Another year has come to an end and what a year it has been! From having a baby, to the SomethingNavy team expanding, it has all been a complete whirlwind in the best way possible. I am so grateful for the love that the girls on my team and I share. Nothing compares to having a job you love and getting to work with such incredible and talented people every single day.

In 2009, when I took a chance and started this website, I never in a million years imagined I’d have have a team to help build and manage the brand. Jane was my best friend so she was willing to explore her photography skills for free and help me look cute to get a boyfriend back. It became time for both of us to settle down and get real jobs and that’s what we did. I worked in retail for two years and on my days off, I’d take photos with a photographer and by doing so I started to gain a loyal following. Then Instagram happened. That’s when everything changed for me. Jane quit her job and came on board to help me really focus on growing the brand and all of the relationships. We have such an amazing relationship where we can get down to business but also laugh and have fun through it all. This job has never felt like a job to either of us because it makes us so happy.

This past year, so much has changed especially now that Ruby is here – we were ready to expand. We finally found Nikki who truly has completed our team. We are a little family and working together has only made our business grow stronger and stronger.

I decided to put together a little SomethingNavy end of the year party to celebrate this beautiful year we’ve had and to welcome in the new year as a team! We are big time wine girls so I picked a few (well maybe more than a few) bottles of my favorite wine from Kim Crawford. This limited-edition holiday bottle was perfect for our little celebration – it’s so pretty and festive! Looking forward to everything that 2017 has to bring us!










Photography by Alexandra Wolf

Thank you Kim Crawford for sponsoring this post!

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  1. Wow congratulations on another wonderful year Arielle!! It’s so lovely to see how incredible you are doing. Hope you had a wonderful first Christmas with Ruby! xx


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