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Summer Travel In Style!

I recently went on vacation to Italy and aside from the pasta weight I departed with, I left with valuable fashion inspiration.

One of my favorite things to do when I travel is admire the style around me. Of course, New York City has some of the most impressively dressed women, but there’s something especially intriguing about learning fashion from other cultures. So, when I returned home from my Italian holiday, I decided to diligence the marriage of two of my favorite things: beautiful summer destinations and their respective fashion guidelines.


Capri, Italy

At one point this summer, I felt like New York City had transplanted to Capri, Italy.  Many people I know took a vacation to this gorgeous city along the Mediterranean, and part of me wishes I did too!  When I think of what I saw everyone wearing, the first thing that comes to mind is color.  Bold colors (especially blues and coral hues) and vibrant prints are everywhere.  I would be remiss not to mention that chic accessories – straw hats, espadrilles, and fun-shelled jewelry – are also commonplace among the most stylish in Capri!

Photo via: Culture Trip


Santorini, Greece

I haven’t personally made it to Santorini yet, but thanks to Instagram it feels like I have.  From my vantage point as I scroll through my feed, I see a vision of stunning white architecture atop the crisp blue sea.  It looks like such a breathtaking city.  The fashion here includes effortless lightweight dresses (opt for mid or maxi-lengths if you want to ride a donkey!), sensible shoes (cute flats or block heels) due to the steep mountainside setting, and if it were me, cool swimwear because a boat day is a must!  To perfect your IG photo, because you cannot not take photos in a place like this, bright fashion jewels are an important accent to complete your look.

Photo via: Pinterest


Lake Como, Italy

I was fortunate enough to visit Lake Como, Italy with my family this summer and I cannot speak more highly of the city.  The lake itself sits in between rolling mountains and charming, culture-filled towns.  While I was packing, all I could think of was Amal Clooney.  Sophisticated meets playful was the overall fashion direction I went for.  As a ‘tourist’, we biked, we cooked, and we boated.  So, I packed fashion-forward, yet not overly trendy outfits that I could move in comfortably while still feeling stylish.


Napa Valley, California

Vineyards are never a bad idea, especially as a summertime getaway.  When I think of Napa and Sonomo Valley’s, I think of casual yet elegant.  Fashion trends don’t seem to be as important in these cities, probably because the focus is drinking wine and eating cheese.  It can also be slightly chilly during the peak summer months.  The ideal outfit to me looks like: denim or a midi skirt, a novel bodysuit or blouse, and a cardigan.  And if/when you crash early from a long day of wine-tasting, don’t forget a cute lounge set!

Photo via: Pinterest


Montauk, New York

I can speak from frequent experience about the summer fashion in Montauk, New York.  The innate ‘surfer’ vibes of this town definitely influence what people wear.  Less is often more, but in the most ‘cool girl’ way.  Effortless dresses or even a matching, flowy set are suitable options to go from beach to bar.  Also, leave your high heels at home, because small block heels, flat sandals, or even lightweight sneakers are what most girls wear.

Because I’ve worked in fashion for over a decade, I’ve found myself gathering inspiration from just about anywhere. Travel is an undeniable opportunity to observe how women dress that shockingly, Instagram or Pinterest may not be able to provide us. Not to mention, visiting a new city AND dressing the part brings me pure joy!

By Tara Foley

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