MUST-have SUMMER sandal

I am so in love with my new Stuart Weitzman shoes for spring (you guys probably already know this since I’ve worn them multiple times). When I was searching for some new heels for the warm weather, I found these and I loved that they were a little different than your everyday black sandal. They are the perfect mix of chic and girly. The black suede and pearl details are perfect for a sleek, all black outfit, a daytime lunch with boyfriend jeans and a sweater or even an all white outfit. To tell you the truth- I just don’t think you can go wrong with them but maybe I’m biased since I am so in love!

Thanks to Stuart Weitzman for sponsoring this post!

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  1. I love how effortless these looks are. Also, these shoes are to DIE for. I always find such great inspiration on your blog! Love love your style

  2. I agree with Lauren, you always look/act awkward. Is your self esteem super low? I can tell. You hide behind large sunglasses, let’s ACTUALLY SEE your face. Wear makeup. you have potential. Try eating more, exercising less; you look like an anorexic plank. This is not bullying as you might think. This is honest to goodness truth. STOP WASTING YOUR LIFE (and body) AWAY.

    Yep, I too think you are embarrassing, your whole frivolous life. And that your husband is greasy AF. in a few years all I see is a beer belly gut and balding short man by your side. AWWWKWARD!

  3. I love this outfit as much as I hate the comment above (Laureen), I don’t understand how can someone reach such a level of rudeness.
    Yes Arielle is skinny, be it on purpose or not, that’s the way she is and there is no valid reason for blaming her for that.
    You have some nerve saying her husband is greasy, how can you insult a family member who you don’t know and who probably never heard about you. Also can you please explain what’s wrong with being greasy?!? Is that a shame?!?
    You see now that I wrote this few lines, I feel ridiculous wasting my time talking to such a rude and stupid person. Go get yourself educated please.


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