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The Single, 23-Year-Old Girl’s Guide: NYC

I am definitely not an expert in this field (ha) but I’m single, 23 and living in New York City.

I love trying new places with friends while exploring and meeting new people. Even if I’m tired, I always try to make the most out of my weekends by going out and taking advantage of living in the city—after all, there isn’t a better place to be single, with all of the greatest restaurants, bars, nightclubs and hangouts at your fingertips.

When it comes to dating, I won’t lie—I’ve looked at the apps and I’ve talked to people at the occasional restaurant or bar but I could definitely be more motivated. I’m open to dating, but I’d rather it happen naturally because nothing good comes from forcing something to happen that isn’t meant to be. I think good things happen when you stop looking for them and just live.

As a 23 year old, most of my favorite places to go out tend to be downtown. I usually find myself in the LES, Tribeca, Soho and occasionally Williamsburg or Dumbo. I would say generally the same goes for restaurants!

The best advice I can give is to surround yourself with people who are looking to have fun and be social. Don’t believe people if they tell you not to hang out with other couples because you would be surprised—some of my friends in relationships are not only my favorite people to hang with, but also oftentimes the most encouraging when it comes to putting myself out there! Go out with friends of friends or find a good wing-woman/wing-man to give you that extra push to talk to someone new.

Check out a few of my current favorite spots to go out in NYC below!

Make Believe

I love it here. They have great drinks, good music and a cute aesthetic. The whole rooftop is an Instagram dream come true. I feel like a majority of the crowd is also in their 20s here. My favorite thing about it is that it is more elevated than a bar, but not as intense as a club. It has a relaxed lounge vibe and it is always fun day or night! (P.S- if you go here, The Spicy Matcharita is a must!)

Photo via: @makebelieve.jpg

Her Name Was Carmen

I always have so much fun here! It’s one of the best places to go and dance. The upstairs is a restaurant and the bottom floor is a cocktail bar. This is also a bit more of a lounge than a bar but it has the cutest vibe and they play the best Latin music. 

Photo via: Google

Miss Lily’s

This is a retro-Carribean restaurant that turns into a bar at night. It is a great place to go if you’re looking to dance to your favorite throwback hip-hop songs with friends. Everytime I go here, I always wind up meeting new people because it has a super upbeat and fun atmosphere, so you can’t help but be friendly.

Photo via: @misslilys

The Lookout at Pier 17

This is a pop-up, but it is incredible! It has been a go-to spot of mine recently. They have the cutest decor and it is the prettiest environment. Since it’s right on the water, you have the best views of Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s located in the heart of FiDi, so it also serves as the perfect place for happy hour, bar bites and meeting new people. 

Photo via: @thelookoutny

Sing Sing Karaoke

Karaoke and cocktails… what more could you need?! It’s super fun for a big group and they also have private rooms if you want to host a party, which is perfect for birthdays!

Photo via: Pinterest

And if you need a little more inspiration… shop some of my go-to picks for a night out here!

Cover photo via: Sixty Hotels

By Sydney Mastrandrea

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