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Pros and Cons of Sharing My Life on Social Media

Everyone always asks me about the pros and cons of sharing my life on social media.

I genuinely love what I do and if I felt the cons were ever to outweigh the pros, I wouldn’t do it! It is so much fun for me and I truly love sharing my life on Instagram with my followers. I don’t put much thought behind what and when I post and I prefer to post whenever I feel like posting. I never edit my pictures, except for lighting purposes, I never use Photoshop (I’ll be doing a post on this later) and I never save photos to post later on. My entire account is in real time, which is definitely a positive and a negative. But I mean it when I say this, the pros outweigh the cons and I couldn’t imagine doing it any other way.

The Pros:

I don’t really ever need to update any family or friends on things since they most likely see it on Instagram.

Similarly, I never really need to explain stories to anyone since most people have seen the situation unfold on Instagram.

Getting unsolicited advice can sometimes be helpful (I swear!).

I love interacting with a lot of the mamas out there who might be going through the same things as me and my kids, especially those who have experienced whatever we’re dealing with beforehand and can offer some good advice.

Making new friends. It’s nice meeting new people on Instagram who I wouldn’t have normally crossed paths with in real life. I love seeing who our mutual friends are and what accounts we both follow.

Instagram has been especially helpful for my anxiety. I know a lot of people would recommend steering clear of social media if you’re an anxious person like me, but I find it’s been therapeutic. I meet other people who have dealt with or are dealing with anxiety and it also keeps my mind occupied (especially during flights) and keeps me from not focusing on the negativity of what is causing my anxiety in the first place.

I only follow accounts I genuinely care to look at, so I enjoy mostly everything I see on the platform.

Sharing the hilariousness of my children Ruby and Esme is the best! They are so funny and I always feel the need to share their antics with my followers. It’s too good to keep to myself!

Sharing my outfits with the world and being able to engage with my followers on a daily basis is always a huge pro for me. I love talking with everyone and hearing what
they have to say. My followers motivate me to dress up every day and put myself together.

Last but not least, another big pro is getting shopping opinions! I love that when I go shopping and can’t decide what to get, I can always ask my followers what you like better or if you like something at all. I feel like I have 1.1 million friends!

The Cons:

Sharing my life on social media (ha!).

Not really having much privacy anymore.

Sharing so much about my children makes me nervous at times, but overall we feel safe so that’s not as big of a concern for us.

Sometimes I think about the fact that we don’t know how sharing so much about my daughters will affect them later on in life or how it’s affecting who they will be as adults. It’s a new world for us (and everyone) and I always want to make sure my girls’ priorities are straight. So far they are young enough that we are okay, but I am always going to be thinking about this.

When everyone THINKS they know so much about me and my life that they are comfortable making judgements and assumptions.

The pressure to feel like I constantly have to perform and create content is REAL!

Dealing with negativity and hate from a lot of people is also hard at times, but I know that when you put yourself out there to the public, you are exposing yourself to a lot more hate. Having said that, just because I know this doesn’t make it any easier to deal with when it happens.

Rumors starting based on misinterpretations and unnecessary judgements is really hard. Some days I feel like I am constantly defending myself for no reason.

Overall, when it comes to sharing my life on Instagram, the pros totally outweigh the cons!


Illustration by: Hannah Kellner

By Arielle Charnas

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