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How Team SN Is Staying Connected While Social Distancing

In the age of social distancing, we are all trying to virtually stay connected to our friends and family.

We’re quarantine at our own homes, but staying in touch with family, friends, and the rest of our communities is more important than ever. If you’re looking for a little inspiration on how to “socialize while social distancing,” we asked team SN for their favorite ways of keeping in touch with their friends and families right now.


  • I’ve been turning multi-person text threads into FaceTime! Ironically I feel like a lot of people don’t realize you can simply click ‘Facetime’ and it dials in everyone on the thread. It’s easier than Zoom sometimes!
  • Something I haven’t done yet but is on my ‘socializing’ to-dos is sharing recipes and results with friends!


  • Corey and I make it a point to Facetime with our family and friends every single day.
  • The SN Google Hangouts for meetings definitely help make things feel a bit more normal.


  • My best friend introduced me to the Houseparty app! It’s basically a way to Facetime and play games at the same time.


  • I’ve been doing daily Facetimes with my siblings to see my nieces and nephews. I actually feel more connected to them than ever because I see them so much more often than I used to, even if it’s virtual!


  • I have been using the Houseparty app to video chat while playing games and trivia with friends. I highly recommend it!
  • Of course, sending memes is a great way to stay connected.


  • My workout friend and I pick the same class to do online and then do it on the same day at the same time so we can talk about it later.
  • Facetime happy hour! Facetime all the time!
  • I have been doing a lot of recipe sharing in the past few weeks with friends and family. It’s fun to see everyone’s photos of their dishes. It’s also strangely comforting to know what people are eating that day. It’s like we’re not so far away from each other!


  • Skype happy hours.
  • I love sitting on my balcony and talking to my neighbors while they sit on their own balconies.


  • I can’t take credit for this idea because one of my friends did this for me (hello, Cat!) but surprising a friend with a lunch or dinner delivery from their favorite restaurant will seriously make their day. Not only is it amazing for your friend, but you’ll also be supporting local businesses that have transitioned to delivery or pickup-only service. A win-win!
  • Another idea from my friend Cat (yes, she is the best!) is to set daily “challenges” for a group of your friends or family. The “challenges” should be relatively simple (like drinking a gallon of water or doing a 45-second plank five times per day) and should change every day. It’s a good way to feel like you accomplished something during the day and you can update your friends on your progress.
  • I know that everyone in the world is watching Tiger King, but I watched it at the exact same pace as two of my closest friends and my brothers–and it gave us an endless supply of conspiracy theories to talk about. It sounds so basic, but watching a series at the same time as your people is a great way to stay connected. 


  • My friends and I are staying active in our group chats and doing a bunch of group Facetimes and Zoom happy hours when we can!
  • We are also playing online games together via Google Hangouts. One person pulls the game up on their desktop, presents their screen in Google Hangouts and then we are all able to answer from opening the game on our phones. It’s kind of like a virtual game show.

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