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  1. 1) your husband is small and greasy. Fact.
    2) you have over $300k of materialistic shit in your house and you keep buying more. Fact.
    3) you still rent an apartment and your husband is like 35. Fact again. Your poor daughter has to live with you two as parents. Also don’t even start with this bullying shit. You and your greasy husband talk bad about all of the girls on the bachelor. From their personality to their looks. So please sit down.

  2. Gabi

    1) You’re jealous and bitter. Fact.

    2) You’re sad or else you wouldn’t feel the need to continue to troll. Fact.

    3) You’re pathetic since you don’t have a life of your own and you’re stalking Arielle’s. Fact.

    So please get up and get a life. It’s sad that there are people like you who think acting this way is okay.

  3. Wow. Gabi – you must realize how so so so wrong posting a comment like that was? First of all, it means you know absolutely nothing of New York real estate. I’ve lived here 7 years, and my husband and I (both professionals) have been looking for a place to buy for 3. (I’m 33 by the way- so go ahead and judge all you like.) We have a $3M budget and even then you have no idea how difficult it is to find something you like, in a neighborhood you like, in a building that allows construction, or a floor plan that isn’t terrible, in a decent school district. You had no right to make that judgment. For all intents and purposes, you were making that same judgement about me and my husband, who is 35, who doesn’t own real estate. Grow up.

    Next, you seem to be confused about the definitions for “fact” versus “opinion”. I’m going to venture that you are probably 14 years old, from a very small town in a fly-over state, with parents who probably voted for Trump, who lusts after gorgeous shoe collections and dreams of a lovely 3-bedroom apartment in TriBeCa with a loving husband and healthy baby daughter. Perhaps you should focus on the source of your anger here and what drove you to this absolutely ridiculous outburst. Recenter that energy on achieving a life you actually want rather than lusting and seething after someone else’s. I promise, you’ll be much happier in the long run. Posting comments such as you did only serves to show how small-minded, unintelligent, and unhappy you are.
    I wish you lots of light and love as you re-focus this energy into a more positive outlet.

    1. Elle with the humblebrag post. Mazel tov on working in your $3 mm budget.

      Also, big fan of cyber bullying a cyber bully. Touche, Elle.

  4. Arielle, you’ve got to shut this down. Your blog has become a hot spot for women tearing each other apart. Pretty soon this won’t be good for your business/sponsorships. Would you be willing to make your comments pend review prior to them being published so you can cut out all this crap? It’s insane!
    All this bullying has got to stop! Indifference is the most insulting and effective way to handle our enemies.
    Your biggest fan,
    Pearl xx

    1. I agree! Don’t let these trolls get the satisfaction of having their insecurities posted on your beautiful website. Gabi & Lauren 2.0 how does it feel wasting your time lon being so negative?

  5. I agree with Lauren, you always look/act awkward. Is your self esteem super low? I can tell. You hide behind large sunglasses, let’s ACTUALLY SEE your face. Wear makeup. you have potential. Try eating more, exercising less; you look like an anorexic plank. This is not bullying as you might think. This is honest to goodness truth. STOP WASTING YOUR LIFE (and body) AWAY.

    Yep, I too think you are embarrassing, your whole frivolous life. And that your husband is greasy AF. in a few years all I see is a beer belly gut and balding short man by your side. AWWWKWARD!


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