I mentioned these jeans on my Instastory because I’m seriously obsessed with them. They’re called The Lou by Derek Lam and it’s the exact style denim I’ve been living in. A straight leg cropped jean that is a little bit loose on the leg. It’s super flattering especially when worn with a heel.

I like the idea of wearing a tight top with jeans like these as I feel it’s the most flattering on the body. A body suit from Alix is the perfect way to go and I couldn’t wait to shoot this new style with the big flared sleeve. I added my light pink pump for color!

Top: Alix / Jeans: Derek Lam / Shoes: Christian Louboutin (similar) / Bag: Mark Cross / Sunnies: Ray Ban

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  1. I don’t want you to publish this comment because it’s not for anyone else to read but you. Whether you’re trying to be very skinny or not, I can tell you I have been there. I was ridiculously underweight and while I didn’t have a body image or eating disorder, I was afraid to gain weight because I liked being thin and I worried I’d pack back on pounds if I wasn’t careful. I absolutely ate but it was overall very little over the course of a day and it was intentional, and I worked out a lot. I had nothing to my body, no curves, no chest, etc. I ended up getting too busy to work at it and put on 10 pounds and looked AMAZING. You can tell you’re really small build and you are probably somewhat naturally petite, but you look insanely skinnier than you did before, and that’s the telltale sign that it isn’t natural. So either you were overweight then (doubt it) or you’re underweight now. All I wanted to say is that it’s your body, you can do what you want, but as somebody who was a size 0 and less and could shop in teen department and now has some weight on me, I’d never go back to that. Ever. The other thing is, nobody is “jealous” of you when they call out that you look skinny, and nobody’s “hating” or “bullying” you. The same stuff happened to me, people said I looked too skinny and made comments too. It was because people really thought I looked bad and honestly, looking back, I did. It’s alright to be who you are, what size you are, what your face naturally looks like. I feel for all you blogger girls, you put so much pressure on yourselves, I have no idea who you are competing with but you are fine the exact way you are. xo

  2. Hi Arielle!

    I purchased this bodysuit a couple of months before you posted it for my bridal shower in Oct. Any recommends of a skirt or a pant you would pair it with? Thank you!!



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