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SN Eats Part 2

Research shows that it would take an individual 22.7 years to eat at all of the restaurants in New York City, and that’s 3 meals per day at a new restaurant!

In efforts to help you find a great meal in our backyard, we will be publishing curated guides of our favorites. Read on for our restaurant reviews and a roundup of what we ordered. Think of it as a turn-key manual to our preferred restaurants. Check out our Insta-stories for pics and videos of everything up close!

Tacombi Flatiron

What did you order?

– Spicy Margarita, no salt:  it was definitely tasty, but I wish they served it in a nicer glass. The cup was more cafeteria style!

– Guacamole & Chips: I obviously ordered the guac the moment we sat down. The chips tasted like they were baked (not proven) which I love. The guacamole had a good consistency – not too smooth.

– Elote:  might be my favorite Mexican dish. SO delicious here!!

– Tacos: Grilled (ecstatic they have the option to choose grilled or fried) Fish, Chicken, Barbacoa. My favorite were the chicken tacos.

– Chicken Quesadillas: I may be an easy sell on quesadillas, but these were really good even though they serve them open-faced which isn’t my preference.

– Yellowfin Tuna Tostada: essentially tuna tartare on a chip… and I’m all about tuna tartare. 

The Smith

What did you order?

– Spicy Margaritas:  underrated here. They make great spicy margs with jalapeño which is the perfect balance of spicy and sweet.

– Hot Potato Chips:  these were a rec we got from the waiter and the table next to us. They were good but we couldn’t eat too many. They are super rich.

– Shishito Peppers:  these were good, but not my favorite. I like them much more well done, but the seasoning was really good.

– Mac + Cheese : they are known for this and it is so good! Great cheese pull for the ‘gram also (lol!). This was cheesy on the inside and baked on top.

– Sunday Special Chicken Parmesan: everyone was ordering this so we felt like we had to try it. The waiter said they sold out of it after we ordered. The dish was huge! I wouldn’t get it again, but it was good to try it since it was a special. The outside was breaded and crispy, so you can’t go wrong.

– Quarter Pounders (Cookies): so good! They came out warm and we got three flavors of ice cream to go with them. They are the perfect balance of gooey and soft with a slight crunch.


How was the overall experience? 

Great overall experience. We had the nicest waiter, great service and good food! It was a fun atmosphere for a Sunday night.


What occasion would you suggest this place for? 

Definitely a casual lunch or dinner. It is a nice and pretty atmosphere, but calm enough to catch up with friends and family or have a lunch or dinner meeting.


What did you order?

– Eggplant with manchego: my favorite veggie on the menu. 

– Almond Crusted French Toast:  I don’t frequently order french toast, but the waiter insisted this was a standout. He was right :). We ordered one for the table and it was a huge hit. Also, it photographs very well. 

– Olive Oil Poached Salmon Salad:   if you’re looking to stay on the lighter side, this is your go-to. It’s the opposite of a sad salad and SO DELICIOUS. 

– Kale and Wild Mushroom Paella:  a dish they are well known for and everyone following along on Instagram said to get this!


How was the overall experience? 

The staff is really what makes Gato a standout in my book. It’s owned by Bobby Flay, so this should come as no surprise. As someone who grew up watching him on television (Iron Chef, anyone!?) eating here was a dream come true.  Our waiter was super knowledgeable and willing to point out all of his favorites on the menu. We even got a kitchen tour, which was my favorite part. 


What occasion would you suggest this place for? 

Group meals. Dishes are sharable and it’s the type of restaurant where you really want to try a little bit of everything on the menu. It can be tough to snag a table here for dinner, but luckily they recently started opening for weekend brunch. 

Beauty & Essex

What did you order?

– LES Donuts:   with the perfect cinnamon sugar goodness!! Also, there are 3 different kinds of dips to go with them.

– Kale Apple Salad:  this was recommended by all of you and it was really good! It had kind of a creamy dressing. I would have liked it a little better with a vinaigrette to make it a bit less heavy, but it was still good. 

– Grilled Cheese Dumplings: this was also a very highly recommended dish! It’s the perfect sharing starter because it’s so delicious but you don’t want more than 1 or 2 because you will be too full for your other food! 

– Avocado Toast and Scrambled Egg Toast:  this was really delicious and another great sharing dish! 


How was the overall experience? 

Amazing service, fun environment, delicious food! 


What occasion would you suggest this place for? 

I recommend going with a group of friends and sharing a bunch of things! 



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