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Social Media Versus Reality

Sometimes we all need a reminder that what we see on social media is not, I repeat NOT, always reality.

And though we know this is true pretty much all the time , it doesn’t make it any easier when we are scrolling through the feed and get hit with something that triggers our insecurities right then and there. I haven’t met a single person who hasn’t felt this way, even my most confident, happy, have-it-all friends admit to getting Insda-pressed every once in a while.

And it makes sense, right? If social media is supposed to be all about posting our greatest hits, and then we throw filters on them to make these moments appear even better, it feels like we’re not ever allowed to have a bad day anymore. Talk about unrealistic expectations! But still, just because we know the negative effects social media can have on our overall well being, doesn’t mean we are immune to toxic feelings sometimes.

It’s easier than ever to create unhealthy habits using only our thumbs, including the way we seek validation by racking up those likes. When we post only our best angles and filtered selves, we are doing everyone a disservice. Of course, there is something to be said for feeling your best self and posting in the moment, but we can all agree this is an increasingly rare occurrence, especially online.

When social media stops being fun, it’s important to take a minute and find out why this post upset you or that story put you in a bad mood. Understanding yourself and your own limits is the first step to preventing these feelings from creeping up in the first place.

And by the way, if seeing photos of your ex’s new fling on the ‘gram fills you with rage, there’s a simple fix! Unfollow. And maybe even block. And you know what? Change your number while you’re at it.

Illustration by: Hannah Kellner

By SN Edit

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