YAY! So excited to share with you my brand new coat. I have had my eye on this coat since July. It was so gorgeous but so incredibly expensive to a point of ridiculousness. My rule of thumb is that if I continue to think about it then I need to work hard to buy it. I’ve had it in my cart and was disappointed several times when I saw sold out of my size but by chance during Christmas I checked back just in case to see if it was on sale and it wasn’t BUT my size was back in stock!!! I immediately grabbed it and cried as I clicked Place My Order but once it arrived to my apartment I was jumping for joy. It was better than the pictures, it fit perfectly, the leather was absolutely incredible, the shape was perfection and the color goes perfectly with so much in my wardrobe. All in all, it was 100% worth it.

I styled it here with black skinny jeans and my Louboutin boots that kill my feet. I bought these before I knew I couldn’t wear 120 mm’s. I stopped buying So Kate’s and started on Pigalles. Pigalles are 100 mm and beyond comfortable (for all you Louboutin shoppers)! As for my sunnies, I’ve recently fallen in love with the Fendi cat eye’s. They are amazing, I got them from Ultimate Spectacle in a few colors.








Photography by Alexandra Wolf

Coat / Top (similar) / Jeans / Boots (similar) / Sunnies / Bag

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  1. Not a Louboutin shopper right now but definitely happy to hear a tip on it!
    I love this coat so much too, I think it goes effortlessly with everything and anything!
    Great post!

  2. Fab coat! You are so right about pulling the trigger on pieces that you can’t get out of your head. I do that too and I’ve never regretted it!

  3. I was just thinking those boots look killer – and then you said they kill your feet haha! I’m not surprised! They look stunning though and gorgeous coat too! xx

  4. So you’re wearing an overpriced coat, shoes you can’t “really” wear and carrying an empty bag to do an outfit post of an outfit you can’t really wear… just pose in for a few minutes. On top of that you exploit your (hate to break it to you, but not that cute and very ordinary) baby and force her to be uncomfortable all while not caring that you are ruining the space and peace of people around you. I’ve been in the fashion and fashion blogging world for 10 years and never even heard of you. Yawn.

  5. You’ve been my favorite blogger and an inspiration to my own personal blog for the past 5 years now . I read a negative comment above and was actually offended for you. I hope it gets deleted and doesn’t affect you. Your site is a personal style blog, and that’s exactly what this post is. Only unhappy, unsuccessful people have time and energy to spread hate. Keep doing what you’re doing- it’s obviously working! Your posts and style choices are always something I look forward to!


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