MY STORY: part one

What is blogging? How did I get started in all of this? How does it work now? What really goes on behind closed doors? I’m going to start talking about this industry and how it really works. I want to share my story and how I got to where I am today. I started writing a few weeks ago and questioned whether or not this would be something people would be interested in reading about but I’ve decided today I’d start out with a tiny glimpse of the beginning and see where it goes. There are good things about blogging and bad things. There are days where I love what I do more than life itself and there are days where I cry from the pressure, the insecurities and the negativity that surrounds my account and I’m sure many other bloggers accounts. I started off writing about just the beginning but would consider continuing on if this is something you enjoyed reading. I am by no means a writer, I’ve seen many of my haters comments mocking my 5th grade grammar but this is just me, writing out my story, no edits, no spell checks, no running it by someone else to go over what can and can not be shared. All I ask is that negative comments are kept off my page. I’m open to answering any questions you have about the industry, my story and what ever else is on your mind.

Enjoy 🙂

My story – Part 1.

I’ll start this out by saying, I love my job and I love the evolution of it all. The last nine years have been a whirlwind and looking back to write about it now has been a crazy experience.

I started my blog in 2009 for all of the wrong reasons – are there right reasons? Who knows. Either way, I started it for a boy. I was in a relationship where all I wanted to do was impress the guy I was with as our relationship felt like it was beginning to slip away from me. By doing so, I had to show him that I was a working woman who knew her passions in life. The truth is, I had no clue what my passion was or what I wanted to do with my life but all I knew was that I needed to find something. And quick. I tried so many different things from tennis lessons, dancing, assisting on random jobs for my sister until finally Danielle (my older sister) pushed me to start posting my outfits on a website. She had seen it somewhere before by a girl in California named Fashiontoast. I looked her up and I became obsessed. I checked her blog posts every single day until I was inspired enough to launch my own BLOGSPOT.COM. I loved the color navy and I knew I wanted to incorporate it into the name somehow. I kept talking about it out loud to my friend (now decorator) Hilary and repeating over and over again “I want it to be something navy. You know? Something with the color Navy. So just help me think of something navy.” After a couple of hours of coming up with random names, I decided to just go with Something Navy. I can’t believe it even as I write it out right now. Something Navy, what does it even mean? It’s who I am today which is what is so wild. Those two words represent my entire career, basically my life because after all, that is what blogging is. It launched that night.

I couldn’t wait to show my boyfriend, who was super supportive and thought it was a great idea. I became obsessed with taking photos of myself on a tiny camera or even having my mom do it or a friend. Or anyone for that matter. Anyone that was willing to hold my camera and take three pictures of me in different angles with weird poses. My outfits were atrocious but each look represents a time in my life and it’s pretty cool to be able to go back and re live those moments.

After two months of starting SomethingNavy, the boyfriend broke up with me. He asked for a weekend break but in my mind, I knew what that meant. I went to visit my little sister in Florida for the weekend to keep my mind busy. Side note: I didn’t wear sunscreen and wound up having massive blisters ALL over my face, and by blisters I mean huge white welts covering my entire face from a horrendous sunburn. The boyfriend was supposed to pick me up from the airport that Sunday to talk about going forward. I got in the car and the entire ride home headed towards Long Island instead of his apartment, he explained to me why it had to be over. “You need to find something for yourself before you’re ready to be in a committed relationship.” he said. “You’re a great girl but I just don’t think you’re ready for a relationship when you don’t know what you want to do in life.” He further explained. I was speechless and angry. He dropped me off at home and I cried for two weeks. After that, I went through what I like to call, the revenge period. I went full force with my blog. I wanted to take the prettiest, sexiest, coolest outfit pictures and post them thinking he’d be watching. I became obsessed. I was posting and writing every single day and when I look back at those posts now, I laugh. They are embarrassing and I sound ridiculous but it made me feel so good and powerful. I continued for 4-5 months and started growing a following. There was no Instagram at the time, so by following I mean – girls would come to my blog and leave me comments. “Wow! You look great!” “Love this outfit” “You’re so cute” “You’re my style icon!” These comments alone made me feel on top of the world. I didn’t need a boyfriend, I didn’t need anyone – I felt strong. Keep in mind, I also had a ton of girls from my town writing me the most awful messages, people snarking behind my back laughing at what I do. No one understood. She takes photos of herself in weird poses and puts them on the Internet? What a loser!

I received an e-mail around 6 months from a woman named Karen Robinovitz. I just searched my e-mail to see if I could find the e-mail from her but a few years ago I had to delete a bunch of e-mails to gain space. Damn it! That would have been so cool.

Either way, she told me she was in the fashion industry, she was a New York Times Bestseller and she loved what I was doing and loved my style and wanted to help me. At first, I didn’t understand what she wanted from me but I showed it to my dad when I got home from college that weekend. He said it can’t hurt to hear what she has to say so we spoke to her on the phone. She told me she has great connections in fashion and can help me create more content for my blog and one day, help me build a career out of this. She booked a behind the scenes visit for me at a Juicy Couture photo shoot. I got in a car and drove with her somewhere out of New York City (sounds shady I know) but we pulled up to two trailers and a model on a set. It was real. I got to watch how a photoshoot goes down and I was able to bring my camera, take pictures and interact with the model, the stylists, the photographers and so on. It was the coolest day ever. Got home, posted about it and my followers loved it. During this time, I was going out almost every single night, having fun with my single girlfriends and decided it was time to move into the city. I was 22 and wanted to be out of my house. I wanted to get my own apartment, get a job, and continue blogging on the side because I genuinely loved doing it even though people thought I was so weird. I sent my resume in to every designer, brand, store possible. Every single person turned me down. I went in for interviews, I dropped off my resume at 100 different locations and only heard from a handful. I never got a job. Finally, Danielle (my sister) had a friend who worked at Theory corporate who told her to tell me to start off on the floor in stores and eventually I could get promoted to corporate. I went into Theory in Meatpacking, handed in my resume and came back for an interview. A week later I started working there. 6 days a week full time, slept at my older sisters apartment or my friend Ania’s. After a few months, my sister agreed on getting an apartment with me that had a home office which I would turn into my bedroom. It was tiny tiny but I felt SO cool to be living in the city.

Moving into the city was a game changer for the blog. Through out all of this, I was still on the weekends or the afternoons shooting my outfits on the streets or at the earlier time, in the backyard of my parents house. My friend Jane (who now helps me run my business today) would take the photos for me on the side of her job for free. She never once asked me to pay her. Being in NYC made my content that much stronger. I was taking such cool shots on the sidewalks, in the middle of the streets, in all of my friends apartments, in department stores, basically anywhere that I thought would be interesting. Around 8 months of doing this, Karen walked into Theory with her husband. She looked at me and said “we’re going to get you out of here.” As if I was a damsel in distress in retail haha, but what she really meant was – I am going to make blogging an industry. I looked at her like she had 12 heads. How was this tiny little woman with big curly blond hair going to create an industry – it just seemed like bullshit to me. The next day, I got an e-mail from her telling me she booked me my first job as a blogger, I would be the blogger, model and stylist for a website called SINGER22 in Long Island and they will pay me a couple grand a month and I’m going to take a small commission for putting this together for you. WHAT!!!! I had to read it a couple of times over, I never made money like that. I didn’t even know how to process it. My dad knew the store since it was close to our house and did some research and was OK with it as long as I was OK with it. I met with the SINGER22 team a week later and that’s where my career began.

Should I keep going?

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  1. Yes please keep going! I was missing the personal posts and am trying to start a blog myself and this is so so helpful! Especially, with having people reach out. My sister-in-laws and I are starting the blog together and have had a few people reach out but it’s so hard to tell who’s sketchy and who’s legit. Love love this! -Christine

  2. Please keep going! It is so cool to hear how you started out and though the blogging industry is much more saturated now with other hopefuls, this is surely an inspiring story to many bloggers just starting out. Ignore the haters, keep doing you! Thank you for being such a role model and authentic person in the influencer industry.

  3. Yes!! Keep posting! This is like reading a story and I love understanding how this all got started! It is so authentic which is what makes it so great and relatable.

    1. I love this post!!! So interesting to see how you have evolved. Most of your followers just see the million of followers, but this allows us to get a personal look into your life.

      Keep going!!!

      Such a big fan,


  4. Please continue this series! It is so interesting to see how you started and how Something Navy became what it is today. Starting in the blogging industry today is so intimidating so it’s really inspiring to hear your story!

  5. Yes please!! This is so fascinating. It’s really great to learn about your history and I think really gives a new perspective on what you do! Thank you for sharing- I think it takes a lot of courage to be willing to be so open

  6. LOVE THIS!!! yes please keep going! I was hooked from start to finish and would love to hear ALL of it 🙂 you are an AMAZING, BRILLIANT, and TALENTED woman.–

  7. Yes of course keep going! I may be old enough to be your mom but this is so intruguing! I live in Westchester and love all the city shots makes me feel like I know you xo

  8. Of course you should keep going! As a little beauty blogger and one of your loyal followers I find it super interesting to learn more about who is behind something navy! You’re so sweet and genuine that reading you is actually refreshing!

  9. Hi. Yes please keep writing. I love reading and getting to know you better. I also live in nyc and hoping one day I get to meet you in person. And as for negativity don’t pay attention to that. You are amazing!!!

  10. ONG YES!! Please keep going! I pictured everything like in a movie! Need part 2 urgently! Love your blog, it is very inspiring and honest! Thank you for sharing💛💛💛

  11. Please keep going!! And I love that you’re writing in a stream of consciousness rather than giving us something heavily edited.

  12. Yes, keep going! I like that you were honest about why you started the blog in the first place. We sometimes wait for the perfect moment to start things and don’t end up doing anything. You took hold of what life is, imperfect moments, and you ran with it. I NEED TO DO THIS! thank you for sharing!

  13. Yes! Please keep going!
    I love hearing more about what got you into blogging and how it all started!
    Exited to read more about your journey!

  14. Love reading this! Please write more! I’m a Brooklyn girl, now living on Long Island, so love that your first blogging job was for Singer 22. It is amazing that you literally started the industry!

  15. YES KEEP GOING!!! I love hearing about successful women telling their story on how it all began. It gives many of us motivation to keep pushing ourselves to do what we love. LOVE THIS POST. I also love posting and sharing my style on Instagram but there is many times were I get discouraged because of how saturated the industry is.
    Blogger icon/ role model!!!

  16. Please keep going! As someone who loves the blogging industry and is interested in doing it myself I can’t wait to hear more!

  17. Please keep going – OMG! What a cliff hanger you left on! I tell so many people “your story” I even talked about you in my MBA course recently. I am so excited to finally be knowing the true story beyond just posting photos to get revenge on the bf – Finally found out the story behind the name choice! You are so iconic.

    Soooo, does the ex bf that basically is the reason you started this, follow you?!?! Haha that would be so great.

  18. YESSSSSSSSSSS please keep going!! I love this!!! You are an inspiration of mine and I constantly wonder how you started! And wish I could do something like this.. except my style is crap and I cant think of a name… hahhha.. so ill just live vicariously through you 🙂

  19. Thank you for giving young girls a place to see real, Healthy everyday happenings. Especially after this weeks shooting again in our schools, young people, girls and guys need to know there is a place for them out there in this crazy world. That if they are not sure where they are headed or what life has in store, they can reach for the stars and try. Try to be young and free. Free from redicule and hatred. Free to be who and what they feel in their hearts. I commend you, your Mom and sisters, all for being who they truly are. ❤️♥️❤️💜💙💚💛🧡

  20. Yes!!! Definitely keep going, I love reading your writing about your life. It is so inspirational. I need to know what happens next, such a great story! I am a junior in college and very interested in fashion and interning at PVH this summer in the city!! I hope you do a meet up 🙂

  21. Yes, definitely keep going. It is fascinating to read. And also regarding the people who send you negative comments, I try to follow the quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson, “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

  22. Yesss Love it!!🤗 Continue ….love to hear the details of how u started. Been wanting to start one but there’s sooo many! Everybody’s story is different tho and so interesting. Huh… Thank that ex boyfriend..😉hahaha!! But its so Wonderful how Everything happens for a reason. God Knows What He’s Doing🙌

  23. Keep writing!! So interesting how you started. It is very cool that you are so open and honest about blogging as an industry and business.

  24. I have always wanted to know where the name something navy came from!!! I love that it happened so coincidentally I think that brings so much life to the blog you’ve created in its own original way!

    Definitely keep going please! Hearing about the process is both inspiring and moving!

  25. It’s like when a suspenseful, great TV epsiode ends and you just HAVE to watch the next one! AKA yes please keep going!!!

    Knowing your story gives so much more context to your page and is so inspiring! I don’t think everyone realizes truly how hard you worked for this.

  26. YES! Please keep going! This is amazing, inspiring, and so interesting! I absolutely love this. I don’t have a blog but I would love to start. I’m going to constantly be on the lookout for your next post!

  27. Yes please keep going :)! Love love love your honesty and being so transparant. I love my job as well but experience bad days/weeks/months from time to time. It’s all part of life ;)!

  28. O luv please keep telling us. I just luv that you are so down to earth. You deserve everything you have. You are so inspiring! This should be turned into a book luv! It would be a best seller. Seriously!

  29. You ask! Yes please. I love your blog and insta.
    There are so many bloggers out there, but you are different: so real and sincere 💙
    Lots of love from Russia😊

  30. YES!!! Keep going! I am a blogger as well. I finally found the confidence in myself a little over a year ago to start something and it’s amazing to see how much I can relate to you. I have people telling me everyday how dumb I am or those who don’t want to help me take outfit pictures…not much support and they all think I’m a loser! I don’t expect to become anything..if anyone knows me well enough they would know fashion has always been in my blood..I would like to think that was obvious my whole life but sometimes people don’t want to see you happy and I guess that’s life! Maybe one day I will get lucky and be noticed by someone but until’s a true passion/Hobbie that I will continue. Please continue…you inspire me more each day!

  31. Yes please keep going! I love hearing about your life and how you got started in the industry. You’re such an inspiration and role model for me!!

  32. YES! Please keep going, love that your telling your story. I am so glad you found the path you did. It is so clear you are doing exactly what you are meant to be doing, you are inspiration to those that follow you & obviously to your daughters.

  33. Should you keep going? Like that’s even a question!?!? Of course girl!! This is so interesting to me because you started so long ago and now as things have progressed into an actual industry it’s so neat as a blogger (brand new to the game) myself to learn about! I’ve spent months researching how to take this seriously as a potential career (one day, not now being a baby blogger). Keep going, this is such a good read!

  34. 100% keep going girl! This is so interesting to hear! You’re such an inspiration to so many bloggers, I think a lot more people than you know would be so into it!

  35. Yes please keep going ! I think that if this was a book it would be one of those page turners that you finish in one night because you just can’t put it down. This shows how dedicated and hard working you are. And how your success is so deserving !

  36. This is incredible! Please keep writing about this. I love your honesty and ability to laugh at yourself. It really is a great 🙂

  37. Yes! Please keep going! My sisters and I are fairly new in the blogging world and you are definitely one that we look up to. We love that you’re honest, unapologetic, and don’t doubt a second about posting about your baby, whether people like it or not (I’m the oldest sister and the only Mama -of 2 boys!). Looking forward to part dos 🙂

  38. As a 17 year old girl that has NO idea what she wants to do with her life this post showing us you struggled the same as everyone else trying to grow up and find their passion is JUST AS inspiring as your amazing fashion and lifestyle blogs. So PLEASE keep sharing, seeing this honestly from bloggers is refreshing and truly inspiring 💓💓💓💓

  39. This is awesome!!!! Please keep going. I’m a 100% sure that everyone and each one of your follower would enjoy this so much!

  40. Yes, please continue with your story. I found your blog a couple years ago, before you were married and have followed along daily. I appreciate how upfront and honest you are, such great characteristics in a person in my opinion. I do not have children but really like following along as Ruby grows. I live in Nevada but would prefer New York as our shopping is less than stellar, well non-existent really as I am in Northern Nevada so I revel in all that is New York. Great story! I am excited to hear the next part too!!!

  41. Empathic yes! The background of a fairytale encourage (us) girls to dream while giving the courage to build something from nothing.
    Love this!

  42. Arielle I think this is my favorite post you have ever done! I have followed your blog since a little before you and Brandon got married, and I always love how you are so unapologetically yourself. It really is inspiring- you are a pleasure to follow and I love seeing your blog and Instagram posts every time 🙂 Much love!!

  43. Always love behind the scenes posts! On the outside everything can seem so pretty and perfect, but I am sure behind each nice posts there is tons of work involved, which is not always picture perfect.

  44. Keep going Arielle! I love the authenticity of the story and that you don’t care to share how it all began for you. It is truly inspiring! Maybe you can walk into my store in Toronto someday and help me! Wouldn’t that be poetic!

  45. Yes please keep going! I’ve been following you from the beginning and love your style and everything about you (not in a creepy way lol) I love that you are sharing this! Also, saw someone said you should write a book and I totally agree!!

  46. Keep going!!!!!!!!!! You and your family are so adorable. I started following you right before you got married to Brandon. You are so real and authentic, a refreshing take on blogging. Most of the people in your industry come off as fake or forced.

    I’d love to learn more about your journey!

  47. Girl please….you already know we can’t wait to hear the rest. Yes, please keep going. Love hearing all about it and so does everyone else. Such a great idea. 💗💗

  48. Yes, please going! I’m a fan of your work and absolutely love hearing how you started. I know the basics as you mention it from time to time but we want all the details. Keep doing what you are doing and don’t ever listen to the haters. Love, Madi

  49. Yes, please keep going!! As a newbie blogger, I love being able to relate to all of the excitement, nerves and cluelessness that you also felt when starting off in the blogging world. It makes me feel more confident knowing that someone with a career as amazing as yours was once in my shoes. After creating a blog on Blogspot a few months ago (love that you started on there too!), I currently have 1300 Instagram followers and would love to hear any advice you have to take things to the next level. I have reached out to several stores to “collab” and am working with a few of them where I get a discount on their clothes in exchange for me taking pics in any outfits of theirs that I want. I then post those pics on my Instagram and blog and write a little story about certain pieces of clothing, various trends, etc. It’s something that I love doing but this industry is tough because there really are no set-in-stone steps to follow so I just am not sure where to go from here. I hope you keep writing because I am so eager to hear the next chapter of your story and learn how to take my blogging career to the next level like you did 🙂
    Lillie <3

  50. I think it’s amazing that you are starting from the beginning and opening up sharing your story. Takes a ton of courage and it will inspire many seeking to start a career in the industry.

  51. Yes please!! I love your authenticity! I have started my blog a couple of years ago to keep creative, but now I would like to go further. Thank you for sharing. It is always interesting to understand how someone started. Congratulations on your growing family! 💗

  52. Omg yes please !!! Keep going!!! This a great story and so great to see how far you’ve come. You are so strong! Facing critics you’ve managed to keep this going and look where you are now. It’s so powerful for anyone to read this and so inspiring. On a sidenote, I love that you have girls. It suits you so well 😊

  53. Please please keep going!! I recently visited New York City and went shopping in Meat Packing with my mom. Stopped in Theory. Literally started crying when you mentioned that you worked there! “OMG I’ve been where SN has been!” So inspired I seriously cried a little. I’m currently in college and have the biggest dreams that I can’t wait to pursue but am also scared to pursue…your story is so inspiring and relatable! Thank you!! xo

  54. Yes KEEP GOING ! I am a french fan and I really like reading your post ! You’re so inspiring ! I would like to meet you and tell you how much I love your outfit, your style, your personality …
    Kisses from Paris.

  55. Keep it up, we love you all so dearly and love your no-filter genuine writing.
    Thank you for being so transparent and real with us, it’s much needed in our negatively competitive industry.
    Xxx from Dubai

  56. Yes, please continue!

    Love hearing your story. It’s so inspiring. I met you last time I was in NYC for Create & Cultivate and you were the sweetest! Xx


  57. Yes please keep going! I’ve been following for, oh about 6 years, and I remember yours was one of the only blogs I went back and read all the archives (so I remember all the outfits and poses you’re talking about haha) and I’ve always been obsessed! You’ve mentioned bits and pieces of your story before but it’s so cool hearing it all in story form straight from your mouth.

    I feel like ever since you had Ruby, I’ve noticed a distinct shift where you are so much more open and candid and it’s been so refreshing! You’re really breaking down so many walls and bringing a transparency and truth to the industry that’s been really cool to experience as someone on the outside. Please keep doing these sort of posts – we love hearing from you!

    xo Mary-Katherine

  58. Absolutely, keep going! I love reading this, hearing about the beginning. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that super successful bloggers like you, were at one point so new at this. It’s inspiring for the rest of us.


  59. Please continue to share your story in your way. Your authenticity is refreshing and so adorable at the same time. Be proud!

  60. This post gives me life. I am an aspiring fashion blogger and when people like you and Aimee Song open up about how you got started it makes me feel like it’s really possible! Can’t wait to go read part 2 now.


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