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Surviving A Breakup And Living To Tell The Tale

We all know that Arielle started Something Navy to help her get over a breakup.

Seeing how successful Something Navy has become (in addition to Arielle being happily married now with two kids) makes for one of the most inspiring breakup stories ever! If you’re going through it, just know we’ve all been there and even when it doesn’t feel like it will ever get better, it does. Sometimes that advice is the last thing you want to hear, so here are some stories from women who have gotten over their breakups and lived to tell the tale!

My ex-boyfriend broke up with me and blamed his mom for ending things, which turned out to be a detail I couldn’t get over. You know how there’s always one thing that sticks out in your mind? Well he gave it to me on a silver platter! He told me his mom said he should see other people and play the field more so my friends and I reenacted this line over and over until we couldn’t stop laughing about it. What guy’s mom says he should play the field more? It took a lot of wine and Sex and the City reruns to get over it, but I did. – Jessica, 29

My ex-boyfriend and I broke up because we couldn’t do long distance anymore and it felt like a reasonable excuse. Everything was super stressful at the end and our schedules were getting crazy with work and it felt like it was time for a change. I immediately called my best friend and leaned on her to get me through it. I told her everything about our relationship, most of which she already knew and whenever I would ask if I should call my ex or text him she would take my phone away and say absolutely not! That is generally great advice, but I found out from a friend later that she was sleeping with him at the time, which is why he was so eager to break up with me and why she was so against me calling him. I lost my boyfriend and my best friend all within a few weeks and survived. If anything, the anger I had at the time made it so, so real and intense that it made it easier. Plus, anyone who knew the story would obviously take my side, which helped! – Rachel, 26

I know sometimes it doesn’t count, but I had a really hard time getting over a guy who I wasn’t even defined as “boyfriend girlfriend” with. We were hooking up for months, I met his friends and his family but he always referred to me as his “best friend.” I knew we were more than that and wanted to get more serious but every time I would bring it up he would insist we were “just friends” and then he would disappear for a few days. I missed him so much during those days, I stopped bringing up what I wanted because I knew if I did, he’d just go away again. So I let it drag on and on, he brought me to weddings and we went on trips together but he still wouldn’t call me his girlfriend. Finally, I had enough and it was the hardest thing I felt I’d ever done, ending it. I begged him to stop calling or texting and he listened. Some of my friends didn’t understand why I was so upset, since we weren’t official, which did NOT help. But I had friends who got it and helped me through it. I think a lot of people don’t admit getting caught up in situations like these, but they really hurt, just as much as a “real” relationship. All my friends who were able to admit that were the ones who helped me. And Bumble helped, too. – Alisha, 25

Getting over breakups is hard, and that’s putting it lightly! When you’re feeling down, we always recommend some retail therapy, binging on your favorite shows, loading up on self-care, trying a new workout, enjoying the city and when you’re ready, getting back out there! 

Illustration by: Hannah Kellner

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