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I’m always so surprised by my DM’s and how many of you are interested in my sunglasses! Whether it be how we set them up or where I purchase them all, inlcuding my favorite styles. We had these shelves custom built into my office/closet so that I can see all of my sunglasses on display. It’s so helpful when I’m getting dressed or putting looks together.

My favorite place to get my sunglasses are from this store Ultimate Spectacle. It’s on Lexington uptown right by Bloomingdales. They have the most incredible collection curated with some of my favorite designers. I know I can always find the newest and coolest styles there. Jaclyn, the girl who owns it, is always updating me and letting me know new items coming in since she knows what a fan I am of sunnies!

My three favorite pairs at the moment are my cat eye Celine’s that a lot of you voted NO for haha but I just love them! Another pair I love are my pink tinted lens sunglasses by Oliver Peoples and my final favorite at the moment are my Rose Gold Oliver Peoples! I wear these three all the time over the last few weeks.

Some favorite designers I keep in my collection are Ahlem, Celine, Ray Ban, Oliver Peoples, Jimmy Choo, and YSL.

For any specific sunglasses questions, leave your comment below and I will respond today! x

Photography by Tawni Bannister.

Dress: Misa

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  1. I am also obsessed with sunglasses! As my collection grows I would like to display them some way but then I don’t know what to do with the cases. Do you get rid of them? Or keep? Thanks!

    1. We always keep our cases just in case we want to sell them later on! It’s best to keep the original packaging. Sometimes the cases are really cute, so you could display those too!


  2. Hi arielle,
    My eyes are super sensitive to the sun and glares so I’ve been purchasing good quality expensive sunglasses but I keep losing them and it’s so disheartening to spend a lot of money on something so easily losable. My question to you is do you think spending significant money on sunglasses is worth it for the quality of the lense or the actual style ? I’m wondering if I should just adjust to reasonably priced polarized sunglasses that I can lose without being too upset .
    Thanks and love your blog !

    1. Hey Devorah!

      We’re eyewear designers and from a professional stand point, price point doesn’t matter! Just because they are designer, doesn’t mean it’s the best for your eyes. For super sensitive eyes, we recommend looking for a lens that has an anti-reflective coating or a mirror coating.. both options reflect the suns rays away from your eyes and you can find these options in different price points. Polarized lenses are also a great option, but those do run higher in price! Hope that helps!


  3. Hi Arielle,

    I saw a pair of glasses you wore on your hamptons getaway recently, they are not mentioned and I’ve been trying to find out what they are. They were the the side ways tear-shaped ones. That’s a horrible explanation but I’ve got nothing else 🙂

    Thanks for sharing all this info!


  4. Hi! where are the mirroed frame with black hardware glasses from? you wore them on your recent trip to florida! xo

  5. do you have the exact link for the YSL you wore the other day? Just a suggestion if it possible to post the exact link for every item on your blog? thanks much!

  6. Hi! While I’d love to be able to have gorgeous shelves like yours to display my collection, I’m a bit tight on wall space right now… do you have any other storage tips or ideas to keep sunglasses safe and scratch-free? Thanks in advance!!


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