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Skirt: Ted Baker | Shoes: Ted Baker | Top: Ted Baker | Clutch: Ted Baker

Mint is one of my most favorite colors for this season. It’s so delicate and feminine and a little bit of a change up from my Pink obsession.

I always love pairing different shades of a color together so when I saw all of these pieces next to each other in the Ted Baker store, they kind of made it super easy for me.

I loved how the iridescent sandals had a tint of Pink to add a little pop to the look. All in all though, I was going for a really clean, simple and elegant look and I feel that a flowy skirt combined with a Spring sweater accomplished that. There were so many options to choose from at the store but I’m so glad I went with this. The clutch is so understated and simple but the color was perfection. I love the idea of pairing it with denim as well for a more casual look.

Flowy midi skirts like this one are the epitome of Spring, it takes me back to the Carrie Bradshaw vibe and with that, you can never go wrong.

Be sure to stop by the Ted Baker store for the Spring Customer Event on May 7th from 6-8 pm. They will be offering artisinal drinks, complimentary gifts and a DJ. Everything will be 20% off in store and online all day on May 7th & 8th!
To check out more from Ted Baker, head over to their website, HERE!

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  1. Arielle you look amazing with this outfit! And the photos are pretty amazing too! The light was so perfect! I can’t get over it LOL
    I’ve been checking out this Ted Baker promotion with other bloggers too and I just feel like a need all of their outfits as well as this one! Perfect spring assemble!

  2. My 3 year old daughter just saw me looking at this gorgeous outfits and declared that she would like to we’re it tomorrow!! “Oh, that’s just soo beautiful!” We love it!! As we do all of your looks! Thanks for being such an inspiration!

  3. I LOVE the skirt and the color. Top: I would rather have a shorter sleave and a different color. Pale sea green; pale yellow; off white (antique) with a bit more seductive or antique flair would be lovely. I look for your suggestions, just not white and sweater material.

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