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Pro Tips: Hair

We spoke with one of Arielle’s favorite hair stylists Melissa Parizot for the best advice on some questions we are always asked about. Read on for expert tips on all things hair here!

Pro Tip: Practice Makes Perfect

The number one thing I always tell my clients is to be patient when it comes to styling your hair. It takes time to learn how to do your own hair and you can’t rush the process. I suggest that my clients watch a Youtube video on how to do their favorite styles before and during the process for some added support. Don’t stress out! You will get it after a few tries.

Pro Tip: Shampoo Prep

Styling your hair starts in the shower with your shampoo. This step is often overlooked but it’s really so important.

For finer hair textures, I suggest using a lighter shampoo that’s all about adding volume. One of my favorite volumizing shampoos is R+CO Dallas Thickening Shampoo. If your hair tends to get oily, shampoo twice and then apply the conditioner from the mid-shaft down avoiding the roots (rinse thoroughly).

For thicker hair that tends to lack moisture, using a moisturizing shampoo is essential for shine and control. One of my favorite shampoos is OUAI Smooth shampoo. Shampoo twice and then apply the matching conditioner all over and rise thoroughly. For thick hair that is really dry, only rinse out 90% of the conditioner, leaving a little bit in your hair to help lock in moisture even when it’s dry.

For really tangly hair types, comb your hair in the shower with your conditioner still in to avoid breakage.

When towel-drying your hair post-shower, press the moisture out as opposed to being super rough with it.

Pro Tip: Wet Hair Product Prep

After your hair is detangled and you’ve chosen your desired style, using the right products is essential to making your hairstyle last as long as possible. These are my go-to products for all hairstyles and hair types:

I always like to start with moisture and heat protecting products my number 1 is Pearl Oil . It’s a very lightweight oil that adds shine and creates a barrier between your hair and the heat. If you have curly, coarse hair, I recommend using REDKEN Frizz Dismiss Cream, which is a thick heavier cream that with protect you hair and add moisture to help tame unruly hair.

Next, I suggest layering in a volumizer. Even if you are not looking to achieve a voluminous hairstyle, volumizer is one the most important products for a long-lasting style. Hairstyles always need hold no matter what and choosing the right one is very important.

For fine to medium hair types, layer in Cutler Volume spray. Its light mist helps you distribute the product evenly. Apply mainly at the root and then lightly mist the ends.

For thicker hair, I recommend using the SACHAJUAN Volume cream a s it’s the perfect blend of hold and moisture. When using a product that you apply with your hands, it’s important to work it into your hands first, then lightly rake it through with your fingers to evenly apply.

Pro Tip: Use Great Tools

Now that your hair is prepped, these are my favorite tools.


My hands-down favorite hair dryer is the Dyson Supersonic. It has a number of heat and air settings that allow you to pick the perfect setting for you. It’s also small and easy to travel with and simply just beautiful as far as hair dryers go.


If your desired style is straight and sleek, you will want to use a flat brush my favorite flat brush is the FRANCO&CO medium blow dry brush. It is a cheaper alternative to the very popular Mason Pearson brush and just as effective.

For a bouncier blowout, I recommend using Y.S. Park G-Series brush. They come in a bunch of sizes, so pick the right one for your length. I love them because they have a combination of natural and synthetic bristles that create the perfect amount of tension on the hair.

Irons and Heat Tools:

My favorite flat iron is my GHD 1 inch iron. It only has one heat setting at 365 degrees which is the perfect amount of heat for all hair types. Also, always wait until your hair is completely dry before using an iron!

My favorite curling iron is the T3MICRO twirl convertible. They get extremely hot, so set the temperature on the third heat setting. The base allows you to attach any iron to it including wands and irons with clips so it’s perfect for all hair types. If you want a loose, bouncy style, use the 1.5 inch iron. For a beach wave use the 1.25 inch iron. For short hair, I recommend the 1 inch iron.

Pro Tip: Finishing Products

For flyaways and baby hairs, I use the FATBOY Water Wax Tough Guy. Lightly work it into your fingertips and the press into your baby hair and use the remainder to tame down your fly ways.

If your goal is a more textured look, lightly break up hair with REDKEN Wind Blown 05 spray at the root. Then layer in SACHAJUAN Ocean Mist, a light sea salt spray to create a sexy, messy texture.

Lastly, use a lightweight REDKEN Fashion Work 12 hairspray to keep it all in place. If your goal is to create a more glamorous, shiny and sleek style, use OUAI Finishing Creme to style.

R+CO Vicious Hairspray is great for a strong, but flexible hold. If your goal is intense shine, apply REDKEN Shine Flash.

Pro Tip: Hacks To Make Styles Last Longer

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