MY summer ESSENTIAL (his too!)

I told you all the other day about my favorite deodorant from Secret, but what I didn’t tell you was that it’s really Brandon’s favorite too. Every morning when I go to grab my deodorant, I end up finding it in Brandon’s cabinet instead of mine (does anyone else find their husband doing this also or is it just me?!) I’m totally fine with it though, since I have full trust that the Secret Clinical Strength Clear Gel Deodorant won’t ruin all of the nice button down shirts I bought him for work with white residue stains or sweat stains from lack of protection. He’s always running around to meetings and stressed out, so I’m glad something from my own vanity could save him the added stress and sweat – that’s what wives are for, right? I totally know the feeling being a busy mom myself and constantly on-the-go, so we appreciate anything that brings ease to our lives!

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