SOMETHINGstudio: MY 30TH birthday PARTY

I am warning you all – there are A LOT of photos in this blog post haha but I really wanted to post as much as I possibly can to share with you all.

This night was a dream come true. I honestly wanted to do nothing because the thought of putting together an entire party just seemed exhausting. There is so much that goes into it and I felt a lot of pressure to make my 30th something spectacular. After I gave up and decided to just have dinner with Brandon – my friend connected me to her wedding planner Tracy Taylor Ward. We had an initial phone call and immediately I felt a weight lifted off of me. She literally said to me, “do not worry about a thing, I will take care of it all.”

From that moment on, Tracy took over everything. She was so warm and friendly, kind, caring and completely listened to what it was that I wanted. She knew it was a costume party but made sure to keep it everything classy and chic. I couldn’t believe how amazing her taste was and the flowers, balloons, basically the entire decor totally fit my style. They were so incredibly organized, came up with the best ideas to add that little edge to the party (like the shien artists). The whole process was just so easy because everything they do is in house from the flowers, planning and papery. I feel so lucky that I found her and this night completely exceeded my expectations.

The DJ (DJNVM) was seriously incredible. He played the most amazing 70’s music for the first hour and then switched over to top hits and then mixed it some more disco songs. Once a song started to end another amazing one came on and we didn’t sit down for one second.

Tracy also found the space (VNYL) and nailed it! It totally embodied that 70’s vibe and was the perfect room to fit all of my family and friends. I couldn’t have picked a better location.

The photographer (Roey Yohai) blew me away! He captured every single moment. When I look through the images I actually remember how I felt in that moment. I also was really able to look back and see how happy I was and everyone around me was. It was the best feeling. Thank you Roey for providing me with the most amazing memories.

Over all, this was the best night of my life. 30 is going to be AMAZING, I just feel it!

Event Design, Planning and Floral Production: Tracy Taylor Ward Design
Venue: The VNYL
Photography: Roey Yohai Photography
Catering: Shake Shack
Entertainment: Shien Artists + Creative
Neon Sign: Name Glo
Cake: Broken Tart
Candy: Sugarfina


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  1. Love all the pics & your outfit was everything!! dying to know where you found those Loubs you wore!

  2. You birthday looked like so much fun!! I just recently passed VNYL and thought it looked like a fun place. Thanks for sharing all these cute photos! Xo, Ellese

  3. Oh Arielle you look stunning!! That party looked amazing from your Insta stories! I am happy you have tons of memories from your Bday party!!

  4. I love you ! You just seem like the nicest person, and I think you way you handle online bullies is amazing 💪


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