Question and Answer Series Part 1

Q. What’s the nail color you always wear?

A. Most of the time, I’m wearing JINSOON ‘Muse’ but if I’m going for Essie, I like A LIST and Hi Maintenance mixed with Limoscene.

Q. Why did you switch from the Bugaboo to the Uppababy?

A. I get this question almost every day. There was actually no big reason as to why I switched. I loved my Bugaboo for when Ruby was a newborn. The stroller is amazing. I switched to an Uppababy because as a mom in New York City with a toddler, I felt that the Uppababy had better storage space for my liking. I still have my bugaboo and I will for sure use it once baby #2 comes around.

Q. Do you and Brandon ever fight? How do you two handle conflict? What’s the longest you both have gone without speaking?

A. Ha, we fight all the time. But most of the fights are small stupid arguments. The last time we got into a serious fight was before we got married. I always tell girls who write me about this, before Brandon and I got married – we spent years falling in love, fighting and potentially breaking up. We eventually learned how to fight with each other – knowing when to stop, knowing when to take a step back, knowing when to shut up. A huge part of growing up is also knowing when you’re wrong and vocalizing that. I always had a hard time doing that. Brandon knows what really gets me angry and so he stops way before that point now to avoid a huge fight. For me with Brandon, knowing when I’m wrong and apologizing was a huge thing I had to learn. Now our fights consist of what we are getting for dinner, whose changing Ruby’s diaper and what movie should we order. It takes time.

Q. Do you plan on having more kids?

A. Another question I’ve been getting a lot recently. I definitely would love to have more kids. It would be a dream come true!

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Q. Where is your couch from, the carpets in all of your rooms, your bed and your dining room table?

A. Ok, so my decorator is Hilary Nadelman Matt. A lot of the pieces we got were custom made. The carpet in my room, the living room and Ruby’s room are all from STARK Carpet. The carpet in our playroom is from FLOR Carpeting. The Hide in our office is also from Stark Carpet. My couch and dining room table are both Custom made and my bed is from Horchow.

Q. Talk to us about your rings.

A. My Ruby ring was my push present from Brandon. It’s an oval shaped ruby with pave diamonds around it. My engagement ring is an Emerald cut. I wear them both on and off and sometimes not at all because as a mom, a ring on your finger gets in the way and gets very worn out. I wear them when I can.

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Q. Who are your top three style icons?

A. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have been my everything icons since I was 7 years old.

Q. If you weren’t a blogger, what would you think you’d be doing?

A. I would probably be a psychiatrist and if not that, I would dream to have a career at NASA. I love science, I love space.

Q. Do you ever seek a therapist or psychologist to help with your anxiety?

A. No, I never have seen one. Except when I was 9 years old because I wouldn’t sleep in my bed due to a fear of throwing up. Bizarre, I know. I was always kind of bizarre.

Q. Where is Ruby’s neon sign above her bed from?

A. NameGlo

Q. What do you ultimately want to do in the next few years? Would you ever consider being a full time fashion designer?

A. So, this is a great question. I get it so often and I never really knew how to answer it because I’m a very go with the flow in the moment kind of girl. Since becoming a mother though – it’s gotten to a point where I need to create a plan for my future and my career. I did this collaboration with Nordstrom to see if I really did understand my followers and I could provide them with things they were looking for. Because the Nordstrom collaboration was so successful it made me realize how much I love doing this and how I can really get information from you guys and bring you what you want. I would dream to do this in so many different departments. Clothing (like what I did with Nordstrom, every season would be a DREAM), shoes which I feel I can really succeed with as I love them so much and I believe I know what you guys are constantly looking for, beauty and hair, and eventually kids clothing. I may be reaching for the stars but I have to go after what makes me happy so I will try!

Q. Where is the sweater cardigan from that you posted at Zimmermann?

A. That cardigan is brand new from Philosophy.

Q.Where is the Opal Ring with the various diamond colors from?

A. Noor Fares

Q. How do you get brand collaborations and how do you make your blog successful?

A. I didn’t get brand collaborations until 4 years ago. But it’s a different world now, everyone is aware of the industry now. I think it’s more about showing your support regardless of collaborations or not – continuously supporting their events, launches, products and building relationships. I honestly don’t think I can answer how to make your blog successful. I never had a plan in my mind of making my blog successful. I was just doing it for fun and just loved what I was doing. Somehow it garnered a following and the rest is history. In order to maintain it, I just continue to try to be as much of myself as possible because that’s the only thing that will separate me in this super saturated industry. I’m doing it for me and that’s pretty much it. I would do it even if I didn’t have collaborations or followers – it just genuinely makes me happy.

With that being said, as a new blogger trying to break into the industry, I think it’s important to bring something different to the table. A different angle. Be open to being OPEN. People want the truth, they want to relate to what you’re going through. Create beautiful content, I think at this point, the way to garner a following fast is having beautiful content. I don’t do a great job of that because that was never my thing but if you want more followers I’d assume that would be the best way. Maybe cross promotion with other blogger friends? Tagging all the brands you’re wearing for a possible repost. It’s important to post every day, majority of people on Instagram follow over 600 accounts – if you want to stay relevant, post as much as possible so your name is always showing up on their feed. As I’m giving these tips, I’m thinking about how much I need to take my own advice haha.

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Q. What made you decide to stay in the city and not move to the suburbs?

A. It’s not a permanent decision. For now, with one child, it made sense for us. Who knows down the line, if we have more kids and are looking for my space – things may change. I would never say never! Ideally though, we would love to stay in NYC.

Q. How much money can you make being a blogger?

A. It varies. You can make as much as millions of dollars but then as much as a couple hundred per post.

Q. How did you choose Ruby’s name?

A. Brandon actually chose Ruby’s name. I was having such a hard time settling on something, I would change it every five seconds and drive myself crazy over it. He pitched Ruby Lou to me, he know I wanted a boyish name in there and I’ve always loved Lou. It worked out perfectly and we didn’t decide until the end. I know it’s hard but it’s better to think about it towards the end because the sooner you think of it the more you will continue to change your mind.

Arielle with her husband and baby Ruby.


Ok – these were the questions I was able to put together from my DM. I think it’s easier to do the Q&A’s on the blog so that they live here and don’t expire in 24 hours! I would love to do this weekly!! If you have more questions, ask them in the comment section below and I’ll answer them now while I’m here! If I don’t get to them, I’ll put them into next weeks Q&A. I want to be as honest as I possibly can, so don’t be afraid to ask whatever you want/feel. x

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    1. I think the hardest part for me was her first couple of times she got sick. It was so difficult to see her uncomfortable without being able to vocalize (aside from screaming) what was bothering her. It’s gotten much easier now as she can say ear, nose, throat, belly whatever it may be. I think the only way to overcome it is experiencing it. After the first few times I started to understand my daughter and what certain symptoms implied. xx

  1. I’m currently shopping for my next work bag. I live in NYC and walk to work everyday so it needs to be sturdy enough that I can carry half my life with me, but also fit my 15″ Mac Book. Do you have any bags you particularly love?

  2. Any tips for styling an engagement shoot? Ours is coming up, and I’m trying to figure out what to wear. I’ve heard something you’re comfortable in, bright colors photograph well, etc., but any other ideas would be amazing!

    1. Hmm… I guess if I were to have done one I would probably encourage us to both wear something that felt very us. For me, it would probably be jeans and a sweater with a pair of pumps. Brandon would probably do the same, jeans sweater and pair of boots. I don’t love the idea of going overboard and getting all dressed up for it. I love the idea of it being casual! x

  3. Hi Arielle! How do you maintain a healthy work/life balance? As a prepare to graduate and start working, I am afraid of work becoming my life and my life becoming work, and that I will prioritize career advancement over everything else. Do you have any advice for this? How do you know when to draw the line and choose to relax and spend time with your family and friends? You seem to be so dedicated to both SN and your family. Thank you so much! <3 <3

    1. It’s so hard to really find that balance. I try to take each day as it comes and dedicate my time with Ruby to Ruby and my time at work fully focused at work. It’s important that I try to be present in each aspect when I’m there. I have my mornings with Ruby, then a regular work day like anyone else (9-4 usually). From 4 on, I have dinner with Ruby, give her her bath, play and put her to sleep. I create specific times for everything and I’m fully present in those moments. Obviously it’s not always easy as things come up but as long as you make time for both as you go – I think that creates a nice balance. x

  4. Would you move out of NYC if you met the love of your life and they lived in Charlotte, NC?

    I miss NYC and still have my apartment there but my boyfriend has a great job and can’t move. Am I crazy for leaving NYC? :/ I often think about a family and the life I want by the time I am 50. Also, I come back to NYC once or twice a month for my job now.

    1. That’s tough. Personally, what I would do, is at least try. If I was in love with someone and they wanted me to move I would make the move. If I feel that while I’m there, my love for NYC, my family and idea of that life overpowers that guy I’m with then I’d know it’s time for me to move back, he isn’t the one and I’m just so glad that I at least tried. I think the important thing is to think about what overall makes you happier. If him alone is not that, then I would consider moving back. x

    1. Oh sorry, pressed POST too soon. My favorite coat I bought is by MONCLER, it’s a floral puffer and I ordered it on FWRD and then for jeans I gotta say my SomethingNavy x Nordstrom black raw hemmed pair! x

    1. I have a manager who seeks collaborations for me and when he heard Nordstrom was interested he brought it to me and I immediately jumped and screamed. Nordstrom has been a store I’ve shopped at since I was little so the idea of creating a line with them was surreal and a dream come true. It was a no brainer for me 🙂

  5. Hi! I was wondering if you plan on bringing Ruby and Brandon to Roosevelt Field on Saturday. I know Jane is coming in and it would be sooo cool if we got to see the whole gang!

    1. Brandon will definitely be there! I don’t bring Ruby to meet and greets. Meeting that many people would be way too overwhelming for her and she’s so susceptible at this young age to germs – but maybe in the future! xx

  6. Hi Arielle,

    I adore you and feel like I know you personally!

    What are some things that you are totally opposed to sharing on your insta account/blog? I know you are fairly open with your fans, however I’m sure there are some things you like to keep private?

    Do you ever feel guilty about over sharing?

    Also, how did you come up with the name “SomethingNavy”?

    1. Thank you so much!!

      I don’t share my views on politics or religion on my social media platforms. Those are two topics I like to keep between my family and I.

      I often feel badly when I share too much about Ruby. Not so much guilty, just not sure how this will affect her in the long run. I go through phases. However, majority of my followers are harmless sweet human beings who genuinely just enjoy seeing a happy little girl so the worry isn’t really there.

      It’s such a silly story. I love the color Navy and I told my sister I wanted to know it something with the color Navy. So we just stood there repeating to ourselves hmm something navy, something navy. And that just clicked.

  7. Hi Arielle,

    Have you ever felt insecure about some part of your body? If so, how do you deal with it or how would you advise to deal with it?

    Thank you xxxxx

  8. Hi! Any recommendations for laser hair removal in the city? I remember a story about it ages ago but cannot remember the place.


    1. I believe it was Satori Laser. I only remember because I saw SN post and started going myself. Highly recommend them!

  9. I love how real you and Nikki are! It’s fun to watch you two on a day to day basis on your insta stories. How did you and Nikki meet, and what are some of her job responsibilities that we don’t see as viewers? Do you recommend an assistant?
    XO Mandy

  10. Hi Arielle,

    Like you I have smaller calves and find that tall over the knee boots end up slipping down on me. Do you have any boot brands that you would recommend that fit well on smaller legs? I love Stuart Weitzman boots and find they work really well… any others you recommend?

    xx thanks!

  11. Hi Arielle! I love your outfits but also love when you post about interior design! Will you be doing a house tour now that you’ve moved into your new place? xx


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