Pregnancy Q&A

Do you feel a lot of pressure or is it ever weird to you that you are holding a  human inside of you?

I wouldn’t say weird or that I feel pressure but it’s definitely a wild feeling. Even though it’s my second time around it’s still always so amazing when I think about it. It’s cooler to be able to look at Ruby and know that I’m creating that all over again.

Is this pregnancy different from when you had Ruby? If so, how? / is there anything you are doing differently?

There are some differences but not too many. In the first trimester, I definitely felt different emotionally and had a strong aversion to smells which never happened with Ruby. I also couldn’t eat certain things and with Ruby none of that really affected me. I mentally felt off during this first trimester but it quickly went away after a few weeks. I’m not doing anything really different besides running after a toddler. With Ruby, I was in bed sleeping and watching movies and relaxing all the time. This time around it’s none stop movement and running around.

Do you crave sweet or savory foods? – What is your go to craving?

I crave both. I don’t really get cravings during pregnancy, I just want the things I normally want ten times more. I think the only thing I really crave that is random is pineapple. Everything else is usually what I like in my everyday life, like chocolate 🙂

Did you “know” (gut feeling) you were pregnant before you actually knew you were pregnant?

I definitely had moments where I thought I KNEW but when I was wrong a few times over I kind of made myself believe that my “gut feeling” was never right. On my flight home from Vegas (Michaela’s bachelorette party) I had a gut feeling but kept pushing it off. I got home that night and took a test and my feeling was right.

Is Ruby expressing any excitement or jealousy?

I definitely feel like she’s getting excited and understanding more about what’s to come. She loves feeding and taking care of her baby doll and I think she will absolutely love having a real baby to help out with!

Best part of being pregnant? / what will you miss about being pregnant?

The kicks and movements!

Do you have stranger or weirder dreams?

Yes, they are so intense and weird. I don’t even know where I come up with some of them!

How do you manage to still remain motivated to get dressed at this stage of your pregnancy? 

I don’t personally feel very attractive but I stuck with dresses and body hugging pieces this time around. I think it’s more flattering to show your new shape rather than hide it with baggy oversized clothing.

Is it hard to manage work with having another child / being pregnant?

It’s hard but you make it work. It’s all about taking each day at a time and trying to find that balance as you go. There is no answer to any of it, just try your best every day!

What is the most uncomfortable part (physically) about being pregnant?  

The weight. Carrying around a big belly and the extra weight is mentally and physically draining. It takes a lot out of you so it’s important for me to rest when I can.

Did you and Brandon instantly agree on baby names or did it take any convincing?

We are pretty much always on the same page when it comes to names. This specific name though we agreed instantly and fell so in love with it!

Did you have an idea of what being pregnant would feel like? How has that changed?

I honestly never thought about it before I got pregnant. I never knew what to expect but I really love being pregnant until the end. The end is not fun – feels like an eternity and you’re just so big and uncomfortable! Sleeping is not fun.

Is your belly the same size as last time?

My weight gain is the same but my belly size is smaller this time around. I think everything distributed differently this time around!



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  1. Love the blog! Would you be able to remind me of that oil you said you loved that you’re using all over right now? Thanks!

  2. Would you please make a post about your hospital bag? what was in it for Ruby? what will you have in your bag for baby#2?


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