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Startups Changing The Way We Consume

We talk a lot about the changing landscape of fashion and retail in general here at Something Navy, mostly because we’re lucky enough to be at the forefront of it.

Consumption has changed so much, so fast thanks to innovators and creators who understand our desire to get exactly what we want, when we want it. Rent the Runway and Birchbox were some of the originals to change the game in their respective industries, fashion and makeup, and here are some newcomers who take it one step further, understanding that individuality above all else is what drives us to make purchases when we can get quite literally anything we want with the touch of a button.

Screenshop is an app that exists thanks to our desire to “shop the look”. The premise is simple, if you see something on Instagram, take a screenshot and the app gets to work, finding you identical or similar pieces you can buy for yourself. It is the epitome of being able to get exactly what you want, because you want it, instead of feeling like you are being advertised or marketed to by big brands. It highlights our desire for individuality and autonomy, allowing us as users to take shopping into our own hands…literally!

For things you can’t find in stores anymore or for used (and therefore less expensive) versions of your favorite pieces, Poshmark is an incredible tool. Want it? Someone is probably selling it here. Poshmark is a fan favorite among those swept up by the KonMari method, allowing people to get rid of things they don’t wear anymore and selling to those who are willing to put in the time to search for it and buy it. As with everything, the better the pictures, the better chance you have of selling your discarded wares to someone who really wants them. Depop is another marketplace that is incredibly image-focused. Known as a cross between Instagram and Ebay, Depop relies on high-quality images that come together to form digital shops, where you can find just about anything.

It’s no coincidence that online shopping is starting to look like our Instagram feeds. Startups are smart to take notice that high-quality images in easy-to-use formats will lead to sales. Similar to Instagram, both Poshmark and Depop rely on user-generated content, meaning that anyone can start their own digital store. The early success of both platforms proves that shoppers and sellers are eager to take matters into their own hands when it comes to getting exactly what they want.

Of course, when everything is peer-to-peer and there is no regulation, the matter of authenticity is a real concern. That’s where companies like StockX come into play. StockX is another digital marketplace, with prices fluctuating like a stock market for exclusive shoes, bags and other limited edition items. Think: Yeezys, Supreme, Kith and those hard-to-find collabs. Prices go up and down based on demand, so if you play your cards right, you can get the deal of a lifetime on something you really, really want. Additionally, StockX has a 100% guarantee that products bought through their site will be authentic, as they have teams of people hand-checking every last detail, which is key when you’re spending major dollars on a resale site. Stadium Goods is also a big player in this game, with their differentiator being that they prefer brand-new, in the box items.

Both StockX and Stadium Goods started in the hyper-niche sneakerhead world, but have been able to build big reputations in the fashion landscape as more consumers long for that exact item, from that exact collection, seen for the first time most likely on Instagram.

Instagram, of course, has taken note too. Recently, they launched Instagram Shopping, allowing certain retailers to sell products directly on the app. Eventually, they say, this feature will be open to more and more sellers, which will certainly be interesting as the landscape changes yet again. As always, we’ll be watching closely to see if these startups that have thrived in a world relying on the fact that Instagram does not have direct shopping will survive the shift now that is does.

What is next for shopping and consumption? Have you bought anything from Instagram’s newest shop feature? Let us know!

Illustration by: Hannah Kellner

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