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Jeans For Every Body

Finding that one pair of jeans we absolutely love that also happen to fit perfectly can be a challenge, to say the least.

And what looks great on one person may not necessarily look good on us! Using a reliable denim guide helps alleviate some of this frustration and we find that shopping by your body type will help you narrow down your choices from the start.

Shopping by body type is so much easier now that brands are getting on board. Good American is really leading the way in this space, offering a way to shop online by choosing a model that most resembles your body, instead of the one-model-fits-all way of the past. And once you’ve shopped with Good American’s models that most resemble you, it’s hard to go back! Thankfully, other retailers are catching on. Stitch Fix, who thinks of themselves as more of a tech company than a shopping destination, has a body calculator feature that allows you to find your shape and from there, they serve you preferred fits. And Amazon is getting in the game too, letting you shop by various body type categories, petites through maternity.

Check out our favorite (and the most flattering!) denim styles here:

High Waisted

Jeans with a high waist were practically made for women with an hourglass figure! We love what they do with the hips while cinching at the waist for more definition.

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Straight Leg

Straight-legged jeans look great on smaller frames without overwhelming the silhouette. We’re big fans of Levi’s and AGOLDE for this classic style and love having options, like a pair with a bit more stretch and another that opts for a looser fit.

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If you’re tall, or want to look taller, flares are always going to work in your favor. Flares accentuate the leg, add dimension and up the drama on any look! 

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Pear-shaped bodies and smaller frames lend themselves perfectly to rocking boyfriend jeans. But realistically, boyfriend jeans look good on all body shapes!

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