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How To Get Your Best Night's Sleep: Team SN's Essentials

Is there anything better than a great night of sleep?

While there’s no true secret to guarantee sound sleep, there are a few essentials that can help. Here at SN, we like to think our bedrooms are our sanctuaries, and our nighttime routines are perfected down to a science. We decided to share our favorite pajamas, robes, and beauty routines to help you achieve a relaxed state of mind before you go to bed. Shop our must-have sleep essentials below.

I have a recent obsession with basic lingerie brand On Gossamer. I’ve been sleeping in their Cabana Cotton Camisole and Cabana Cotton Hip Bikini underwear almost nightly. They are incredibly comfortable with the right touch of delicacy. 

Kim Crawford’s Pinot Noir because drinking and quarantine are very complimentary! The increased time spent at home and inside makes me appreciate good wine that much more.

Drunk Elephant’s Babyfacial mask has been a long time favorite skincare product of mine. For some reason working from home originally had a negative impact on my skin, and using this 1-2 times per week has helped revive and resurface my complexion.


Shop the Camisole , Bikini , Wine , Babyfacial

I’m obsessed with Casper’s Glow Light. When you go to sleep it gradually dims the room, which has the most calming effect and kind of lulls you to sleep. In the morning, it gradually lights the room to wake you super gently. Genius!

Shop the The Glow Light

Hand Cream

I feel like I am washing my hands 10x a day so they have been getting really dry. I can not go to bed without putting hand cream on. This Caudalie is my favorite and smells amazing.

I have been sleeping in these sweatpants like every night they are so soft. I have them in both colors. 

I always need some kind of throw blanket this one is super cozy

Shop the Joggers, Blanket, Hand and Nail Cream


Frette Robe

I’ve had mine for 5 years now and it’s held up so nicely. I wear it when I get out of the shower and am doing my nightly skincare routine just before bed. It’s so soft and worth every penny!

Shop the Robe

Equilibria Calming Roller

I have been using this every night after skincare and love it! It rolls on nicely with a cold roller ball and makes me feel super relaxed and ready for bed.

Aromatherapy Shoulder Wrap Pillow

I love this. It smells amazing and feels so good on your neck and joints. I heat this up every night before bed while I watch TV!

Shop the Calming Roller, Neck and Shoulder Wrap Pillow


Summer Friday’s jet lag mask is a must in my nighttime routine! It’s the last thing I put on my face before I go to bed. I love how hydrating it is and my face always feels and looks great in the morning.

Shop the Mask

Morgan Lane makes the most luxurious silk pajams! There's nothing more comfortable to wear to bed.

Shop the Pajamas


PS: *These are editorially selected, but if you purchase, Something Navy may get something in return. Thanks

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