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Robyn Blair

Tell us who you are…

I’m Robyn Blair Davidson, originally from Potomac, Maryland and moved to New York City in 2008 after college. I believe in surrounding myself with positive people and things that make me happy.

1. Tell us about your business and what makes you stand out?

In a nutshell, I make art with real candy. My art is a cheeky nod to self-control, how and when we indulge, and the idea that life should be filled with sweet things.

Each piece is completely customizable and allows my clients to be as involved as they want to be in the process, from choosing details as small as the text color to choosing the exact contents included in the piece.

What’s really special is that my pieces not only serve as a fun display of candy and pop of color on the wall, but the owners grow an emotional connection to them as each holds a personal meaning. They’re nostalgic in the sense that they remind you of childhood, a specific decade or even a special memory or person associated with the candy.

Overall, my goal is to bring joy, positive energy, comfort and love into people’s homes and spaces. At the end of the day, I hope my art makes people stop and smile.

2. How did you get started?

I created a piece filled with Dubble Bubble and hot pink writing for myself, hung it on the wall in my apartment and it wasn’t long until friends and family were asking me to make one for them as well. I posted a photo on Instagram, and within a few weeks, I was shipping out my first orders!

3. What is the most rewarding part of your job?

I love working with my clients on a personal level to create something that is unique to them.

I also think it’s pretty cool that because I work with candy, which I think is safe to say universally makes people happy, my pieces in turn reflect that.

It’s not age, gender, race, religion, or anything specific – by robynblair is relatable to everyone and I love that.

4. How do we find you?

Instagram! I started my business on IG and most of my orders still start there. Follow me at @byrobynblair or check out my website

Lightning Round

1. My favorite place to vacation is anywhere with the sun and beach.

2. My biggest pet peeve is when people put their handbag or coat on my couch… I cringe!

3. My guilty pleasure is robes and room service!

4. My biggest fear is losing people that I love.

5. My biggest accomplishment is being able to wake up every day and do something that I truly love and that I’m passionate about. This whole journey started with no plan and is now my full time business, which I’m really proud of.


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