As you guys know- over the years I have always shared my favorite Stuart Weitzman shoes because they have consistently been a favorite shoe designer of mine. I’ve partnered with them numerous times because of how organic the collaboration is and what’s even more amazing is that we get to jump into the next chapter of life together as well. They make mini Stuart Weitzman shoes (!!!) and I got so excited when they asked me to shoot a look with Ruby!! To be completely honest, when the day came to shoot, her feet had grown so fast since I had bought them (two weeks before) that they didn’t fit anymore and I didn’t have time to run to the store to exchange!

I’ve always been a heel girl, and just because I’m a mom now doesn’t mean I can’t wear them anymore, RIGHT?! Yes, it might be very difficult to chase after Ruby every time she sees a bird but I think of it as a great work-out. I thought to myself, what would be a great new Stuart addition to my collection for the summer that I feel a lot of my followers would love to see styled. I decided a classic white pump with a little bit of detail (like the bow in the back) would be perfect. Every summer I always look for that perfect white pump and I finally found it!! If you are looking for a shoe to go with everything, this one’s for you!!!

Thanks to Stuart Weitzman for sponsoring this post!

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  1. If Stuart Weitzman sponsored this post why did they make you go to the store and buy your own shoes? why didn’t you just ask them to send you another free pair? you should really get your story straight considering the amount of money you’re getting paid to hawk these products. Your readers deserve better lies than this. At least try 🙂

    1. Her story is straight. She gets shoes from them and of course if she wants to get some in a store, she can do that as well!Please keep the negative comments for yourself and not on this cute post!

    2. I’m sorry, but you sound like such a bitter bitch. Maybe if you educated yourself on the sponsorship’s you would realize that sometimes companies will give you the option to either have them send something to you or to pick out the item in store. This is such a cute post with her daughter and you had to ruin it by calling this woman a liar…sad 🙁

  2. Such a darling post!! RubyLou is a natural… ughhh those cheeks!! love your top… can you share deets?

  3. I’ve been following you since my last three year of secondary school and now I’m a uni student! You’re such an inspiration and so funny to watch on Instagram also, Ruby is so cute! I’m excited to see her growing up xx

  4. Ruby is too cute! My daughter and I have matching SW flats as well. Never knew where to find kids Stuart Weitzman before your post, I got my baby girl’s from


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