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Something To Binge

Figuring out what to binge-watch next is always a struggle. There are so many new shows out there and everyone has an opinion! Nikki is our go-to when it comes to all things TV, so we asked her about her past, present and future favorite binge-worthy shows!

Currently Binging...

What are you currently binging? Madam Secretary

Why do you recommend it? I love shows that are easy to watch but still require a little bit of brain power. Madam Secretary is the perfect show to binge 2-3 episodes per night (and 5 episodes on Sundays).

What mood does it put you in? Eager!

Are you watching with anyone else? I started watching with Corey but he fell off that bandwagon by season 2.


Photo via: CBS

Binging Next?

What do you want to binge next? Breaking Bad

What have you heard about it? I have only heard great things and I love shows about crime, drugs and drama.

When do you think you'll start? By the fall?

Will you watch with anyone else? Nope. I like to binge watch on my own so that I can go at my own pace. Plus, Corey started it without me so I have watched a few episodes here and there already. 


Photo via: Daily Mail

Recently Binged...

What is a show you binged recently, and are definitely going to binge again soon? Love Island

Why do you recommend it? The show isn’t over yet but a guilty pleasure of mine is definitely some good trashy TV. It’s light hearted and definitely entertaining.

What mood does it put you in? Happy.

Did you watch with anyone else? Corey!


Photo via: reality blurred

All Time Favorite!

What show has been your all-time favorite to binge? New Girl

Why was it SO good? It was so easy and entertaining to watch. Plus, the humor was very dry which I love. 

Did you watch with anyone else? Again, started this with Corey but I went off on my own.


Photo via: Cosmopolitan

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