THE classic WHITE loafer

I recently cleaned out my closet and realized that I tend to buy shoes that are more on the trendy side. When Saks asked me to partner with them to explore my favorite department, shoes (whose isn’t?!), I decided to go the more classic route. These white Gucci loafers felt perfect for a summer to fall transition and I love that you have the option to wear them as a slide or a true traditional loafer. If I had someone ask me what I thought about this Gucci loafer and if they should invest in the trend I would say, the Gucci loafer is an iconic shoe and has been around for over 60 years! It will continue to be around and be a classic shoe that makes any outfit chic.

My advice for shoes is to splurge on your staples that you know you’ll wear often, whether that be the perfect pair of black knee-high boots for the winter or your go-to silver strappy heels for special occasions. Saks always has the perfect assortment and trust me, whenever I go to their massive shoe department, I need to remind myself “how many times will you actually wear this?”… or it’s Brandon yelling at me that I don’t need another pair of patent pumps.

 Photography by Tawni Bannister.
Thanks to Saks and Shopstyle for sponsoring this post!

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  1. Ariel, your media efforts make you look bad not good. Trying to paint yourself as a “working mom” and super duper “business success” when the world can see all you do is lay around your apartment and have nothing going on is like one of those things people figure out. Also, drop the opening the packages things. Trust me, your FOMO of using another blogger’s idea isn’t going to hurt your brand. it’s so cheesy. carefully opening your packages on a video. Really? And enough with the face tune. Man you girls need help.

  2. Those Gucci loafers are lovely! I often fall victim to a closet full of high heels that are not practical for my daily commute, so I need to focus on stylish but comfortable/practical footwear too!


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