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I’m starting a new post called SN OUTTAKES. I will do a round up of the photos I wound up not posting on Instagram but were front runners. This way you can shop the looks you missed on Instagram and also see them in another perspective! I hope you like the idea – either way, would love your feedback! Always reading the comments from you guys on the blog! x

 photo IMG_2200_zpsfmghuvva.jpg

Summer birthday bash attire.

On Brandon: Shirt: HomeCore (diff color) / Pants: NSF

On Ruby Lou: Dress: Bonpoint (not sold online, similar here) / Denim Jacket: Chloe / Crown: Crowns by Christy

 photo IMG_8431_zpscal0wu5f.jpg

Dress: ShopBop / Bag: Chanel / Sunnies: Anine Bing / Shoes: Valentino / Stroller: Bugaboo Chameleon

 photo IMG_1436_zpstdite1ho.jpg

I always dress my best friend Alexa, she’s a more casual laid back vibe so I love styling her in my feminine pieces that also compliment her style and personality!

On me: Top: For Love & Lemons

On Alexa: Dress: Tularosa

 photo IMG_1721_zpsx1bnlx8t.jpg

Strolling around through town – it was so hot out so we didn’t last that long.

On me: Dress: Revolve / Shoes: Chanel / Bag: Hermes / Sunnies: Fendi

On Ruby Lou: Romper: Stella McCartney Kids (similar)

On Dylan: Leash/Collar – Hound Collection

 photo IMG_1329_zpswy2k9krb.jpg

At a Fourth of July BBQ hosted by my cousin Candice (mamaandtata)

Dress: Rococo Sand (coming soon to Revolve) (similar)/ Belt: Paige Denim

 photo IMG_1283_zpsuokznvss.jpg

Cover up – Hemant and Nandita (different color) / Sunnies: Illesteva / Shoes: Hermes / Stroller: Bugaboo Chameleon

 photo IMG_2258_zpsfh8iszbf.jpg

Date night, dinner and a movie. We saw the Conjuring 2 – it was SO good but terrified us due to circumstances in our Hamptons house at the moment.

Jacket: RAILS / Jeans: Paige Denim / Bag: CHANEL / Earrings: Adornmonde

 photo IMG_1676_zpsluy4bwrm.jpg

At my in-laws house for a fun brunch with Baby Ruby.

Overalls – Tori Praver (N/A) (similar) / Sneakers: Kenneth Cole / Sunnies: Love Always (similar)

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  1. Can you do a post on your driving playlist preferred music!!!

    i asked the other day about a song and never got a response, it would be amazing if you answered!!! thanks !!

  2. HI! Love this idea. Did you ever find out where your makeup bag is from? And can you do a post on how you take care of your white bags? Thanks! xoxo

  3. I love this! I feel you are great inspiration and role model to young girls! I know sometimes the negative comments get you down, but don’t let it ,like they say people , people who something negative to say are jealous because and are hiding behind their own insecurities.
    On another note, I also like the new shop section version. I love everything you wear, I like how we can now know everything we are dying to copy cat you on 🙂
    I’m dying to know your secret to perfect skin!

  4. Love this idea Arielle! As a blogger, we tend to take so many photos to get that “perfect” Instagram shot and people don’t realize how much time and effort actually goes into it. I think this will be great to show people that and is also super fun and casual. Looking forward to more of these! Xx

  5. What a great idea! So glad you’ve started this, I’m looking forward to checking out like every single item! Ruby is too cute in that flower garland. Have a great day!


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