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Preventative Beauty Secrets by Dr. Barbara Sturm

Preventative skincare is a buzzy topic around Something Navy.

Naturally, we all want to know the secrets to looking our best at any age. I recently turned 30 and I want all the tips and tricks. I met Dr. Barbara Sturm last year and was immediately drawn to how glowy she was. Of course, I knew about her renowned skincare line but at the time, I hadn’t converted into a consumer just yet. Fast forward to today, most of my “shelfie” is branded by her. We are very excited to share an interview here in which we get up close and personal with the skin care guru herself. Read on for Dr. Barbara Sturm’s expert advice on skincare and anti-aging:

 At what age did you really start to take care of your skin?

I think it’s important to start taking care of your skin as early as possible, even when you are a child. My grandmother was a pharmacist and my mother a doctor, and my grandmother would always mix creams for us as children, using certain ingredients which I now use in my own line. For every skin issue, we had a solution made by hand. As I got older, I always wanted to make sure my skin was extra hydrated. I couldn’t find any cream on the market that provided me with extra hydration, so I came up with my own cream to solve that problem. I never really wore makeup so I kept inflammation away from my skin, I wouldn’t use aggressive ingredients and I also always had a very good diet and a healthy lifestyle, so all of this contributed towards maintaining good and healthy skin.

What age do you suggest women to start using anti-aging prevention remedies? 

Prevention can start at any age. Genetics have a huge influence, but also how you take care of your skin plays a part in how it ages. By steering clear of aggressive ingredients and focusing on hydrating your skin, maintaining an anti-inflammatory lifestyle and telomerase activation are super important factors when discussing preventatives. If you have regular facials with microneedling and deeply infused Hyaluronic Serum, it helps prevent having to start too early with getting aesthetic treatments done. Factors such as smoking and living an unhealthy lifestyle also have a huge influence on the quality of the skin.

Tell us one beauty and one skincare product you cannot live without!

I generally don’t wear makeup, but my go-to beauty product would be my Glow Drops. I use them to either enhance minimal makeup or as a makeup alternative. Glow Drops are hybrid skincare, containing active ingredient science that also nourishes and revitalizes. As for skincare, my Hyaluronic Serum is the absolute gold standard for hydration that blends low and high weighted hyaluronic molecules. My formulation provides both surface hydration and boosts moisture reservoirs at deeper skin layers. It also acts as a delivery vehicle to transport active ingredients more deeply into the skin. I also cannot live without my Face Cream, it’s the ultimate moisturizer that keeps my skin dewy, glowing and hydrated throughout the day. 

What are the most important areas of your skin that you really need to take care of?

Men and women have different problem spots – whether the neck, around the mouth, or loss of volume in the cheek and jaw. Unprotected exposure to sun, environmental pollution and the still underappreciated threat of HEV (blue light) from computers, mobile phones and tablets that penetrate twice as deeply as UV rays is crucial to avoiding premature aging and disease.

Tips for preventing age spots and fine lines?

Prevention begins with protection. I recommend including a strong SPF before sun exposure, like my Sun Drops and a pollution barrier daily like my Anti-Pollution Drops. Applying an optimized formulation of Hyaluronic Acid strengthens our skin’s natural barrier function and makes it more difficult for harmful environmental factors like bacteria or UV rays to damage our skin. As our skin grows stronger, it becomes less prone to aging and fine lines. My balanced molecular weight Hyaluronic Serum replenishes both superficial and deeper moisture reservoirs and noticeably improves the skin matrix. 

What are the most common misconceptions in skincare today?

Skincare should never cause any discomfort. The idea that you should “feel the burn” to get results is a dangerous myth in the beauty and skincare community. If your skin feels comfortable, hydrated and isn’t experiencing irritation, redness or dysfunction, that is the sign that your products are effective.

If someone is just starting to invest in skincare products, where do you recommend she/he begin?

My philosophy has always been less is more, and from the less, only the very best. If you are just beginning, and in general, a simple, demonstrably effective ingredient science-based routine is ideal. I would recommend starting out with an effective yet gentle cleanser like my foam Cleanser, a hyaluronic acid like my Hyaluronic Serum, and Face Cream

What is your must have natural remedy beauty secret?

Avoiding inflammation at all costs is my ultimate beauty tip. Sleep, staying hydrated and avoiding inflammatory substances such as alcohol, nicotine or greasy foods all contribute to beautiful, healthy and glowing skin from the inside out.

Headshots via: photographer Patrycia Lukas

Product/lifestyle images via: Dr. Barbara Sturm.

By Tara Foley

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