the first ingredient is organic argan oil) and the the retinol comes from Pink Algae, making it plant based and gentle. If you aren’t familiar, retinol is one of the only ingredients that is clinically proven to improve fine lines and wrinkles (science!). The downside is that most have filthy formulas and make your skin peel, so I’ve always been afraid to try it. This one is super gentle (no peeling, no redness, no irritation) and I saw an improvement in my skin texture in about a week. It’s now earned a permanent spot in my routine. 

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Step Two

Add a lip treatment. While I let the serum sink in, I like to do a lip treatment. My current favorite is good old fashioned virgin coconut oil from the grocery store. I pat it onto my lips and let it sit for 10-15 minutes as a mask (or overnight if needed). It’s the only thing that is making my lips feel better these days! 

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Step Three

Use a super hydrating moisturizer. I’ve been using Embryolisse for at least 5 years now and it’s the one product my skin never gets used to, in a good way! You know how sometimes you feel like the products you used to love aren’t working for your skin anymore? This one stays solid. It’s insanely emollient and hydrating, and lays a smooth base for makeup. Bonus points: it can be used as a makeup remover in a pinch. 

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Step Four

Lock moisture in with a face oil. I am obsessed with Josie Maran’s 100% Pure Argan Oil because it has only one ingredient (you guessed it: Organic Argan oil). Doesn’t get any cleaner than that. This one seals in moisture and ensures I wake up glowy. I also use it on the ends of my hair to keep my split ends tamed. 

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Step Five

Roll it out. Use a quartz facial roller to massage everything in. I love this because it gets blood flowing while also helping all of my products penetrate the skin. Make sure you roll in an upward direction. 

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Step Six

OK this is the secret weapon! Add a humidifier to your bedroom. I’ve found this to be a huge game changer. My NYC apartment is so dry because we have our heater running non stop, which basically sucks the life right out of your face. Adding a humidifier keeps moisture in the air, and thus, moisture in your skin, all night long while you sleep. 

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By Dana Aidekman

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