My Story Part 2

Thank you guys so much for all the feedback! With that being said, I’ll continue on! Please ignore grammar, spelling etc. I will re read at some point today and fix it up a bit but in the meantime – enjoy!

Once I found out I got the job at Singer22, I was finishing up at Theory and told them that December would be my last month working there. That Christmas, I headed to Cabo with my family for a holiday vacation which is where the best chapter begins – Brandon.

We got to Cabo and just like every other December vacation, we were just so thrilled to all be together as a family. Going away with two sisters is seriously the best thing in the world. It’s like traveling with your best friends but your parents pay for everything, haha! We were all single, getting tan, having drinks and going to bars at night! One night, we went to a different hotel than ours for dinner. Danielle and I were going to the bathroom and we passed by Brandon in the lobby. Danielle and Brandon stopped to say hi to each other because they knew one another from night life in NYC. Danielle introduced us but I really don’t remember much from that moment except that he made a comment about the hotel being the same hotel from Heartbreak kid (which is one of our favorite movies). I thought it was funny but that’s all I thought about the interaction.

After dinner, we headed over to this bar called Squid Roe. My sisters and I were having a drink and sitting together talking. A few minutes later, Brandon and his brother walked in and we all started talking. Brandon offered to buy us drinks and we all said okay. He was being super flirtatious with me all night which is when I started to notice him and that he seemed to be interested in me. Later on, more friends of ours got to the bar and we were all sitting at a table and Brandon was no where to be found. Two seconds later I see him coming over to the table we were sitting at with a bunch of French girls. I was so confused. He was flirting with me all night, why would he bring these girls over to hang out and why was he not talking to me anymore? I told my sisters and we got up to leave. He came after me and asked for my number. Gave it to him and that was that. Next few days he never texted me but I saw him out several times. He was continuously flirtatious but never made a move or wrote me. Finally, I got a hold of his number from our mutual friend that was there and when I texted him he was short with me! (I was aggressive, I know). But I didn’t even understand! Was he into me or not?! That night he invited my sisters and I to a party and told us to message him after dinner and he’d put us on the list to get in. I messaged him after dinner but got no response. We called our friend who was able to put our names on the list and we got to the party only to find Brandon in the corner making out with some girl. My sisters felt so bad and said let’s leave. I decided before I left, I was going to go up to him and say hello. When I walked up to him mid make-out I swear his mouth dropped. The girl introduced herself to me and Brandon didn’t say a word. I told him it was a great party and was good to see him and that I was heading out. He texted me the next day asking if he could make it up to me. I didn’t respond. That night was New Years Eve and we were at the same party, we all went to an after party together and were invited to go see this incredible tree house. Sounds weird but it was like an actual home but in a tree, it was incredible and the entire tree house was designed by Ralph Lauren. It was out of a movie. As we all walked back, Brandon pulled me back on the stairs and we had our first kiss on New Years. It’s pretty gross now that I think about it because he had made out with some girl the night before. Anyway, we all went back to NYC the next day and from that month on we were inseparable.

I started Singer22 that same month and would drive out to Long Island every day. I would walk through the store and into a basement where we’d steam all the new clothing that came in and I’d get to go into the back inventory closet and put together outfits with those pieces. I would stand on a white backdrop and model the pieces of clothing to be posted on the shopping site. In the time that I wasn’t doing that, I was creating blog posts for their website. Coming up with cute content ideas like outfits to wear to the beach, outfits to wear on Valentine’s Day and so on. I did this for 6 months and during these 6 months there was still no Instagram yet but I was busy posting on my blog on the side (with outfits from Singer22) and started receiving gifts from brands. People were sending packages to my apartment I shared with my sister and also the apartment I basically lived at with Brandon. I was blown away by all of the brands that were getting involved with this whole blogger world and were willing to send us stuff in exchange for coverage. This means that they would e-mail you and say we have a new collection we’re launching – we’d like to send you a piece in exchange for a post and call out on your blog. Nowadays, it doesn’t work like that anymore.

After 6 months at Singer22, I decided I wanted a new job in NYC and I left when I found out this clothing store (Necessary Clothing) needed help launching a shopping website. The owners were Israeli and knew my father so my dad introduced us and told them that this is what I’ve been doing at Singer22 and I could help them do the same. I started out being the model but decided it really wasn’t what I wanted to do. I wanted to style the looks on a model and blog for their site. I worked here for almost a year and while I was working at Necessary, Instagram had launched. I started off posting personal pictures of me and Brandon not really understanding the concept of what Instagram can do/was for in regards to being a blogger. I would integrate the clothing from Necessary into my outfits and post them on the blog and also on Instagram. I had about 10k followers after 5 months of having Instagram. I hired my best friend Alexa to work with me at Necessary to do graphic design and help creative direct. I started getting jobs for SomethingNavy while working at Necessary Clothing. Brands such as Lord and Taylor, Sunglass Hut, Steve Madden, some beauty brands and denim brands were all reaching out to my agency willing to pay me probably around 1,500-3,000 dollars to put together a blog post and an Instagram post. I decided, I needed more time to focus on the blog, I needed to make my own schedule. I spoke to my dad who was in the garment business for YEARS and said – why am I working for all these people, I want to do it on my own. That’s when I created a business plan and a powerpoint to prove to my dad that this was the next best thing and please please please invest in me! He decided to launch our own shopping website, SHOPGRL. It was basically a website that was like NastyGal, cute, affordable trendy clothing all bought in LA. I would basically combine SomethingNavy and SHOPGRL by being the model but also using all of the images for my blog as well. All at the same time, I was doing my own blog posts for SomethingNavy with my own clothing and brands that were gifting me or paying me for a job. After a year of trying to make SHOPGRL work, my dad felt I was too invested in SomethingNavy and not invested enough in the shopping website. We were losing money and we had to cut it off. I eventually was able to pay him back from blog money for everything he invested into ShopGRL and I was BROKE. I literally didn’t have a dollar to my name and that was also around the same time Brandon told me he was miserable at his job and was considering going off on his own. It was evident to me that blogging was becoming an industry and I could really make this my job if I just throw my love, time and passion into it. I didn’t even think about the money, I just kept doing what I loved doing which was styling looks and shooting them and interacting with followers. It was time to not let this be a side job anymore.

I was able to go full force with blogging. I knew with all of these jobs and money being invested into me, it was time to hire an actual photographer. I went through a bunch of photographers that I found via Craigslist. They all helped me build my brand and create beautiful content for my blog that would make the brands happy and feel like they were getting their moneys worth. We would style the clothing and find fun NYC locations, walk through the streets showing off the product. It was a dream come true. I just LOVED doing it. It made me so happy. I would post beauty products that I never even used, clothing brands that I normally wouldn’t wear but I was getting paid and I didn’t really understand what followers were, what kind of message I was sending or what the job of being a blogger exactly was. I was calling myself a blogger but what is a blogger? I just loved putting looks together and posting them, I never once thought about the amount of people following me or the effect I had on them. I just posted as if it was my family and friends watching (I kind of still do that which is a negative but also a positive in some ways). ย I had a strategy meeting with my agency and was told that I was actually converting for these brands and selling the products that I was promoting. That’s when I realized – I need to be honest. I want to make money but why don’t we pitch collaborations to the brands I actually wear and use? I wanted to revamp everything. I wanted to take this more seriously and I wanted to really create a career and a business and I wanted my followers to trust me and believe me.

I decided, in the New Year – I’m revamping, I’m hiring a photographer that gets me that can help me create the image I wanted to create and beautiful content for the jobs I was getting. That’s when I found Alexandra Wolf on craigslist. We hit it off instantly. She just got me, she got what I wanted SomethingNavy to look like and she was genuinely as passionate about the blog as I was. She LOVED helping me get dressed, she loved picking locations and helping me with my poses. She loved helping me merchandise the shoots for jobs – she LOVED it and I loved it and we were in our own world together. A month later, Brandon, my boyfriend of three years, proposed to me.


There are so many more details in these stories I’m writing but it would take me 100 years to get it all out into words. I would need someone to help me write my story so you guys wouldn’t miss a moment but right now – this is on the blog and narrowed down to share the gist of the last 10 years of my life. I hope you’re enjoying! Let me know moments you’d like me to go more in depth about! Would love to hear feedback! Once I do, I’ll continue on! x

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  1. I would love to hear more about the struggles you might have had with something navy and also with Brandon as a couple and how you overcame them !
    So nice to read the full story, have more details, please continue ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Love hearing about your story! Do you feel that since the blogging industry is so much bigger now, itโ€™s easier to get started without having to blog for someone else first?

  3. So cool, love hearing your story! You’ve done incredible things. Side note: Brandon sounded like such a classic UPenn frat guy back in the day, would guess Theos/Oz. Times have changed! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Arielle!!! This is so cool! Keep it coming!! I don’t comment a lot BUT I have been following you since day 1. Or at least since the beginning lol. And I’ve loved watching blogging turn into an industry. Its very inspirational and aspirational to watch. It really proves that all is possible. Love your honesty. Love your spirit. Love your style. And love your journey! So special. Blessings love and light to you always! XO

  5. Iโ€™ve been following your insta for over 3 years now and itโ€™s so nice to learn about your backstory and how you got into blogging! I feel like I know you (in a non creepy way). I would love to hear about some of the hardest parts about being a blogger since it always looks like such perfect world. Xo

  6. Youre the #1 person I admire and take notes on when it comes to building the courage to start my own blog. I appreciate every part of you sharing your journey and I would love to know how to build connections and how to find an agency that wants you, and also how far you have to come until you’re ready for an agency.

    You’re the best!

  7. Hi Arielle!
    Thank you for sharing your story, Maybe you read this all the time but Iโ€™m a huge fan of your blog. Iโ€™m kinda starting with a blog can you please give me any tips or advise. Btw Ruby is the cutest my 13 year old son Rodrigo says that if he can pick a baby sister he would like to have one like Ruby (Huge compliment from a teenager haha) Brandon is so funny too.
    If someday you plan to visit Guatemala please let me know Iโ€™ll love to show you around or tell you some amazing places you can visit.
    Wish you the best! =)

  8. I love your story of your journey! Please keep telling us!
    We want part 3,4,5,6,7,8….!!!!!

    Best wishes from Spain! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

  9. This is great! So authentic. I have been following you for quite a while now and I love hearing your story!! Part 3 please ๐Ÿ™‚ Love you and what you do!

  10. Love, love, love this!! Thank you for putting your life out there and sharing your story. Can’t wait for part 3. Love from Chicago xo.

  11. Loving it! Part 3, please! (Ps: last time I left a comment in a blog was ~ 10years ago, just so you know how much I’m looking forward for the next chapter!)

  12. Keep it coming — LOVED reading this! So interesting to hear more details of your journey starting Something Navy… and of course love all of the stories about you and Brandon. XO

  13. I’m loving these posts on your personal story!!
    I especially love the details on how it all grew, Something Navy that is!
    Its inspiring and is shedding so much guidance on a path most don’t talk about! Keep sharing!!!!

  14. Very proud of you! It’s super interesting hearing how you managed to grow you blog from a hobby/something you were doing for a boy to a successful brand and business. Very cool stuff and so inspiring!

  15. Would love to hear how you and Brandon first met from his point of view! Sounds like he was quite the jerk at first and you played it very cool.

  16. Love this! So funny to see that the companies like singer22 and necessary clothing were sites I followed but never knew you were a part of!! I would ALWAYS stalk the singer22 site for the dress like celebrities section and season/event ideas sections. Iโ€™ve followed you for years too, once noticed Brandon in soho a few years ago and asked him to tell you hello and if you ever want to visit the FB/IG office to reach out! Youโ€™ve paved an amazing way for yourself – congrats xx

  17. Thank you for sharing! You are so inspiring and even though I don’t have as much of an interest in fashion as you, I love how honest and open you are, how passionate you are about what you do, and especially LOVE when you share details of your everyday life – Ruby, apartment decor, eating, pregnancy tips/advice, etc. I get so upset if I miss any of your insta stories because I know I won’t get to see them again. You are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep doing you ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. Arielle this is so fun to read. Sometimes I see a lot of myself in the things you write (like a Ralph Lauren tree house.. I mean I would be amazed) I love your entire story and how you are honest about how not everything went so smooth in the beginning. It really gives me hope that Iโ€™ll be able to get into the fashion industry as long as I keep trying. You are so genuine and your stories keep me optimistic and make me want to work even harder to achieve my goals. THANK YOU!

  19. Love this story and appreciate your “freeform writitng”. It’s the reason I
    Love following you!! I also love that your IG has transformed from photographed images to real moments in your real life. It’s relatable, personable and I am emotionally connected. You are truly a genius in terms of the blogging world and ahead of the curve. Keep it up!

  20. Hi Arielle! Loved reading these posts about how you got your start. Can you explain the agency you mention? Is this a blogging / social media agency? How does it work?

    Thanks so much! Canโ€™t wait to read more! Xo

  21. Love you love Ruby love watching her! Hearing your story is so great! Didn’t realize Brandon and you dated for three years before he proposed. I’m going on two years and three months with my boyfriend! Keep it up you are great!

  22. Thank you, endlessly, for your transparency! Itโ€™s a relief to hear about another woman going through some of the same struggles as myself. Itโ€™s also incredible to see and hear about the progression of your brand/empire, as well as how your personal life intertwines with your professional life so intimately. I love seeing how you balance and maintain work-life quality. Maybe I missed it, but Iโ€™d love to hear more about how you got matched up with your agency!

  23. Love love love everything about your story, blog and instagram. Please continue your story and how you ended up in this apartment. Also guide how you planned funds and bought such a nice home. Thank you for always being so honest.

  24. Yes, please, keep going! It’s especially fun for me to read this one because I interviewed to be your intern when you were in this phase. You and Alexa came to a Starbucks in flatiron. I was a grad student and you told me you could see me being a writer (or something like that). And five years later, that’s exactly what I am. Anyways, long time fan. Have loved following along all these years. I’m inspired by your outfits, but even more inspired by the growth of your business. You go girl ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Please keep sharing! It’s so cool to see how much industry has changed. I met you at an event you did at Garden State Plaza a few years back and it’s been so awesome to see SomethingNavy evolve. I’m always inspired by your style, and you inspired me to keep posting on my petite style blog when I was stuck in a rut! Thanks for sharing your life with us!! xo

  26. Iโ€™m loving these posts! Iโ€™m a newer follower of your blog/Insta and itโ€™s fun to hear your story and how the blog grew!

  27. OMG I am dying to know more. I feel like I am reading a book and I need the next chapter! You should seriously consider doing an autobiography! Your writing is so descriptive, I can imagine it all as I am reading! ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. So fun getting to read your backstory, I’ve been following you forever and adore you! Would love to hear more about when/how you got contacted by your agency and some more details on how that works. ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. I love reading these. Keep ’em coming please! You mentioned your “agency” – I’d love to know more about this aspect of blogging. How did you find your agency? At what point do you think you should get an agent? Is it after a specific number of IG followers?

    Love, Lindsey

  30. Both of your posts about how you started this blogging journey is so inspirational… I take pictures in my backyard now and have done some in NYC – my first meeting with my photographer I showed him your photo of crossing the street! And girl it is not easy achieving that shot haha! Loved how you shared a bit of your personal life along the way and how you met Brandon (gives me hope! haha)

    Xx Sarah

  31. I have been following you since almost the beginning. I lived for your outfits and the creative way you put looks together, you definitely inspired me to take chances with my looks. I also loved that fact that almost every picture was you on a fire escape lol.

    I must admit i haven’t been actively (daily) following you in the last 2 years or so but whenever i go to my google bar and start typing http://www.s….. always comes up (from years and years typing that in my search bar). So today i thought that i would stop in and see how you are doing. I loved reading your story and it brought me back to when i used to lie on my bed in my little apartment and go to your site to see if i could get any insperation or stying tips for my crazy weekend to come.

    Your style has definitely changed (as mine) and I highly suggest to all your followers to hop on back to the beginning and check out those posts because there is a lot of amazing, crazy and sometimes awkward looks! LOL I would love to hear more detail of your journey and you should consider writing a book because you are one of the founders of bloging imho. I now plan on following you more closely because i feel like i have found my long lost friend again.


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