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SN Eats Part 5

Research shows that it would take an individual 22.7 years to eat at all of the restaurants in New York City, and that’s 3 meals per day at a new restaurant!

In efforts to help you find a great meal in our backyard, we will be publishing curated guides of our favorites. Read on for our restaurant reviews and a roundup of what we ordered. Think of it as a turn-key manual to our preferred restaurants. Check out our Insta-stories for pics and videos of everything up close!


What did you order?
Mini Ricotta Toast
Burrata + Prosciutto
Uovo Raviolo Di Nino Bergese
Tagliolini Al Ragu
Anolini Di Parma


How was the overall experience?
Rezdora was so good! It is an amazing authentic Italian spot with a super distinctive take on pasta. I loved everything we ordered. You definitely need a reservation in advance though!!


What occasion would you suggest this place for? 
Date night or dinner with a friend!

Marta Manhattan

What did you order? 
Chilled Red Wine
Ricotta & Peaches
Chicken Meatballs
Grilled Artichokes: love these so much! They were drizzled in olive oil and they were light but really tasty
Funghi Pizza
Stracciatella Pizza: was definitely our table favorite!! 
Torta Caprese (Fernet Menta Chip Gelato)
Strawberry Shortcake Pop


How was the overall experience? 
Marta Manhattan was great! Great service and great food. A good casual ambiance for families and casual date nights. 


What occasion would you suggest this place for? 
Family dinners and casual date nights. 


What did you order? 
Caesar salad
Tuna tartare
Curried cauliflower
Eggplant hummus
Truffle white pizza. You can never go wrong with truffles! 


How was the overall experience? 
All of our appetizers were all super delicious and the perfect portions. I loved the atmosphere – there was a little home goods store attached at the front which was so cute to look at while waiting for a table. There was also a live DJ in the front! And of course, the food was delicious, too 😉 


What occasion would you suggest this place for? 
Honestly you can go to Blackbarn for anything! Date night, dinner with friends or with family!!


What did you order? 

Favorite Dishes: The crispy noodle wrapped meatballs + fried chicken wings. They had so much flavor and they were really different than any dish I’ve ever had anywhere else. My favorite drink was The Land of Smiles.

Full order:
Sway Wayla + The Land of Smiles (cocktails)
Crispy Noodle Wrapped Meatballs
Fried Chicken Wings
Larb Pla Tod (fried branzino)
Spicy Noodles with vegetables
Nua Yang (strip steak)
Peanut Ice Cream
Mango Sticky Rice


How was the overall experience? 
Wayla is so great! Amazing service and delicious food. They put a really unique twist on Thai food.


What occasion would you suggest this place for? 
Dinner with friends. They have the cutest outdoor garden in the back which feels like an escape from NYC. It is the perfect place for a good meal and cocktails.


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