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3 Days of No Social Media

As one might assume, giving up social media is not a light task when you work for an influencer.  I would like not to admit that our business revolves around it, but fine, it just might.

And I would like not to admit that my life revolves around my business, but fine, it just might. All that being said, I am always up for a challenge so took this 3 day “assignment” on eagerly.  I went so far as deleting my apps so to not be tempted.  I was hopeful that what everyone predicts would happen, that I would feel more “present”, more “zen”, would happen.  Now that the 3 days are through – to note, I still haven’t perused Instagram and won’t until I’m finished writing this article – I will say, the experience has been fine.  Nothing more, nothing less.  It’s been fine.

My typical uses of social media are the following: viewing what my friends, family, celebrity crushes and favorite brands are doing, gathering fashion inspiration, gathering wedding inspiration, communicating with my team, communicating with my sisters, and a personal favorite, keeping up with the influencer market.  I cannot really specify what times of the day I traditionally use social media, Instagram in particular, as it includes moments throughout the entire day.  What I’ve really taken away is that over these 3 days, I’ve channeled my time and energy into other forms of digital and/or social mediums.  I re-load my emails with far more frequency, my online article consumption is excessive, my texting game is more impressive, I’ve called my mom probably 4 times each day, and my wedding to-do list has reduced (sigh).  I am often a victim of using social media when I get into bed, and upon waking up.  This is something I haven’t missed at all, perhaps here is that feeling of “zen” I was seeking!

All in all, what I’m taking away is I remain a firm supporter of social media.  Removing it from my life for 3 days, which I know is marginal, has not reduced any regular anxiety.  Yes I’ve been experiencing social FOMO, however, remaining active on the platforms does keep me up to date on many things professionally.  I’d never say never to trialing no social media again, perhaps on my honeymoon is a better time to do it.  So here it goes, I am going back on the gram.  Most of all, I cannot wait to see the Something Navy sneak peeks that I’ve missed!!!





By Tara Foley

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